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Steve Mims, Register-Guard Ducks Reporter

Nov 29, 2013|

With the latest details on the Oregon Ducks right before the 117th Civil War kicks off, Steve Mims gives Travis & Wilcox all details and predictions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

1033 Elvis fan welcome back to Travis and Wilcox a special early civil war addition we're going to 1 o'clock today denies conceived takeover with an early edition of primetime. Joining us now from the Eugene register guard Steve Schmidt and Steve good afternoon or good morning I should say -- and. Well I got that go well right next to stepped outside someone's -- it shall. Yet is a terrific day obviously though the weather's gonna play no role today is it should be pretty nice but I tip of the civil wars already here to this isn't just go a little bit too fast. Well it seemed like you it's -- crucial continents for awhile but what -- -- Steve -- -- -- -- after three weeks have been that are a little bit slower car Marquardt and derived. Latching. You know it was cut to head towards a speedy resolution and get. Actually it anywhere after that little bit last week's. I think Arizona's Barbara speed mountain and a speed bump -- -- the first time. In a long time -- I can remember Oregon losing a football game they had no business really losing on paper. It's indictment of the casually showed up everything went -- on -- way we come -- and how they react this week with their attitude how they carry themselves. Thank you reacted can -- you expect me -- care. A little bit and make it wasn't like you know a lot of that the US -- scampered have been you -- -- -- -- -- six point this year this is -- the first time and -- -- the first -- really hit the actual team they got beat by 26 and the street but -- That fact that we you know into a short week into the next game. I think you know we'll see it -- -- to get them back up pretty quicker suddenly we see that. You know that I never looked flat and ended the crossroad and they have I would expect I -- the effect yet the senior or send an opt for. I think there's going to be some motivation is so active and questions that -- and about the case and let. You know -- but looks on their stations last week that you looked at for another month that they into doing to eroded and the -- You know -- those questions -- talk about one of those being leadership we talked to Marcus Mario and about that on Monday he said you know maybe I could have done more -- among my other teammates could have done more. Do you think there are already questions of leadership on this team. I think there's a lot -- -- two. It's kind of -- each other but I don't think there's a guy who you know at halftime of that Arizona game you know player at least could've walked into that locker room and you know and -- -- So our incident and more at everybody's looking at -- and there's a guy. -- and a voice department suspect a lot of leaders her pretty quiet killer heart like I worked as martyrs of the quite IQ to keep these are quite. Joshua Ian and Tom I don't hear -- going normally reserved oysters. Not what these guys the media -- the past couple years to -- to -- and they're really distribute battery attention turned around halftime I think. It's probably more just kind of you know the coaches don't and aren't doing it which you know liberty at -- so I think it'll help with the lack of leadership and Wear -- Went to he tried gains or fighters are certainly some leaders on their but it can have done it. -- -- -- follow the leader type -- -- -- it can relate. To and urgently needed to -- it rendered dependant. -- -- -- -- You know -- when -- color and -- and lied about. Do you think -- -- to do as well as well the win that day in and with Chip Kelly there he is different Celek coaches DT that had anything to do with that when you're developing those guys and that might have been one of those guys are talking about the Isa or chairs and slammed doors and stuff like that but if you don't have one of those guys in -- waiting for the other guys do it. I think that's what happens and you have a locker may be like talking about last week. Yeah so the personalities. And it -- And Gilbert are a real loud accurate EP you know I got to the senior Democrat -- -- that go to analysts you know -- -- Those not a -- and jumped in there and so early now that they're really good football players -- went really well together tried years. I'm not sure they're tired of that group and developed under the polish. Brian actually has an immediate increase up I'd have a hard on him. Go inherent in the light up the rooms so try to get the personality that -- You know and -- chipped. I don't we recruit Arabic interpreter pretty good guys and I don't think and by five years to try to recruit didn't get into school city recruited a lot of class -- and and sometimes it was particularly young guys on their economic. City cult like Hillary -- -- -- but you know I look at her like that are now I don't they have to it is not that personality at least on the aircraft. I think in a situation like that approach would had to come from a senior notes were juniors and he'd been around April. Steve Mims is our guest Eugene register gardens Steve you look at some of the numbers from last week's game against Arizona obviously the big one being the turnovers they turn over three times Arizona did not at all. When that happens on the road near -- -- be tough to win a football game you look at the third down efficiency. For the defense in the two losses against Stanford giving a 143 down conversions eleven in the Arizona game how much of a question is that third down defense right now. It certainly here and you know it's a lot. Tougher to stop people entered Germany and optimism there are now percent to. Earlier near probably altered some might attract a lot of just -- were. Number 20/20 five or recent third and long term situation renewed at the struggle. -- they're going into or had pretty much all console they were candy noted dictate both them. -- running back who was able averaged more than four yards a carry on more than forty Kerry's so you kind of knew you could get. Heard her doctorate and he did you had a guy who'd been pretty consistently get at least two or street that you needed so I think and a score those innings you know when you're when you're certainly. -- -- consider her clothes and keen to our cab and a look at you just go back strong electric collar. What triggered those injured your third -- percent to put a lot better than when quote it -- in Cuba Iran. It will go on and -- -- a lot of dirty to get -- yards that. Certainly don't -- get per year for the time they needed bridge that you are short and which again. There's a lot of questions about Mario does help that what about Marshall how healthy is that bad ankles. I -- he played. Consummate -- -- and they -- on crutches with the boot from that I don't see complained that. Steve when you look at the the issues that we -- authority over the last you know few weeks -- one of those to me that stands out is. When you watch this team they don't have the same energy they don't have the same. You know. The weather coming up playing isn't like they did when they were rolling is that's -- -- -- changer that something that this is just what we're seeing of this team. Yeah -- joining -- in part of that is that it's a -- big run like Virginia and his shift your current democratic super center and those of first quarter -- Thanks so -- -- early on really gets in gardening are -- sit yard run there. You know kind of discredit -- a lot of our alert you make a player earlier. And being more played like 100%. And that would get them up get a role and now all of a sudden you know and when -- get stopped the first couple times on a drive. Electrocuted turn over and we'll keep you on the first drive. It's team per site you're kind of been in control against -- and an opponent you know the lower purple to the state and and the news that they intend to turn on whatever they have to in the last three weeks on December able to weather -- part of that market float and there. And look at the Byron there certainly could be happening to their real Specter running. -- -- you have -- plastic used tree but just an overall since injury to look like ending up in the first two weeks. -- -- Tyner with a more to David Gergen -- need some some explosive -- got a running game or maybe the markets as. -- an elderly were trying to run a little bit but I wouldn't get their running game going early on -- Sparkle but more. Big matchup for the secondary as well this weekend at least the corners she got cooks come and and there are they've been fired up they talked to add about that at all the defense the secondary get to face -- dominion. Yet our I think there you know I think they'll sort of toward record 200 no running game apparently -- or you know eager to -- Allred and Colorado and the good receivers. In -- -- -- in Munich in their brother and result much art I mean right now Gordon Hayward. Bringing took Sean -- over Tyler gaps in student progress on not just local -- back and thirteen that's not about -- -- a lot of it feel like. Secondary a lot more quick decision big battle and maybe there just to try to do to beat us and -- right now so I think there are hurt and a group. In the street for your starter secondary. And in a cultural I think contributed eleven -- like -- -- If you look at candidate they can have itching to -- sort of bunched at better than to have the space between the ability. -- -- run for writer and current. Steve Mims is our guest Eugene register guard and covering the -- all season long you find him on Twitter at Steve names underscore RG. Seemed as always thanks so much enjoy the game today we'll see got a -- to say.