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Ken Potter and Steve Pyne -- Head Coach Jesuit and Central Catholic

Dec 6, 2013|

Coach Potter and Pyne joins Travis as this week's Good Dude.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time for our good due to the week and they were doing things a little bit different we're gonna talk to high school football -- joining us now is the head football coach at jesuit. Ten potter coach -- afternoon or you do it. I'll do well to us thank you Bradley on. Appreciate join us and first of all congratulations. And give reaching the state championship game and you've got a ton of success in your 26 years a jesuit what have you been able to do to make sure this program. Has been so good for so long. I think you know it goes with consistency and I think down. You know I am very fortunate to have a group of assistant coaches who have who have very very good coaches but it also been living a long time. So I think that continuity really held. -- to school. At the and administration and and the teachers the school one who really do a great job and making kids accountable in the classroom -- -- -- walk on the football field is just an extension of the classroom is it possible new facility I think that's that's a big deal about what's going on. I'm watching your teams play here for a little over a decade and one thing that that we always say on the air we have your game is that this is always a very well disciplined team and -- team that really knows what they're doing as far as the fundamentals are concerned how much you pride yourself on being team that is disciplined in his. Making sure the you don't shoot yourself in the foot on the field. I think the crucial. You know I hope we were key to the right things and and the kids are listening and falling through that. Com VW stepped out not double file size not a ball to ground. Com all previous ads you see them so hopefully it carries over from practice and then we. We emphasize a lot we do a lot of fundamental time we do a lot of the drilled to hopefully help it get to his spine into it and listening and contended that that really pays off. How important other relationships with two kids in knowing if these are 15161718. Year old kids that they're gonna have their whole lives in front of them and in your relationships with them. I don't think it's crucial. I've been very fortunate that schools that might be different coaches all the one art teachers or are you in the school setting. So the kids get to see these coaches when you're around him and every day and history that continuity and until we keep things in perspective on -- a game I mean it's it's a game. Not global but it's not life I think that's what we try to do is is keep -- -- for the kids it is. -- their education and more important and and the most important thing is family -- the most important thing they should put in front and everything else. Did you would head football coach -- potter is our guest here on Travis in Wilcox and coach you look through this season -- -- -- ups and downs a lot of ups but unfortunately one of your best players Joey Alfie -- Breaks his leg earlier in the year he's committed to Stanford and what is your team go through today -- to -- in the next man up mentality to be able to overcome a big injury like that. While the music thing that you -- you know particularly player do you can't prepare for it but what you do is. You know you you have you have it is to step up that have been practicing those positions -- and try to. Just try to maintain lately you've been doing Joey is. Not only great athlete but by the -- and just -- phenomenal young and and he's been with the team. From the time he's -- He broke his leg and had the surgery at the Oscars to live telecast and he's still a major part of what we do it and we are back -- stuff that I. I don't think it'll be great. -- injuries and doable and I really do it is the most forced little ball because. It felt it was the most part of the sport I don't. Like to be a part of the sport but it just I keep on. This week -- playing a team in central Catholic to put up 83 last week against tiger what do you see on film from them. I will be tremendous. Talent and the but he that this went very well the that they also are very well designed to London and and like their team I liked it way right right into the month fell on the way they play it. Can take care of business really well. It's like it's like or flotilla that is scary is his can be used to they'll watch those guys to break the line of scrimmage and just outright -- -- touchdown so. It is their they're phenomenal and that we hope we can slow down. How good is Henry Monday. -- -- -- -- -- The very very good football player he's good he's gonna play at the next level and MB outstanding. I think you just scratch the surface and I feel bad for a little bit of that. How beat that this week he's he's finally healthy I don't think people knew that for the last six weeks. He's got a five bruise that was just so bad that he can hardly run. But he was split on it and so from each week -- got a little better but it's finally healthy and I think you know that. This scandal that will be a huge factor humble sizable. When you know that you've had so much success for so long it's been a few years and won a state championship even semi finals of the championship every year -- for the last six years or so. But knowing that you're the team that everybody wants to beat to win the state championship. How do you approach that with your kids. What they've ruled educational level again. That you tell kids that if you worry about what others think what other cool water you -- about your pulse hasn't been here all messed up. And Ali controls as well you have -- We're horribly you can do look at yourself beat the best you can be and stop whereby everybody else and focus ourselves and just keep getting better. There's signal to terrorists though. Jesuit head football coach -- potter is our guest here on the fan are good -- of the week coach thanks so much for the time good luck on Saturday against central Catholic and we'll see over -- Winfield. -- we keep it rolling we go to the other side now with our two part good due to the -- joining us is central Catholic head coach Steve -- coached afternoon has gone. First of all congratulations. On getting to this point in 60 years in central -- has played for state championship. What does it mean for you for the program for everybody at the school to even be in this position right now. All tumbling to say the least there's a lot of great to. Players go through here a lot of great coaches go through here and coach it's and so to -- it. It has to register right now like -- says it's humbling but states are great auto Ferraro. Four players in -- in our school our community and alumni. It's. Pretty awesome week so hopefully we don't. Stub our toe in -- semen -- are so. Well now your plane jesuit a team that has a history of winning state championships and -- that's been very good for a long time not -- team a year from really worth playing them every year so. How does going to this gaming -- team you've played before how is that different. Well obviously it because different just because were both. And that there were ten weeks ago there improved to collect a quarter improved trying to do things a little differently. It's our way so we just look at touted as this is the next opponent really didn't matter what they did the first game so we're gonna try to take care -- take care of ourselves and respond. What we see on Saturday. -- back to last week for many gets put up 83 points and it's not like you're running up the score you would think if you look at the scoreboard and saw 83 someone's running at the score we get seven drives. That one play one rushing touchdown whether it's point nine yards or 96. When you see that just what do you think about your offensive line and he's running backs. Well they just are rocket landed a phenomenal job last week put a body on a body and it Cameron and Ryan did a great job of breaking tackles on the second level and you know they did have a lot of secondary focus their plant a lot of man to man defense and so. We you to break through that second level with the size and speed that pulled -- samarra. You know it would take a lot to -- to catch up to those guys from behind so. Very pleased very proud of those guys that don't last week and so we can expect it to happen again this week. -- tells about Cameron -- -- he is brother Brandon down at cal and they've been vetted and mpeg two great football family NIC what -- been able to do now as a junior and he is his progress and how much better can he get. Well you know last year he was a little bit tentatively ram and some which ultimately -- become a more physical runner. And he's responded to that challenge. He has a long way to go still coach is scary. I'm in terms of his staying on. Track could not trying to score every play and just kind of take what the defense gives him one and two decreased for the actual what he's going to be to become another. A better blocker. You know to from a technique standpoint and a walk to thing for -- assist. Getting better this technique in. The sky's the limit for him I mean I told somebody else I would put him in. Thomas trying to category. You know -- -- out especially Thomas but he doesn't think it's you know that Thomas couldn't do so it is special back. That's certainly isn't high praise there and now you look at the other side Stephen. I -- Jesuits being able to do running the football Joey Al theory breaks his leg but they don't miss a -- with chase more -- offensive line is big how does your. Defense matchup of that offensive line that running game for jesuit. Well we hope Kim follow some gaps and make -- down -- outside. You know. That was what we were able to do bouts with a little bit to man of substance that was Swedish comic. Controlled the captain and have -- off to give him a lot of room to run so that's our hope this weekend. You know but I don't know. You know two different. Different offensive line not figured Edward tiger's group there're there are too stupid. Jesuit always -- -- -- men and and -- coaching staff over there is a great job -- goes as planned. The right where. You know coach we've seen a lot of players you know commit to big time. I think that the talent level in the state of Oregon has increased in the last ten years or so. Well above the top level isn't so much as. I think if they ease at which kids can get recognized now with -- Internet and the ability to -- -- home via email or. Put a web site up or whatever I think. The college coaches have much more ready access to to these kids what they can do. I don't know that I mean obviously. That the result that is more kids get the ones are one way scholarships are recognized nationally or whatever it might peak. In -- little bit of a lot of great players in the state of Oregon. And there's probably a lot of desert have missed because. You know there's an ability to. Market themselves if you will sort out the biggest difference. Steve Kline is our -- central Catholic head football coach the rams take on jesuit in the state finals Saturday 1 o'clock right here on the stand. Coach thanks so much of the time good luck on Saturday will see your children -- are appreciated her -- there.