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Brock Huard -- ESPN 710 Seattle

Nov 22, 2013|

Brock joins Travis and Josh as the Good Dude, and to talk OSU/Washington.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Josh is not often that we move the good due to the week's segment from its usual time -- up to fifteen and I are always exceptions to the rule. There are exceptions to the rule I mean this is a repeat offender is that you're due to the week right yes it would that be the right thing to -- I guess so yes I hate rock your head in doubt Corvallis right now. Gotta be careful though because I know I. I just the artists are our family and counting. It wouldn't count -- as a grass seed capital. Oral HSV -- you're getting close to Junction City that's what I'm telling you can cause Wilcox hometown turf. And I saw earlier trying to find out nick Ritz right where there's a lot of snipes got their Johnson City you gonna be on the lookout and. Hard to pupils are not tell you that I don't know I don't know how many days I've been down here workspace and I quite liked best so it's been applied to drive them and hope that it gains on -- -- really I know it's going to be ticket game and all these teams in Washington to work in state in the recent army last year to. While there may not be some of the national headline the national again where these two programs in just talk about this or you guys show this is wonderful really really neat. Oh absolutely look at this thing and I think. I -- I heard you -- -- to conceive akin this is -- your show actually via the -- -- web which surprisingly I know how to use but offensive line -- -- line it's game it's going to be one in the trenches correct. It is it is and this is where I don't know there's there's some pressure on these turkeys and back -- -- A permanent Palmer sir today talking about where -- -- -- there's a lot of experience -- That's more than frustrated. And more than frustrated I think. More than anywhere else about sensitive defense require that -- five years. That that's not much different than what -- -- when he inherited this program now. Quarterback play in the all American type band in the all American party backed him it's Shaq Thompson -- -- -- -- different looking dietitian and the artistry and shallow. That's a real talent to skill position. But this is a program and you know -- -- played against a charge the sort of program that Don James deal. -- line of -- -- to expand basic demand. Despair and execution some interplay there and they've not seen it and eventually -- a big boys this year. For a lawsuit to the top sixteen teams in this is a real measuring stick game against Oregon State opponent. That Ted and another Washington. Premiums in the Washington State all. Well they see something different that received for the majority of histories about our. You know -- we look at the games they've lost Stanford Oregon and Arizona State UC labels are all ranked teams that kind of tells us a little bit about -- where Washington as it is as a team but. Where is this progression of this program is at least that on the right path. Well that's a good those are the legitimate questions I think everybody's asking are you based or top sixteen teams in your heart you know without local -- -- championship W not a Rose -- level you're just not fair that's in the bottom line business and target and has to look at -- -- sometimes. Perhaps -- -- -- you in any Lucy ain't that bad. Just not there yet there's no debate about that. Now where are that they have a wintry our basic scripting and that's what -- changed Saturday night and it applied. And you're gonna more than likely to -- to redshirt freshman quarterback making its first start gonna have to do with an operative line and already gave it to try to -- this team. And that's like these final two weeks critically important to really answer questioner terms because -- course you'll. Desperately wanted to know you know it. -- picture quality. Music going in the right direction in order to be going in the right direction -- better under way to win these next two games. Brought the phenomenon that that is occurred with the husky program is that you know working candidate got. Was battling back and when we're playing OK we we can't -- snuck up on yet and now USC goes up -- -- you still lays around there and it's like they got caught looking at themselves in the mirror and now they're playing from behind. From a fan based perspective to catch up everybody else. Is it a couple more years or is you know you say eight wins they get that done it's -- time does he realistically have left up there. Well the only way to do it is to win yeah -- got a contract he's not -- this year you not really hearing any of those rumblings. Internally whatsoever. You're buried. We need to find a way to win or -- we are frustrated we are frustrated because ultimately. You know and I know and everybody knows that the only way you turn -- -- to -- some of these games out there not to report back there or it costs urgently get these two intimate get to die in Egypt that's what turns you read in the in terms of paper that they have -- without -- stadium it's you know we talked about it and talked about Obama objects you're out there at Michigan stadium. It's it to start with anybody mr. operatives not the very best. The facilities are in place the commitment of the fan base is there commitment and -- athletic director and the president is there. And a way to win these gains it's it's like there's a tremendous amount of pressure I think over these next eight page -- -- Saturday night. The following Friday accused Washington State. And Mike Leach and your number two which may be separate bowl game or him. Typical capital gains in move this program all work. Brock Huard is our guest ESPN 710 in Seattle when ESP NT view of the caller of the beavers and the Huskies on Saturday night -- when you look at Siler miles who will likely be the starting quarterback as you mentioned. We saw a little bit last week against UCLA but he gets thrust into in the middle of the game now that he's had a week to counteract it takes in those number one -- what should we expect out of him. Well he's a pretty physical cheer -- to regulate companies to relate back in the Olympics news -- you're not real hot bothered -- -- -- he's -- -- -- keep his composure -- -- -- that I expect to be pretty -- I mean as much as Washington. He too wants this win on the mr. Allen Mike Riley and power and I'm sure you'll get a sense of urgency embarked bankers well. And after losing three in a row in sugar 61 last -- I -- in -- -- you desperately need to get this one took there's going to be plenty of intensity. Continue to run the ball more. I could not have may be some of the Augusta national and orchestrate the price. You not to make all the throws or you can make these big physical guy and typically in situations like that. With a redshirt freshman crippled by the player and you -- you have. You want you get to it could not bear and you got to utilize your assets and -- -- summons -- you'd. At the plate making hats which have been a bit problematic -- State's defense we saw that -- and poke a little bit. South eastern Washington earlier this year if you get a quarterback returned a little bit pretensions of issues and problems. Had to -- return about which about what do we have in -- miles played well it's because she does some of the intimate look at athleticism. And Rochester on Saturday night. You know you recipe that your your redshirt year down at organ win yet Corey Dylan and they brand all over us but I don't ask you as a quarterback. Put yourself in -- menu and choose you have no running game at all you know the defense events are coming after you know their pin their ears back. At what point in time you start thinking I have to make every terrible that I have to make every play that I can't throw it away. Well the minute you start the -- regulars three games in a -- yeah. And that's been that's been an issue and in fact when we rupture -- -- ago I was looking at my board to chart at all march all my notes from a portrait typically -- -- a situation like -- brought you to go whether -- weeks -- months later. In all heard over and overall my note sheet the last time I was here was that factors on the need to work is teaching that make those mistakes you allow firms to take to check -- you learn to live to play another day and did you watch last few weeks really after that -- per game making its bell pepper metric you got -- and battered and -- up and -- gain -- -- inability to run to start Josh experience. Are gonna make display our -- -- that's when Bill Belichick just chance in the UK -- Because those seven interceptions completed pivotal role in some of these losses so he got to clean that decision making about. I'm sure will be one of the first things out of Mike Riley is not -- church and a half an hour when I -- them. No matter what that voices saying it and that's that bad -- on your shoulder to quarterback. Listen to you got sort of way got a ticket checked out got to take the -- a couple of -- because those blue streak with a conservative play. You in the game when it matters the most abruptly. How difficult is it bill for a quarterback to change that mindset. Which order and honestly shouldn't be difficult for job because he's been able to watch or seventy into the season. When he was one of the best then in the country when he was mentioned tonight a conversation what do you organize it. Or interceptions. They're really at the got a two redshirt junior it's a Smart guy that's sort of a coach it really should not be that difficult. We -- -- those few good moments in realize and remember well actually about to test a chip on her part took all team because there will be other opportunities and especially this 100 tickets and issue. Tickets at Stanford felt like boy I gotta make he's played like presage our got to -- you have got bishop got to do that. I think in situation like this one against Washington acute state redshirt freshman -- are cute well stated it. We just -- to play another day tweets that you all concert tour that we can get this team in the second half the pressure. Is going to be bounty on their side the pressure is going to be mounted on their coach and on their redshirt freshman quarterback are really this is our concern obvious. I don't think you should be terrible -- -- coal. To turn out so well that turtle apostle. Rocky mention Heisman candidates see it in all these highs and -- that's his question and I'm perplexed by it and I know that I'm a brilliant mind. They made the -- be after me beautiful mind but debt how. Marcus Mario at a fallout of all these guys is Heisman kind of bliss I don't quite understand it. I -- you know I got to be some credit I would listen if you are much write about it talent. Older you Wilcox or use 65%. And. I'm about 82. -- question. I'm elect -- reelect grumpy old man yelled at someone out or thought it was great. It was a great -- Tell you get off my modernized bark at you buddy. The word. That was good. That it ran to automate the same one myself beyond that the only giant bell about -- He compensated with 500 total yards a game and everything else. You know -- a lot of interceptions and lost two games. And cute through -- it shouldn't lost against LSU a year ago and you know luster can lost its order to all the sudden markets you have your guitar tech. At seven possessions. Instinct to run on the data field 66. That there -- programs. And certain. Market should be excluded and church in New York City I think it's ridiculous. So I -- you not maybe it's just were. West Coast eyes and despite some of that biased. But I made that -- case she's not authorized about archer Italian. -- good approach or a couple of weeks. -- our ballot that you out of New York City. It's AJ McCarron not New York City while alongside chain restaurant right alongside may have felt that people really screwed up their vote. Unfortunately brought will no way it's become a popularity contest and when you see what rice -- done BC -- Jane as Winston's been a lot of those scenes are gonna take center stage but. You know I have to think that because of where organ plays and when they play in Indy. Idea that there assistant team that Marcus Mario -- isn't getting some -- credit he deserves. I think that's all very fair and -- that's all very true and they get fortunately the margin for different guys are -- latched into its margins for error was zero. His departure was on Thursday night in the whole country was watching you'll. And fortunately he needed to somehow play -- offense should be kept and he needed to somehow get it straight route one a little bit better -- in the goal and the goal line and others receiver stumble back at all. -- -- complete unfortunately. You know yet to tackle Tyler got reduced some of those things it's sergeant. Yes spare her that the reality. It's margin for error with a lot slimmer contribute to these other guys now like study to look -- the same thing. Because that it goes to Stillwater Saturday and he throws protection they Lucy -- general. So that's the two tournaments this is a charming in this and everybody else is streets and on a poster -- at the bank right now. -- -- attracted him and it got to come back to the pack to change observation. The united another thing of lists have seen as coach of the year and what think that I quite can't understand as well I get I don't dampen some duck colors on this bit. Here's coach helpers to never been a head coach before takes over for a a Ferrari of a program that hasn't really -- to me that -- -- up against Stanford they're right back on track where they wanna be in and not many people are kind of I think given the credit he deserves to take that thing over and really haven't slipped up yet. Yeah I think so but that's just you know took the talent on hand when you've got you happening and you got to markets it will -- about -- Agreement about -- real Americans and the personnel there and think that that should really get built them. And then Wal-Mart -- -- maybe built that foundation chip built a mansion and unfortunately that's just the reality for elk -- and the -- perception that he inherited an unbelievable. You know Turkey and missed the programs ready bill ready made and I think what some of the other stories that would promote well we're. You know some of the accomplishment of others up that are -- doctor know about -- all. Brock Huard is our guest ESPN's 710 in Seattle who of the call and ESPN two of Oregon State Washington tomorrow night. Brock is always thanks so much as Tommy appreciated have a safe trip down -- You've got a good -- old man that was just a little branch in the church out. You watch Jeffords jumps CD when you go through their man everybody's looking for we are ready my -- are told me -- -- that the -- Lined up for it's like to -- -- fair and watch out but the --