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Danny Langsdorf -- Oregon State Offensive Coordinator

Nov 25, 2013|

Coach Langsdorf joins Travis and Josh to talk about the loss to Washington and the Civil War.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now or can -- offensive coordinator Danny links to our coach -- afternoon Dario and bill will appreciate you owner showed today. Obviously very disappointing loss on Saturday night you know after the offense was rolling the first seven games of the season. The momentum is stopped a little bit you know talk to us about why that is happening and where the offense is right now. You know after the game like that the year you're looking and searching for answers and we don't do their job excuse shouldn't -- Think that's been a factor we haven't take your ball well we need to you know the turnovers are costly and in the -- a bad situation. You know we've got to do a better job of getting some runs and we've got to do a better job being physical on the perimeter and women some one on one -- in the passing game I think they'll be key for us. You know -- -- -- it. Production out of bread and corruption that continues to veto it that way -- Mexican thing but we have to have some more production from Somali guidance. Through our Archie not that'll be a big factor in the weeks and. -- Danny a look at the football game at that seems to be it you know everybody knows that Ben -- is outstanding but somebody else has to step up guys have been injured you've lost some guys. Has there been some unwilling to do that -- is it is game by game. You know I think I think we've got guys willing and able end up they've got to do to adjust up and up and police chief Brent and so much and what he does out boasts that he isn't able to separate from god -- -- -- you know and opened spots we got -- That other players you know I think we've got the ability would -- and what to do that. In order exposition with with millennium. Oh -- in there. Our our slot receivers in the past feel that Gilmore they've got to do -- job. Taken some of the pressure off Brandon didn't. You've got to hit some runs we haven't we haven't been a great running team really don't tire sheet in we actually get some runs in the second half of that game. Last week but it we can get some balance there it just helps our play action passing game and I and it takes a little pressure off -- You guys get down early how does that change of philosophy or human torch rally talking about play calling get down early and it kind of takes probably couple. Plays out of the play but the you elect to use in the first quarter. Yeah it definitely does -- that we part of that's on this situation -- in a part of its. Poetry now you know we had to -- -- to start the game in which dug ourselves a hole we not. -- that each and harassed or not yet in the field position change you know and also when you're down. Couple scores and and you're you're certainly change into your your plan as you got to carry. -- it back in it to you probably thrown some more and they're playing more for the past so all those things out factor in together. And not. Yes you can you can sustain some drives early. Especially in this game with this high powered offenses -- hagee got to try to keep tomorrow he'll launch he can. But you you don't wanna get out your plan by by going out there and content you know every. Every three plays and then really dig yourself also got a we've got to hang in there and do better job exe keep. Oregon State defense offensive coordinator Danny -- orcas are aggressor on the fan -- when when you look at the offensive line and the injuries that you've had -- -- limited time at these guys have played together this season how would you assess where this offensive line is right now. Well it's not gonna factor but it you know everybody got injuries and we don't want to make any kind of excuse about we've got. Capable guys that are in there. They're they've got to do a great job to protect the quarterback in whether it's the second or third string we're gonna expect the same not a starter as -- guts. You know to protect. And be able to create some polls in the run game. So. You know weeks we've got a little bit of you probably a little bit more. Lineup changes and we'd like but I think we're at a situation where these guys have played enough football where. No the twelfth week of the season will lead but shouldn't be factor we got to do its job of creates -- protections to help. The line we got to help with detailed action items and chip on their on their releases and and not you know as long as we keep -- Protected you -- Time to work and now all helped -- you're a little more time to get open and winsome little on one matchups. Look at the film set but in the civil war you're going it's a secondary that I mean. It's -- -- best probably I've seen it organ and a long long time with all for a positions is that something you've seen on film really pop attitude. Yeah tickets to bury its secondary you know. You look back to the Justin Wilcox stated. That. Now they've they've got. Really solid group. Of corners you know actually I can use his name fourteen that. -- highly touted one. Is a very covered. You look at their safeties they're active -- -- much on the -- encourages. And they give yet. A lot of different looks which which is -- it's so hard are on the court back to it. Just no different coverage changeup but then they can play man to in and lock it down and he's physical violence so it'll be another catastrophe that very get secondaries. -- really all year in our conference and this is probably the vessel seat. You know Danny when you haven't won a game in over a month and there has made a ton of success drilling and other side of the ball right now how much -- that -- on this team and are they pressing to trying get out of that get back on the winning track. There's no question you know I think Iran. You know it starts. Factor cult and a little bit I think when you win -- sheet you're playing a lot of confidence and poise and you start losing it and as things are tough -- -- that in tough battles against it teams and is their physical in east Arctic and now it looks when we do here so we're we're looking for answers were trying to make some corrections in -- you -- got the best plan to go their next cute but I. I think it's certainly does sector. Your emotions in your confidence to reach you we ball which really tried to teach -- win or lose to kind of worked in that one week back Q and then we're gonna be out again this week we gotta get that in out of our system and it was due to get out of practiced today and I think it's probably get thing that's a short weeks -- we get back and they get another chance to book their place. Danny how much does it matter that it's a civil war and it's the ducks and -- there that you know 45 miles and it's -- you've been around this game a long time does does that seep into the players that aren't from around here. You know optic probably as much although that they had -- importance of -- in the rivalry in and -- And -- it in the state catching that still certainly rivalry game. Anywhere. I think probably the -- guys know better. That. It's it's a huge game and every week Fujian and think if we do your job. Preparing that way and we know we don't we don't want to particularly to this game and we did -- cigarettes a year or anybody else -- -- -- they're all tough games but. And there's certainly a little pride. A factor with the oregonians on our team and you know our kids are. Are doing a great job just continue to work that we had we had good work today and will take that preparation right and again. When you took over wrote down their door down Oregon state of the robbery was a little bit different you guys were kind of on the same plane in the last two years organist had more success than you guys had played for national championship in the BCS games. So has the perception of what origin is compared Oregon State as you guys who bonded the scheme every year has that changed. You know I think that that there's no question of the success they've had. And we're we're striving for that level of success and it and were continuing to battle on you know every way recruiting is. Included you know especially -- -- -- against. There's no question you've got to give them credit for what they've done is they've they've really taken off and done a wonderful job. -- -- -- -- -- And doing. In an excellent job with their offense and I really think the improvements come on the beach and dishonorable to their. In that that gets overlooked at times they they've done. You don't need three years now an excellent job of taking a lot of personnel are playing with a lot of different players and keep an impression their fast. You know so I think all those things are factored forest that. You know -- I think we've got to get to that level and continue to try to beat him this week and as we can go forward we get some wins against him and -- and some of recruiting battles to. Danny how important is it now and this I guess it's yeah it always has been but now that facilities are in the arms race and guys have been a little bit limited in Corvallis against a lot of these other pac twelve teams. Does that change carry your sales pitch and got these guys. You know we're trying to -- -- to sell. People -- -- -- you know I think that that's account and go try and and all the way down where. Who got good people here. I don't think many people compared to Oregon facility lies you know you look at what they have and they've done there. To try to go toe to -- on this is that's not that easy but we're we're not really focus on not part of that -- -- got a the great setup here in itself. We've got a nice facility you know I don't know you're gonna compare and we don't have all the -- space age stuff. You know I think it still comes down -- walking and tackling and throwing and catching you know aren't and so we can. If we can do the job playing a good brand of football and getting good players excuse then. That facilities that shouldn't matter. You know we've we've got a nice set up here I know and I haven't seen their they're new they're new building but it effort about it. And but sure that's helpful for them recruiting but. You know I think for anybody to compare themselves to -- has probably reached with look what they've done their. Danny lanes or is our guest Oregon State offensive coordinator Danny thinks what's the time we appreciate good luck in -- again on Saturday on a Friday this week.