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Adam Jude -- Seattle Times

Dec 2, 2013|

Adam joins Travis and Josh to talk Sark to USC.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thieves are keys in the leaving the University of Washington. He is setting to US seen leaving next Trojan head football coach joining us now from the Seattle times' Adam Jude. -- good afternoon -- Doing very well today so I take -- -- your thoughts today when he heard the news start to come out this morning and then eventually with the news that -- is going to take that job. -- -- spratt and I looked up. You know that that. This rumor heated up. -- a couple months ago Huskies dropped to a sport I'll start ranked fifteenth in the country and also many cute and fired it and I think the first person most people turn to it slows you -- key -- policy with his ties that Ian. Pete Carroll in the glory days there in the 2000. You know at that time you know Turkey and attracted. And -- like -- most urgently it's anywhere in Puyallup hypothetical that he wanted to stay here at Seattle. And double -- if you like Don James did your parent you doubt it. And I think a lot -- stand I really like to hear that but at the same time I'd. I never told a lot. The idea that that saarc would would want to go to USC frank that -- -- to stream jobs. By the California native and even their glory days. Which you know Carson Palmer Matt Leinart Reggie Bush and -- was on the middle all active. And you know obviously the hockey struggled here a little bit -- three straight to elect -- Stanford Oregon and Arizona State that they rebounded nicely here at the minute -- and interstate or it. I'm not sure it's enormously popular take for USC fans that tickets it's it's a fairly easy sell -- pat -- In that Turkey to go over you know one of the worst programs in the country -- about by about these are obviously -- and twelve and and that opened back up eight or five years later that's a respectable job but again -- The tradition that he was a part of their US the end and being part of that -- -- -- I think -- you keep apple well actually probably took her out there. You know -- a lot of the people are kind of say well why did -- deal Washington and his record wasn't that fantastic. I have to look at the players on the field that he had. It's -- those guys were not what quote unquote would be old school you don't football players and so I think he did a lot with a little -- University of Washington are some people kind of what had the Washington -- they should be the Huskies and still forgetting that they were -- for a few few years and years ago and nobody took that thing over is took -- back to respectability. Absolutely not I'm not at Villa Park apologists but I don't know agreements that you know we can't go out from oh -- twelve that you got Nate says. Turkey -- first year five and that in I think he shot a lot of people that I'm not cerberus. More popular person you know in Seattle that at times to two years ago I knew that it naysayers here last year -- -- -- Seven at six the last three straight years building after the speech or this year. A lot of people kind of growth that looks like about you couldn't have been a fight hunger bowl and you know they're not where they wanna be of course but again -- they've come a -- -- -- five years. The expectations the arguments got tired Seattle because of what Donn -- that built a legacy going back to the united -- and that it's such a dominant program for so long here at -- that a frustration perhaps you. -- and you know they're out all coming at the same time that that the rival productive -- -- brought its national -- -- it certainly hasn't helped but I've yet been -- rebuilt but that -- got here and I and it looks like -- cheated on the right way they've got to rebuild 280 million dollar hockey stadium here at its -- -- -- the -- in the country and I do they get the -- popped a top five coaching job when you consider the resources you consider Seattle. Odds -- really unique. Environments for almost broke me don't in particular. Setting like it's has stadium like it's a lot of resources like that that whole Lotta places I I I do you think they're gonna get a pop. Top notch coach here note -- that's going to be you know maybe maybe Josh yeah. That in that by. Certainly expect them elect candidate Chris Peterson. -- not -- at Alabama offensive coordinator former husky offensive coordinator. Are couple main aspect of the mine right away and that of course just low -- years but the defensive coordinator. For a couple years and it has name is certainly an the pop up next head coaching -- around the country. Adam Jude is our guest Seattle times and you mentioned dead Justin Wilcox there there are some of the reports are today that. Justin and some of the other assistants are gonna head down to USC what do you heard about that and with all those things happening what does that mean for the bowl game who's gonna coach the Huskies. Yet still obviously very fluid. You know trying to work all the sources right now and -- today to. You know right now are our Twitter page everything everybody ought to think so spat right now so I tried to burn things then and acted all the all that but -- still very much -- the process from the dead. And -- know there are scrambling to try to figure out that. You know its system that it did you leave I think. You know they certainly were also still be considered -- coaching jobs here but. What this tactic honestly see how that plays out for sure. It's a big ramifications as well recruiting wise especially on the Vietnam you know on the West Coast and USC Washington and a lot of the same -- firms now puts -- Selma detergent colors on. Is there any concern that this gonna flip a few recruits. I it's certainly -- It -- and ideal timing you know on December 2. It's certainly could be worse. You know the later technical certificates that. National signing day and in February. Is it worse it gets trapped by the directors but -- You know they've they've got probably a couple weeks here and it's figured out. You know Oakley for -- -- get a head coach named affordable game by. I'm not sure they're gonna Russian duties that are again there's that a stronger candidate -- a key interest Peterson at the name that you know a lot of people turn -- with what. Virtually every head coach -- coaching vacancy. Brown called upon these days then and maybe Washington that the one he really consider there were some rumblings that. You know he did want to USC job it was actually offered to -- -- Who knows. Again there's there's there's that strong out there it. That people will certainly try to move quickly and you know lessen the blow in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Washington head job is is that something I want to go back -- sides will be clear. Izzo -- that's -- that if we see one -- more those guys leave with Turkey Asia they could still be considered for the Washington head football coach. I wouldn't you want not. You know it can't I. I don't think Washington that is still topped only by coaching job. Again with the hockey stadium rebuilt and the resources that they have here. I I think there I can be on the Casper are returning to you know the top here in the in the act while I can happen right away who knows that it did it. -- coach will. -- that you Google and apple it. The foundation that here you know this isn't what it was that you -- the year ago. Turkey and had to you know reset that foundation and into all the dirty work so. I think I think adjustable boxer. You know anybody would would be crazy not to cut -- down and interview it is it'll offer to look -- and it picnic on the ground and I. I think it really attractive job or a lot of people. I think you hit it on the head -- -- have -- facilities you have a new stadium the brand as is much better sexier than it was a few years ago and whoever takes that job. I think the big questions let's say it and I wish my brother were coming back which he never does anyways I did you know if he goes what does that say say it's egos does that mean maybe that Woodward didn't give -- -- -- table or is -- the fact that USC can offer a lot more money privately. And -- live on the beach. As well not -- ball that would play into it I sync job. You know recruiting write your own back yard and LA obviously the West Coast that's. The recruiting hotbed that's the exit -- the West Coast -- and you know turkeys and then hit that. Occurred in Southern California the last few years. Having to hop on net that three hour flight. Every weekend in and hit the road in and record in the late portrait that. Obviously if it weren't you a little bit not if you only epic you know your car and drive -- Bernauer. App now aren't they go on and on mr. Kurtz. And he didn't reputed to have that stay home I think that's. Certainly a lot yours I think that would be -- much as anything yet that -- Silber. You know -- one it's during go to USC. Adam Jude is our -- Seattle times to the latest on what's going on at the university Washington he could Almonte Twitter at. A underscored youth and great Pataki thinks a much of the time the report today.