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Marcus Mariota -- Oregon Ducks QB

Nov 25, 2013|

Marcus joins Travis and Josh to talk about the loss to Arizona and the upcoming Civil War.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time to talk to the quarterback of the Oregon Ducks Marcus Murray go to markets get afternoon Dario. Doing well today -- -- adopted the mood of this team and and how things might have changed over the last few days where yes. Armed you know we can't we can't actually. It's -- them down your partner. -- several things. I think there -- certain -- Got my territory on the camera earlier today. -- -- -- -- -- new connection that they they're not and actually learn from my own church keep cheaply and work. Marcus says the quarterback how much pressure he put up on yourself to be one of those leaders that stands up and mean everybody's got to be accountable for themselves but sometimes everybody into extra push. Right and I think that -- commit I -- -- gun and bomb you know -- it. I should have been around a little better arm pretty darn it at all -- -- on. You know I think we're all learning and on you know push me -- -- -- -- little -- put in a tumor destruction and north ticket marriage amendment and get better. You know mark is so looking back on it now with the the couple weeks in between the Stanford game in the game against Arizona looking back on it can you see any possibility that maybe some complacency. Creeped him with this team very disappointment maybe that could -- led to the way you guys played on Saturday. Yeah not being a little disappointment there on you know I think the majority of the -- look -- -- -- -- pushed it and -- known. Distant overshoot or what happens distrust -- -- they've -- Might actually reducing the alert for little you know you know restore it to be here and change so you know that there's a lot of young guys are -- tradition -- experience and encroachment and include an extra. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As you guys get ready for Oregon State you know you guys are always looking through the windshield not the rear view mirror. But but as as that being said and he said you know maybe some guys that pinnacle -- not they they -- are we got to turn this thing back around and show everybody in and I kinda have a chip on his shoulder walking into the civil war. Great and I think you know when we had -- when we had a meeting -- -- you know I think. That's the locker room as little definite about it and an analyst you know it certainly and I think you know dark -- and -- nurses don't lose one game on that are. I'm -- student and -- and we are. And down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On my question that attitude and -- -- there and -- -- -- -- -- for retinal we think she just pushed me forward. Pouring cornerback Marcus Mario does our guests here on the San Marcus how health fears is your knee right now. -- -- -- United which if I'm ever run around our culture and -- to -- Pretty good and down you know just trying to -- out -- every day and on department changed and Katrina just. Do about it. More importantly what about your neck I mean it looks like when you went in their debt to get that guy and that tackle it looked like did your neck went the wrong way. Yeah yeah it was a they can happen -- give. Even generate. You wake up in the morning and you know I have to you have to -- -- actual. Are you -- how to approach is -- when it actually I mean -- played a subordinate to change that. -- you attribute that. Yeah I mean as a quarterback Marcus you know you're never gonna be odd percent except for the first day of fall camp so he hasn't got to disseminate this question about your -- your neck but look at fort -- state. I know it's always been said that the civil war it's a nameless faceless opponent but I I've always disagreed because I'm an ex player and grew up locally but they're there is something more to it when you're playing it's a team it's 3045 miles away. Yeah and -- You know what is Soviet leader -- -- you know -- -- -- -- believe we do understand that. You know this is game means a lot for their monthly community and our. You know what I can add any pressure to ourselves without you know we're gonna Katrina intruded into the game but I think Rita missed them and thank -- and I'm sure of this the. Markets have some of the players from or -- or some local guys they have they. Talked to players like you war from the state of Oregon any kind of stressed the importance of this game and all over the last couple years. Yeah you know I think over the course. Should have been here I got it -- entry in. While several other other -- -- that harassment or you know what it means what it would mean to play and then on. You know what -- in addition to the state. I think and they don't learn learn how to -- in the game absolutely guys on mr. -- expect. -- -- On askew as well some of the coaches that you guys have done their also played in this game I mean I know coach Pelham which greatly both. -- fired up and civil war week. Yeah yeah. Go to work before we start right they came over in the nick and you're going to be pressure of course -- and you're doing it -- -- straight -- and go to church coach so. Yeah I think is well I think -- British credit the stability of our target practice you know barge -- org state. There's a Friday game and -- had a Thursday in a few weeks the what is a Friday game changer teens at all. You know he reaches every week. That Keteyian whichever spread out so that you know things things are any different -- -- general can. Have you guys had a chance yet to watch much film on -- state and if so have you seen any thing you know what you need to look out for. Are my they figure -- good defense. Unity he declares our. You know such and that they they're they're conditioned. You know it. Betrayal. A lot of traction and all. You know that it did they do childhood tragedy -- all it did a pretty good order -- on electrocuted got -- Katrina trick show boy you know you're regularly and -- actually can. On the other kind of rehab that and and focus on the. Marcus Mario is our guest Oregon cornerback Marcus who after now almost two full years of being a starting quarterback in the pac twelve. How how difficult really is this conference in a week by week basis. You know I -- coveted World Cup and the you know if you open it again. You know -- going to be and that those those ultra I'm actually going to. So you know I think you know you kind of learn -- this'll -- the other. -- continues to play. -- as a target which can initiate your extra global abilities because it's let me get out there are you know whatever the game as -- -- mistrust. You know Iowa wanna ask you about this deal last week some comments came out forget Danny Thomas and Josh -- about the Rose Bowl maybe they were taken out of context but. Now the roles -- not a possibility maybe there is another BCS bowl and there may be there risen but. What are your thoughts on you know what's gonna make this successful season for you guys and indeed do you think about the possibility of of nowhere you might be going for a bowl game at this point. You know we haven't even thought about it. You know I think our focus should just entering the they -- -- -- -- -- we have got to really focus a little bit but. You know our army army chiefs. -- -- here as a or is great and -- whatever have a to what happened. You know we can look at you know and church -- Trio -- situation is when a fairly vertical content and who were not. Up until this week you know community. Arkansas and ask about the process of play calling this year compared to last coach Kelly you seemed. Call more plays now I have coach help for Tom sidelined who dropped the scored dinner coach frost up in the box as the process been similar not so much to play calling in. What you guys are doing but the process been similar for you. It's been very similar -- you know I think coach fox anchor programs are -- could double this. You know mission up their gear and and developing. You know I would let the thing you know -- -- we try to go out there and healed and I can do a lot better. My good citizens in all economic Katrina the focus on Latin America commitment yet -- They put more in your lap maybe compared to last year for you did you -- you know make different checks and have a little bit more input into the offense. Europe. A little bit. -- -- -- -- or is gonna talk to me well you know what I'd like her what I dislike him you collect a check to select option checked in their election. Bob you know I like their ability. On you know hours. I would and I think America -- football market recollect you're going to be able that I needed to get our current situation and so. On Yamaguchi -- the -- you know did you post was spot because of Brandon and learn and Mexican about it. In -- -- you mentioned this is a young team and he got a lot of young players on this team tells what it's been like to play with. Young guys like Braylon Madison in Byron Marshall what they've done for this team. Yeah you're not there I think it's a lot of fun and it's an exciting because when it got to. The other. They're they're young they're there. Carmakers are very comfortable on. They have the opportunity. To take it all the way and I think that's such reflection -- other than as well and that should look at that thought on the boat without it. When those predictions. In an argument got to get them applaud the other while the good stuff and they'll get open and they'll make plays. The latest a lot of fun and and -- actually that it. In -- -- I have to ask you this question and have a feeling you know you're gonna say with the focus being an organ state this week but. Obviously duck duck fans wanna see memory play at least another year -- in any given any thought at all to that at this point. I haven't. You know mark currently and are we -- try to conduct an oil off the the most -- in the make a decision and down. Garlic a lot of -- Olympic community while -- -- and addicting to me and all you know not to go all the shortly content. And what it out and in a tradition on the machine and based on what about from -- Oregon Ducks cornerback Marcus Mario and -- our guests here on the San Marcus thanks so much of the time good looking as the beavers on Friday we appreciate it. Oh.