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Mike Riley - Oregon State, Head Football Coach

Nov 27, 2013|

Coach Riley joins Isaac to preview the Civil War this Friday between Oregon State and Oregon.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oregon hosting this year they are nine into coming up loss to Arizona beavers now six and five after having lost morrow. Seniors the coach. Mike -- so we've got to Thanksgiving here. And I forgot when he told me last year kind of how you structure this is the same issue I mean how does tomorrow work for everyone. Well I think it's a little bit different because. The I'm trying to think -- last year's team was in Saturday's game. Soul. We've had a regular we have. Thanksgiving dinner in the stadium on Thursday night that we had. -- walked through and travel day on our our hotel -- on Friday. But now this year the games on price so we've got we got. Practice. -- -- We're gonna have a Thanksgiving brunch for everybody in that we've got to travel to each need to the hotel later in the base only that. It's like the players have some time after the brunch they want to get together with their families and do a little suspense. But that's about it in. And for the rest of us we're probably going to do we had to do many times in our line is kind of delaying a holiday. For a couple of days and and -- I think last year because we played in the -- mobile around Christmas time we open presents for our family on. For Christmas some time like January and -- you make the holidays when you can. And that. And it just kind of evolves around what that what's called on -- football. Correct what what is the Thanksgiving tradition as he if you when you when you finally get to have it at the rally household. All it's always just been good -- stuff it's not -- -- they're extraordinary except it's when when my kids were all around you know bad. At moved away with a slightly -- their dividend taxes now and and solely won't be the same here for a little -- he's involved in sports down there -- and of course our season and all -- but that. You know. -- Whenever we can now get together -- it's always feels like a holiday and I -- -- the -- it one way or the other even if it's cheeseburger some. Well. -- making this point to suit yesterday. And I wonder what you -- your thoughts having lost three straight going into the U dub game I wonder if you know the consecutive losses didn't just get to your crew I mean it's one thing to have. The better teams. Sprinkled through your schedule and lose here in the -- and then have a chance to rebound against a lesser opponent it's another to keep getting up off the -- week after week and you just got all the best teams on your schedule consecutively this year and you wonder if just the totality of that in facing another good opponent Washington just didn't take its toll on the mental side effects. You know why I have I have sole. Disappointed -- and it I've I'm wondering I've -- a million things and and I have to -- those spots and in its heart from me. Needed saying that it sounds like a really silly excuse right I mean if -- prime minister sit up in front of all of view and saw everybody that's listening right now to bring something like that up it sounds like facility. -- we pride ourselves. In not making excuses we've got to play and we missed the boat somewhere along the way in the preparation for that game and it surprised me because I had even. Even other media people that would watch practice our beat writers and stuff that -- to be apt or is -- and I thought that was a great -- perhaps decided. To -- off by electronic game and and that. Just really I thought Washington is terrific as I talked about this game I don't want to take anything away from south -- prepared and played. The boy we did not play and that was that was. Really really disappointing to me. And what I've told the team early on his -- Right now we have to just play good football be proud of how we play and then let escort take. Take care of itself that we play good football residual to be winning so that's that's. Shape we're in right now. Well you get a holiday this week it's a tough week to have a short week. You know the team. It seemingly in a nosedive what I mean what experience do you draw upon to rally the troops in the spot here. All I've been here before he's -- he's coached 38 years -- you've seen. All different cycles of life you know and and that -- to handle boot times and bad now. And relatively the same weight and keep working. Better. And and the one thing I know that it makes me feel good -- directed people like this team. That is great -- ticket today we can't -- problems in every way whether it's a you know make you treat you to -- in study hall. -- done I mean there's been very few problems and the other thing I have years -- very stable good group with coaches. And there. Nobody spends any time. Do the blame game. And just crap like that it gets in the way. Real I think professional people that are working hard to try to help the the teams get better better for the next can't sell you know I told. Our coaches our kids need us right now you know they they need us to do a great job. And and prepare them for the game you know that's that's where. All the hard stuff in coaching that's worked comes out and deals like this where you've got to be at your best impeaching. In the enthusiasm for teaching and then looking forward to the next game attitude. All of that stuff that's at least that's what our. Message to our staff and forest that has been this week. Well folks you know some of -- the -- -- things you know continue this way I mean he just -- mention your staff see you bring up an opportunity for me to ask you that. You know it in this offseason how willing are you to look at shaking up your coaching staff. Well you know why I'd -- abducted people here you know I've got more than. Most highly respected defense guys around in coach bankers you know who Tupper head job last year and and that is coach every team with me here Oregon State -- you know weeks we've had ups and downs but mostly through the course of time we've been very. Very very stable and playing good and that will do more than -- -- evaluate. You know what we're doing work harder recruiting and and trying to find the best players to compliment for immediate help -- for future held for development. And we will evaluate everything that we're dealing -- you don't frankly. I think our biggest biggest issue right now it's running the football and and you know that it was all fine and good when the opponent were quite as strong as we were thrown the ball all over the place and and but we didn't have a running game that would play good teams you don't have a running game -- got animal. Really good players up front all the time in pass protection. And it's disruptive and then you're not as and then you don't have the run to settle down and it's really bidders and that. That's got to change it absolutely it where were we have a little to try to run the ball this week and -- late but we're gonna try to do it. Happens to be a part of what we do the best teams in this league right now lies if you look at it. The top teams in the league at the top sixty cents recently and -- -- all run the ball yeah. You know it it. It's you know everybody talks about the -- Had seen and all the different Eric tax and all that stuff but I don't know that that components to be in real bitter played good defense and being able to run the ball and -- Other stuff comes off that. Yeah how stunned are you. Edges the -- lack of a run game this year. Well I'm really. You know. I don't I'm just stunned yes as I know our history united and I know that -- and Bernard and Chris Rogers Steven Jackson. And Stephanie Simon and they have to be -- their head to right now. The goal right in the world because those those four guys combined gained 161000. Something. The yards here you know 4000 peaks. For careers and we're way way off for being beaten like that. And it's really hurt us here lately. This is so Oregon State coach Mike rally with a -- Comcast sports net antennae to stand. Civil war on Friday so what stands out when you watch the Oregon -- on the film. Well liked they way Arizona did. Two things. Oh oh for sure one of them as they were tremendously. Efficient and persistent. Running the football. And then taking the run and having bills passed plays off -- that regional plan debate and they were efficient and they'd just cap. -- ballots went which is bad and accept the ball to really get back furlong time. McCain. And and and then didn't make mistakes I mean they were innate key third down conversions they had kept drives alive and found ways to score touchdowns and they got. And then -- definitely. It was hard forums and Oregon boot the ball but they didn't give up big place and -- it was pretty. Pretty amazing. You know in the course of the game that they would just horse around in -- tackles and this kind of hung in there until they can make it stopped and sometimes to support the mountaintop in the red zone but it found a way. And that. Those were those were two I think really key ingredients on one on each side of the ball. So as you breakdown Oregon -- is or something to you when you watch them here because they've you know look at the eight EE mission will be placed there about as vulnerable Zaid bin in the last five or six years they've lost to a three and some people cite the fact that you know markets marionette. As the knee in the zone read -- them less of an option for them they're not running the ball as well do you see that when you when you size them up does it look different TU. Well you know -- and I play well look it's still looks released carried in the as -- -- speed there and had very order an eagle -- and I know he maybe slowed a little bit but. -- no matter what what a good player he's and athleticism. He's got poise and he's got a great arm I love this throwing motions and the ball it just. A week we looked at him a little differently right in getting ready for them and it is it is pretty impressive. When you look at a bit. You know finally had their struggles and that they only had the ball for like fifteen minutes against Stanford campus -- You know parred the problem but you know at Stanford -- you do. Because game I would say in that regard bet that they're still very very explosive can go all the way into the second and you've got to be on your toes all the time. So what key things do you need to do did to take advantage of maybe some vulnerabilities on their side and and now when the civil war. -- -- verbal abilities but I think the big plate it's been it's -- kind of the deepening. That I might have on defensively is if you limit big plays he got a chance to be in the game. And and -- Keep playing defense -- you don't -- big place that you can make up happening yet you. You can get a third down stop and get the ball back. And sometimes it is organs -- -- of -- pounced -- it. You gotta get to stop or you get turned over and you know so I think. Big plays a key key issues. Or it's going to be efficiency. An optional by in everywhere we tend to make some yardage on first down second down running the football. And then. And you lied to all of our past game whether the quick he. Intermediate game. It dropped back anymore or taken some shots down the field and make some. Happen but I think all the parts of gotta be work and you know it for us to be effective against against Oregon. All right the beaters and acts -- tangle yet again on Friday go to these micro Elliott thanks for taking the time coach good luck in the civil work and happy Thanksgiving. Yeah I need you to enjoy it if you get it doesn't sound like he's gonna get a Thanksgiving but.

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