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Nov 27, 2013|

Jeff joins Travis & Wilcox to talk the latest in NFL Fantasy Football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you for being where the son Travis and Wilcox -- -- alive from the new Danner boots location on the house port town center in Beaverton. Joining us now is Jeff Mans series six events sports radio and fancy alarm dot com Jeff Howard today. There are underwater city Turkey days. Likewise -- certainly look at fantasy football we get three games this week on Thursday. I want to ask about the quarterback position now we've seen several backup quarterbacks have we seen anything last couple weeks that say. Any of those guys or are worth the -- continued this week. Com. And now that I can't do it there's many other good options out there they've met. And yet -- aren't lots. That's not reach a much in the match where and what he did I understand four years ago it and mating game against the line of yeah I was four years go on one -- ago so. Yeah he's a -- not at that point could be okay sure but I don't remember bye weeks are finally over to get beat up all played against the into a lot of other options. You don't have to settle for these you know back that would split. Type guys liked Matt Flynn a map but going. Mean chops or corn and -- stronger you don't yet but Roethlisberger out their course and almost coming -- had a good matchup is playing other options out there. Look at the matchup -- RG three what happened last week would it be wise at this point time if you're -- -- look and Hemmer talking quarterbacks RG three how confident are you hit with him going forward. Not very American out there and our victory that supports target. And -- about the plot sort of for two years that I was never -- absolute pocket -- never look alike are like kids. Still I like the combination that he could run out of pocket make plays epic -- could sit -- -- action -- not -- that read option that they did last year you know because you can't. Go back that well again and not have anything else -- -- -- -- to -- -- trying to -- there over Patrick now RG three is not he -- Most of his -- numbers to -- the outcome on channel all at but he used a lot of money he throws the ball for you to get some -- and that is it he told the coverage to terrible terrible stroke but a lot of you know -- couple times this year -- -- guy's beer is game. In. The came out of the game at -- -- under assault our -- Any outlet like -- the -- -- when -- -- -- so I'm not -- -- street. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well the patriots running back position. Yeah not real and in particular format that exchange Marines could be involved the belt that you use him I'm not. I'd like product I don't even I don't want him as RB one that's for sure RP -- maybe equally. Polite you know. It's not reliant Kiki are type guy like Darren Sproles like any what has put Condrey elegant. We've seen that all -- these guys are up and down up and down as we approach play out. Kind of sugary becomes the great upside but also smoked outside plate I would prefer to go more. You know walrus -- guides somebody touch the ball fifty times McCain and Kenya Latvia now are normal pace but at this point. Was released probably problem there. You know just don't know between block out all the other and he's their -- -- only one that's useful -- -- keep your form. Also talk of running backs that matchup Jamaal Charles has against the Broncos defense this week he's been one of those guys that not only running the football to catch the football had a good -- season so far. Yes exactly is one of those guys that he you'd like that before the month. More accustomed all the better they're going to be obviously you -- at -- ideally you'd like to -- -- multiple world the guys that are going to -- have a ball the ball that didn't what occurred on the ground. They're a ticket but there are seven targets in the past few. Well written more Jamaal Charles football industry and the more he's -- More -- he's got the break one for a long commitment against the Broncos this week a huge huge matchup here. For the ASU western division virtually. They're gonna read very network. Jeff -- is our guest serious accident fantasy Sports Radio fancy alarm dot com I want to stay with that game for a moment Jeff. You look what's happening with the chiefs defense that we tell volley looks like he's going to play just in Houston itself -- how does that affect. The Broncos high point scores. -- and it all teams are sort Lipton this game you're right that's how -- excuse into this game last raunchy blow. Student applicants that you -- up but to look at the product -- A summary don't run the ball 37 times last week well Peyton Manning now percent. They'll ankle were obviously Bob -- banged up and a couple weeks ago as well he's not saying that it wasn't against either of these older guys now. You know here's what he does not. They don't want him -- -- -- -- -- times every week I appealing now. Even with her injuries to the -- -- -- because there what exactly what they're gonna make of them -- -- He beat him thrown well Connecticut but he looks that they the last two weeks especially last week realized the Broncos don't want any. That's just it hit they don't want him to get hit because he -- once solid blow away from vintage to different kind. Here in the -- Republican at defense is this weekend matchups what you pick one of these two. Dolphins at jets are browns vs -- which one would you take. Who. Tasty tasty. The -- to give it -- city that's always very very solid. With the way it's going right now that the Olson's -- Russia against you know net. -- -- and we're seeing him why he was not taken second round. In an opera this year why Egypt and because he couldn't work. Yours murky is that you play what they're should be noticeable progress there's noticeable that buys here is that too much wrong. Strong natural still would not put in the work especially -- to tell you can read the front for you know Ackerman. Aren't all bigots in net play well. Our Michael Crabtree he's gonna back this weekend for the 49ers. How long do you think it takes for him to be productive. -- -- I don't think it's gonna make a big impact they're really -- on -- heckled Bolden was clearly service will fantasy player. Before that it's gonna help the opposite circumstance we. It would be foolish for us to start they -- -- Cap for -- and and scripture also put numbers that they had last year in the last year not gonna happen in order to back. The guys came back from -- significant injury. These were really -- -- a ticket to debt decision 49ers don't need Michael Crabtree right now EDD should take the last couple weeks and really -- And sure he's on -- percent so I'm -- -- what so ever. Right now and I think it would be foolish for somebody look at the play obsolete network and to consider and think they're gonna have a healthy Michael Crabtree and. I just rapid fire here couple questions from the Lugar's. Donald Brown owner Fred Jackson. The -- spreadsheet action. I'm Donald Brown inexplicably. Only -- too -- last week which is a complete net streak at the -- can't avoid now from. Tom Brady Matthew Stafford. Two great matchup. I'm gonna go Matt Stafford at home he's got economic and on the against the Green Bay Packers the Packers or wide quiet chat enabled closed out Eddie -- and run away and then to north out of -- and dictate -- effort. One more for Alex Smith Eli Manning. Well. I am gonna go to Eli Manning because of the outside Aleks Maric. View the safer. He's more secure. The same time. It's going to be Jamaal Charles oh era and has an opportunity outside with that Korean threats can be sent to throw a report such a it should go. Jeff -- is our guest serious sex and fantasy Sports Radio fancy alarm dot com we could find him on Twitter at Jeff underscore men's. Jeff is always thinks of much of the time appreciate -- wanted to -- -- Wednesday next -- happy and happy Thanksgiving we'll -- you next week. Yet at regret that pretty -- knowledge and.