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Dave "Softy" Mahler -- KJR in Seattle

Dec 6, 2013|

Softy joins Travis to talk Petersen to UW and Cano to Mariners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And at the Seattle joining us now from JJR. Dave softy Mahler sucking orient. It's gonna talk did so I'm sure this is a good day for you and husky fans is this what you expected to happen is is the best possible higher. You know in the end I think a lot of us thought it would either be Chris Peterson entered a not -- the -- -- coordinator out of Alabama as you know former -- seats. -- Turkey Asia for a couple years here in Seattle so you know I think I think getting crest probably was beat the better of those two an established head coach. I got that note the northwest is obviously from California but as you know worked -- -- for awhile you state the last thirteen years so. He's got roots here and I think the Chris Peterson you know as has always been talking about. One day leaving Boise State the warning it for the right opportunity and you know clearly this is the guy that. Had been shown interest in bide by USC by UCLA like Stanford by cal by Arkansas. At times and is never thought of it is the right fit and and this was the right that problematic husky fans look at Chris Peterson because one thing that fans kept calling about. We we we don't wanna guy that's going to be here for five years and take off like beef jerky and did we don't want a guy. Let Rick Neuheisel who was always going to be you know talked about it the next Notre Dame coach or whatever blah blah blah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes exactly what I thought as well with this tire blew out of the boosters feel about this. You know everybody -- talk yourself -- -- you know and -- from boosters obviously -- -- committee you know and some guys that were helping you know transport Scott Woodward and company down to -- to talk to. Chris Peterson so everybody I've talked -- talked reforms so far. They're all big fans of radio listen this is a guy hired its -- and splashes nationally. You know eight and hockey players say including Jack Thompson had come out in tweeting how much they love it and fired up about it. I -- the one player away early this morning about six feet 6 AM. When the news came down to tell me that every player male locker was fired up to Chris Peterson so. It's it's being received pretty positively up here in Seattle there's a couple of guys out there here and there level wonder. Erica Chris Peters and translate that success to. The BCS level I would just say look he's he's not gonna go in 92 and twelve at Washington there's is no way that's gonna happen but can he win 910 games a year and get them. Every made a couple of years and -- corporation and do what Don James didn't do what you know guys like Jim -- stating your back in the sixties and seventies that there's no question India. As far as the recruiting is concerned jobs he Peter sermons gone he's heading down to USC but the other assistants out their Justin Wilcox of course and just have talked quite a bit about that this week but for him. Interviewing for that job and not getting it is -- -- that he's -- would still be willing to come back to Washington knowing that he was passed or for that job. I don't know you know that's his brother when he comes back to work. -- no idea. Yet. Right yeah you gotta keep that stepped close to the -- doesn't make sure it's I don't know I know I've gotten just eaten the apple cup so I have no idea what he's taken what he wants to do. I'm sure he's probably pretty disappointed in and not getting the -- job -- think that people need to remember that Justin Wilcox is 37 years old I mean he -- it was 34. But you hired him to coach a football team that was going twelve to previous season. Whose facilities at that time were in the dumpster and really was not a very attractive job five years later I think Washington fans with the eight foresees himself far. With a roster that much mortality and deeper that was in 2009 -- start took over. I think what -- fans felt like they should get a established guy and and they got one in Chris Peterson I have no doubt that you have to look -- at some point in time. Is going to be a great head coach I have no doubt that market to get -- so well in the interim coach for the ball game. At one time is gonna make a great head coach I just don't think it's time for those guys now not not for this program where they are. What they have to offer so we're hoping Justin wants to stick around and beat the DC for Africa -- was with them obviously as you know on -- you. There's a chance to go to USC would these turkeys and he's got a billion dollar buy out though his contract. If he leaves before year three for another pac twelve school. Because it ought to -- -- coach at Boise he won't have to pay that -- so that that is still up in the year my -- nothing's been determined in in that regard but it's not just Justin Wilcox -- Washington blocked keep they were they've lost Peter Sirmon they've watched Johnny can't send. They'd like getting on the console boy you know I know that because partial poised noticed the camera. In recruiting and he's got a 400000 dollar buyout to take off early show that they can get Wilcox impartial way locked up and keep those guys around at the big super Chris Peterson. They've softy Mahler is our guest KJ are in Seattle so this points -- Steelers talked about as few minutes who you look at the next few years of the pac twelve. You'd expect at some point Stanford have a decline with the all this the defense of players they're losing in organs and eventually have declined everybody does. Is it is it spirited realistically expect Washington to be one of the powerhouse is it not be powerhouse of the pac twelve north and 234 years from now. I I I don't see why not and I think that's the goal and that's why you -- not made Chris Peterson one of the highest paid coaches in the conference I mean. That's why I hired the guy that's quite important away from Boise State in freedom Paul Chris Peterson away from Boise because you -- can be a 75 coach every year. You want this guy get you back to the rose more in Washington that have been to a Rose Bowl since 2013. Years ago so. That's not that -- that's the goal for sure and I think with Woodcrest you know it's about. Well when that net around the state of Washington you know they were just too many guys that would leave in this state to go play elsewhere. While -- UCLA is obviously a giant one although he wasn't brought here is from Georgia so. Been rolling out those deep Seattle route sitting mood maker from Bellevue high school I was you know organs go after well. It's kind of a different cat in that regard he's from the area. -- -- -- mom is -- he's got a brother in jail around yourself. He might wanna stay home to be you know kind of closer to his family but I'd like David Castro Steve Schilling. You know miles Jack today's biggest got to find a way to keep those guys element that struggle Chris Peterson. When you look at the on the field product obviously they're gonna be some guys returning it we've been able to get happy with -- say -- we Cassini. Changes on the field product are they gonna keep things somewhat similar to what we've seen the last couple years for Washington. Well I would think that Peterson is gonna bring his own system and may be maybe change things in you know a bit I mean they've run a pretty high tempo offense elect to spread things -- anyway so. Maybe if you horse statue of liberty plays like they ran against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl two years ago. I would expect that he would bring in need of some kind of tweaked the system -- a look at an alleged offense last year was was tremendous but there -- no problem with the offense at all. The problem which is being consistent you know -- on both sides of football so. I'm curious to see what what Chris Peterson does as far as the roster -- it's at right now. Both -- offensive in defense of lines come back. They do lose some guys in the secondary they do lose their quarterback is you don't keep -- -- wait to see what happens with -- securian Jenkins and bishops secular -- draft eligible. As of right now the latest -- from Austin that he is putting your paperwork to get an evaluation from the NFL so we'll see what happens there. But you know look I mean this the roster Travis again is -- a much better spot that it was you know five years ago five years ago there were guys walking around. As -- players that were too ashamed even where husky football gear because the team was an embarrassment you know when you lose every game. Eight that tend to kind of do that we have these guys may have wouldn't make -- welcome walking around campus were backed up their heads they were so down five years ago so. The rosters much better it's just that it hit. It's a much different situation now than it was five years ago or -- to win it. And get -- nine or ten wins maybe next year I don't think Chris Peterson gonna have to do a lot. You know I -- all the chatter is up there have been going into this year it's it sounded like there were some husky fans who were unsure of the future of saarc you know 73 straight seven win seasons they plateaued -- -- get any better. How we can look back in this -- era five years from now. Rebuilt that got back from the depths of hell I mean there's no other way to describe it this thing was in the gutter as we said five years ago. But he's at least laid I think you know decent foundation for somebody else and we thought there was a chance this could happen either a -- would be let go would be maybe he would kick off and go somewhere else I mean he's. He's taken and only twelve football team in -- -- -- -- have been the fourth straight bowl games which hasn't -- as much as it did maybe back in the eighties but. There's no question -- programmers are much more solid footing and so did his his legacy is a guy I think that just came in the and it got husky football kind of back to normalcy you know was never able to -- over that hump and get to a -- well obviously the you know just get people believe in back in the program being on the job with a new stadium and the new facilities all went up. I think -- his legacy just just just got to rebuild this sucker to a point where maybe husky fans can start out talking you know about taking that next step and get. -- before it's gonna ask about the Robinson can no news of nothing official yet the Mariners sent out -- press release but. What of what else they have to do to make this move look like the right move. Keep making more moves it around him. I mean look you know Russell Wilson for example a current Seattle. You wanna have a quarterback like that you gotta give the tools to win and they gave them alligator and a all Pro Bowl caliber left tackle they gave an all pro center. They gave the big time free agent pursue me big time wide receiver which rated person Hartman. They gave Marshawn Lynch and almost pieces workplace you know a lot of wonderful Russell Wilson showed up debate they put him in a position to succeed. And that's why he's succeeding in that way he plays obviously is that you want Robinson Cano demeans not been you know to get him some protection. You know go out and get them some some talent and that lineup that he can hit around and maybe see some -- -- -- decent pitches he can drive and the point is you look Robinson -- -- -- 31 years and a lot of people freak out about the ten year 240 million dollar price tag. I'm not because you're gonna happen five or six years -- before by the minimum. Are brought you know as a great shot at all star MVP. Caliber talent and an eight or nine years from now with these 3839 years old. -- -- 45 million dollars in nonperforming. You know like deal with the that okay idealistic and Indy in 2020. 2000 what they want that's not a problem right now right now the property is baseball team. Is finding more guys like Robinson -- drafting more players developing mortality. Getting more pitching around Felix Hernandez -- They're not done yet it's just one step of the process to get this baseball team back to contention. Really mean nothing right. Well Eminem might be you know about that but you know again I mean that's not I'm just not concerned about that right now of people like what. What an apple is -- -- all of us -- come on at seven years away from somewhat. He'll look back -- loud and give this guy some talent you know develop -- -- Nino developed -- eager. I'd see if you can get dot -- Justin -- and maybe even -- permitted use Montero so -- they give them some talent. There's no question this team's gonna be better but look right now Robinson Cano after he acted as physical I believe on Monday is on the roster to 2014. And that means the Mariners are better in 2014. Between the Seahawks this weekend and everything it's been going moment then this year can -- today coach Pete today it's pretty good time -- Seattle sports fan right now isn't it. Yeah just -- -- news what kind of spread itself out of seems to be coming out in chunks I mean you know as a way -- -- is our last Monday I think it was the the -- -- Brandon -- stuff comes out. Chuck Armstrong retires shocker against it ripped apart the times and that. And up and have in -- in a blog post on his web site so everything was coming down like he -- five minutes after five minutes ago. I'd like for the stuff to be spread out a little bit but it's still better not a -- They've softy Mahler is our guest KJ RNC elegant Bynum on Twitter at softy JJ are -- it's always great to talk to thinks what's it's not. --