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Richard Lucas -- CSNNW Ducks Basketball

Dec 10, 2013|

Richard joins Travis and Josh to talk the Ducks early season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is Richard Lucas he played for the university of war again you can now see in Montauk conducts on Comcast sports net Richard good afternoon Dario. I'm good I'm good are you guys doing. Doing very well appreciate you joining us are gonna talk the again. So we'll look at the -- in team right now number fifteen in the country they won eight games in a row to start the year. Odd Dominic -- Ben Carter those suspended for the first nine games it is this kind of what you thought you would see at this point in the season. -- yeah pretty much mean the schedule thus far has not been touched you tremendously difficult for them. -- -- people actually played anybody in the top of the current top forty at all so. I expected them to to come in and in particular business what I did not expect. Wise how it. Some of these first year guys come that it came in are playing -- played fantastic -- you've got. Literally nine guys who have our news this program. And it's amazing would all be able to do with you should just first your guys. I like Mike -- comes in drops 24 you got Lloyd had 2315 assists against Ole miss. How does he go out and find these guys is -- to -- guys their strategy eligibility in just fining guys that can make the right fit fit in this offense. You know it's funny because. You don't look at somebody like to our cal Perry he goes after. All of these one in dungy heard that term one and -- I'd point in the Euphrates. For Altman it's plug and play. -- and he does a fantastic job but just finding these guys to. Armed person summaries and one reason or another there's some issue where there. They haven't found a home. And he's got that beacon of light out there come on an outreach and and and I will make sure that you're gonna at least fed last year Q how eligibility I'm gonna make a good. Now how is he able to mold these guys so quickly. I think one of it is that. He he doesn't do anything. Overly difficult I mean. It's not like all of -- offense -- defense so our our our. I don't think that these guys cannot pick up you know very quickly and very easily. I'm their basketball players and to restart its guys were battle players who can come and learn the system very quickly but he gets him to play hard and really gushes about part. What is Joseph young brought to this team. Well on TV you young guy than a thousand points scored two years. -- awareness rather critique he brings. Steadiness. When and Dominic ours was first. You know just told he's going to be gone. I know -- -- there is that the young guys on this team and really all of that everybody was looking to partner who's going to be able to fill that role. I think young brings somebody who has experience. He's a brings that toughness. He's somebody you. They have -- -- -- game inning game army shown that. He can lead this team not only on the opposite end but also on the defense -- You gotta tell tipper had coach Altman for chemistry wise getting these guys to play when. They really haven't been around each other too much I know you can say summer ball or they come in there and you're ready to play that. Putting teams together like this year after year getting guys to buy in and find that chemistry that's a difficult thing to do. Yet -- like to play an NBR two did pull disclosure. I've been. Someone -- not I'm not I don't like it to do -- should I don't like you know I think I'd like to grow. Organically I like to have kids coming from high school. Army and who that you can build the mold and -- over the course -- multiple years. I'm not a big fan of going out and grabbing guys I think that. Found that really should be left to -- of these -- -- the world and things like that now having said that. I cannot believe how he has mastered it and again I think it goes back to -- doesn't require and anything very kind of overly complicated from the guys. I think he gets guys to understand that you know and valuable track history -- be able to say look -- what I have been able to do. You know it's Jimmy's -- come in and -- you know and get drafted into the NBA -- -- -- -- guys who have not had success elsewhere. Come here and iron and I can kind of show -- the light so to speak so. You know getting that that that chemistry and all that I think except -- that it is really trademark how to alternate it's very very difficult. Richard Lucas is our guest our duck of the week in Richard Neer before -- Allman got there. Between 20032010. You there's only 110 wins at twenty win season their and Ernie -- so. With with the scene what we've seen in the way he's gone in get other players from other schools and make this top fifteen program and get to the sweet sixteen. Is that something that he's able to use to get younger recruits in May -- -- to build the program that way because. You know for a long time it's been so difficult for -- to keep some of those best -- kids here in the state. Yeah well you know I thought in the beginning. That he was gonna have to do that meets. Year one when I first saw him come in that that first you -- look at that roster not roster depleted. And I I'll look at that preteens and teens and I popular -- is gonna struggle to win 45 games in the pac ten at that time. And he was able to at a rally them to get them to two radically want to continue to get sort of what that first year. So it is that hold -- -- -- -- -- build it and they will come. But I think what's happened is that you went out and utilized that strategy of just grabbing guys. I'm -- -- infuse kind of and instant. You know credibility. You know -- been -- this is -- leadership. And then these sound like some success for over and over the last few years of with it and so it's almost like I I believe it and I'm I'm not on the recruiting trail troubled countries believed it. That kids across the country -- kind of realizing that network and is if there is a destination if things don't work where interact. I hope that it switches in the he's able to start hitting the kids in the northwest because. If you think about that the kids that are in the northwest. If you see how good they -- he's able to keep how Wiltshire and and some of the other kids that are come out of this program Mike motor before you what you usually originally. If he's able to keep some of these kids in programs I think he'd be able to build within and not have to grab these kids from all the country. Right now they're ranked fifteenth where do you see this team as as you get into conference play finishing out I mean you have Arizona who is number one right now Colorado UCLA's. Always have a pretty good program these kind of finish and seeing them finish in the top 45 with in the conference. I do argue I think they are a top five definitely. Don't actual. Our team. I think that though we're around those who -- articulate this team is she is a final four worthy. I think you need to definitely try to pump the -- a little bit because of the fact that you know dust or they just haven't played anybody. You know the -- -- they have played they've done their jobs. But I still am I I still need to see more before I can start saying that I think it's a team that can go deep into the instantly turn -- -- One of the big reasons for that if I love the guard play look for a place they have no center zero. I mean other than the fact that we really Austin is is littered with bill Wheatley got -- eleven. Is the only player on their team that's above 68. And so when you start getting into. The meat and the crying. The -- Actual decent. I I'd just stole our I am I'm a little. -- -- I -- just cautiously Stuttgart where I'm from -- from try to prime the worm has turned rightward cautious because the simple fact that. Just don't think they have the inside post presence. To really. You've been through this season without tickets and -- -- -- the actual isn't going to be a very very typical conference this year. You know continue now with that thought last year one of the things that made him so good in the tournament in the -- told -- it was their rebounding. -- 170 secular culture right now on rebounding they don't have that presents their style seems to have changed from a year ago. Is that something that you know you can sustain a program with you know changing styles like that. Well if your -- Dana Altman you can enemies he's he seems to be just dump a master of taking and Tom who he had dean who had the beginning of the year. And kind of -- The team around that as opposed to those coaches who say this is my velocity on the gulf -- guys -- Who picked up a lot of -- typically you do that by getting. The article content from Tibet velocity but for him these army guys from all over these guys do we have to do. I'm being you know and it is fighting about you -- rebounding -- take about it. Mike Mosher but it a couple of years ago with the -- in the country in rebounding -- 1112 rebounds a game. You know a couple years ago when he was -- you know be. So it is kind of you know ironic that that the ducks are not a great rebounding team. But it goes back to back it just don't have a post president they don't have that guy who's gonna be in there. I in the middle who's able -- give them that -- 6789. Rebounds a game at a -- post player. It just from rebounds armed armed groups for totally alone it's gonna get three -- four -- -- I mean there's there's no reason for a starting center to not marriage at least six rebounds because the fingers on your hands. And so on. Rebounding part of it is definitely something that is going to have to get better because if you look at the other teams in this conference is especially a team like Arizona. That is just loaded up front I I I wonder how the ducks are gonna handle that. You know he -- made Arizona they've got a star in the making and Eric Gordon in maybe a guy like to -- Carson and Arizona State these guys are just so good and and in the post season. It's always that one guy who's able to lift that team may when the ducks eventually get their -- they have that player. It might be just the job that might beat Joseph beyond your means. It and read my hesitated -- -- and I haven't seen Joseph Jillian. The midst of from real true adversity. I know they have -- to overtime game that they displayed by. In India and who is going to be that guy that all of the players are going to rally around. I think tools can be that bad guy I think -- ours when he gets back he has a presence about him that the players definitely do like to follow. Target department report to choose one right now. I would say Joseph -- is probably going to be that guy because on the floor. I think he's going to be the most productive player distribute the guy's going to be over. Knocked on the -- when he needs to the publicly shooting team. Ammunition kept passing prompt -- like last year the press reports your routine was with Singler. Are at thirty he's startled 3334%. I mean you know these guys this year -- shooting well over 40% which is fantastic. Richard Lucas is our guest he's our -- of the week former org induct you can now see him on Comcast sports net on talk conducts Richard thanks so much of the time it's always great to talk to. --