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Nov 21, 2013|

RJ Bell couldn't make the show, so he brought in his right-hand man, Vegas Runner, to discuss Week 12 in the NFL. The biggest bet this man has ever made will blow your mind.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pregame dot com as the website all kinds of great betting info on there was love the biggest perspective. On football. And a sitting in for RJ this week is a man by the name of Vegas runner what's up my man. Not like Germain never better. This -- and I only a couple of weeks laps to go up. Goes -- quickly that's for sure. Where did you get the name Vegas runner. I I can email here good well over fifteen years ago people would be -- -- sports betting market explode it. And my job -- to moved. Money for a lot of the betting syndicates not the professional betting syndicates fell on my job was to be stationed at the start out which -- that. Was the center of the world -- -- sports betting deli they brought out the first number on that you could get into my job was to sit there with a two way communicate here. And it -- the lines went up I would be told to look pretty numbers and got into them. And then I run up and down the strip will confer or numbers Tibet so they would take all the biggest guy told that they get smarter guy matches count. -- -- locates a way how did you get that job as being around her. I I welcome Billy and like how we think Kelly you have make of people we have drivers like my entire life. I I in this sport betting industry in one capacity or another I placed my -- -- it's great sell. Com I went from debt to you know book maker. And eventually. -- betting syndicate infiltrated the book that I was working with and I saw that I could make more money with less risk. Betting board these guys that actually brought in action. And that problem was getting paid eight stated so well the problem became get okay. For the opportunity opened up to come out here bet these games that they -- on where we were guaranteed at least get paid. So basically you have a fantastic life and you know the -- -- people imaginable. Think there's been a a I missed his name's Vegas trying to let's get into this so let's start -- tonight's game. I got a thing norms of pound Atlanta now seeing reason I wouldn't what is Vegas think. And debate -- think that the only know that bit of -- -- six Canadian one. The Norman and the way it is I is not -- -- and and that was public money casual bettors that -- along those same -- if you would bet. It could more or less the score in this game that we saw when the wind climate that the professional -- the -- -- they came in and they slammed the falcons. And that line now at the shark it broke as as well as seven making it and most of thinking along the lines that. -- on this score -- they already beat lead of one hurting week on when we thought we would gonna be good. And now trying to lift get -- -- game helped it would be Dallas would be transplanted back to back weeks we've lost -- defensive players but not lose anybody else. And it certainly has ever gonna show a lot this season it was probably gonna happen under the lights on prime time the war. Against a rival take I have the perfect storm for an underdog to show up at any time -- and on the don't get -- to -- sixty minutes of dapper. At least the back door open for recover and I think that's what the wide -- the professional bettors are taken and why don't Anna and the casual bettors on the saint. Does this say about the Dallas Cowboys that the giants are four and six and a half of one of the worst starts to NFL season you can imagine and yet there -- what two and a half three point favorites in this one. Here's the thing with Dallas. You never get down you want his team even though he's been at Dallas and had a tremendous played up record. -- didn't make money for the better -- take a -- -- a long time since they really. -- name America's team. -- believe it or not they still have a premium attached to them in the betting market and for some reason they get money each and every week and it's. -- traded by the fact there -- -- NTT meaning their offensive and most casual bettors like you know confidence they don't like. Defense that type of of teens so I'll always get that money and because of that you're never gonna get a why don't you want them out in this game at the box kind of get that job and you gotta remember that that the job out. Pop up book makers wanna -- -- he either one -- split the betting action it didn't get the same amount of money on both sides are as close to what is he can't. At that you have no exposure can turn your profit from the big on the losing -- what you -- split the recall meeting if they played this game on at times. At this point spread on the ball with -- 50% that. Paper would cover 50% and that -- guarantees them a profit with this -- what they've been able to do it split the betting action every book I spoke to. Has already been get good to play action meaning that -- many. Many tickets -- -- as they do want the giant money and tickets so the wind seems to be outright but I agree with you. I'll -- there really isn't a lot of value in this game as far as that McCain personally I can't. I do not -- Have an opinion I think they got it right and that's why not seen much of -- movement. This is Vegas runner he is on pregame dot com he's filling in for RJ bell this week -- check out their website all sorts I mean the deep into handicapping on the web site. Our biggest runners is name a case of Denver is that new England's what's the latest line and what do the sharks think. This blog is at highest glory. In some places and it's probably gonna get there a across the board and that's when they'll let professional better the white guys are gonna get involved in the gonna take New England. But the accident at -- and not money the other way that they're actually going to be carpet at the white guys we need to remember when it comes to the NFL. The phenomenon is that public money outweighed wide -- And more times than not the books on the same side is the wind died. And that's when you're gonna get this case because Denver most casual bettors jumped off that last weekend. That I spoke to had all of Kansas City money. And Denver went on the cover -- of the -- these casual -- that would make it what it would Betancourt you're get all -- one week and then all of sudden now the and it jumped right back on them. And then you couple that with the -- New England lost in front of a national stage. And get to line down you get because last year when they played at New England. Denver with a six point underdog now we're going in there as almost the three point favorite after -- point line move. I think it's based more perception than anything else -- the same which game. But Denver died they played it particularly as we -- -- sitting next week. I know that shoppers in England but I think we have to prop -- It can't prevent that play -- -- defense instead it does sound. That's gonna get paint problems and he's not healthy and that's not forget the rest are gonna hit Belichick every single call this week after what happened Monday. So I agree with the sharks here I think that you -- think the underdogs why I like knowing -- to win this game. You mentioned that Dallas. That there's brand value there and that people. People like to -- Dallas is there's a team that that's lies underneath the radar that maybe the insiders like that. The doesn't get a lot of public action but covers it and makes people a lot of money. Got -- great question and this year it until Monday Night Football it was -- line up. Carolina was that team that the professional better the white guys were bent. Every single week. And they've covered seven of thirteen gained 70% against the spread. And most professional -- that I don't I've worked with some of the sharpest on the planet of all time. And I can tell you that it they could hit 55% of the -- they are happy people what they could hit 57%. -- probably their best year so that the team that's covered 70% good or bad but now they want acclaimed stage and I don't think you're gonna get at. And -- you would them anymore. Wins achieved that in winning -- money. -- six -- 31 against the spread 67%. -- got to remember when it comes to betting sports the point spread becomes the great equalizer it's kinda like any other market. We know which companies are great we know Google's great company but at what price are you won't -- that spot. And that kinda thing with sports that was what pricey well on the back. The worst team or how many points the EP. To take me back the best team in how many points you need to back the worst team. And sometimes these days teams make it more money in the country and a team like Arizona 60% against the spread like that said open 67%. Against the spread -- Made more money this year that well they have that New England. So that's become the great equalizer when it might -- my world rapidly left in the wind ten everytime I try to make money. -- say the sharks and some of the best guys in the world at this they wanna hit 55%. What what is it when they have a bad year what percentage and hitting made based Smart enough. -- to avoid really awful years like some of the same pitchers do you or you can may go in the toilet and hit you know I don't know what what's the number 40%. I can't do endorse some apocalyptic. Year that would most people wouldn't be able to work what you got it no -- when he happened and she got to trust them. And that's what I always say we knew we do you're only going to professional -- is to get the best of it and you know that it could get the the best that -- long term you're gonna come out ahead in the short term small sample site. Anything that happened -- it means we could put according to get head to head. And one -- but if you put that point -- -- time get a closer look 500 the 500 and disabled sports betting when you have. At the edge but cold with the putting as many plays as many -- where you know you're get that. To -- you have the edge don't want that after all those bad you're going to accumulate a topic but along. The way even if you work 60%. Better. You're gonna have. Have those weeks where -- -- 10121415. Games overall and most casual -- they don't have the discipline in the bank roll. To overcome that -- they -- we begin to cut that are gonna lose and quiet guys prepare for that. They made that such a small percentage of their bank roll on every game no wind there's too much no loss matters too much no result is. What significant that it needs to being. And that's that the mentality that allowed them to do this but again they don't win every year and I don't say that the difference between being able to wake up. And exports for a living in. And be a losing sports better is one game. -- every twenty if you could go he'd -- nine you could make a living -- exports but if you go to content you'll go broke on top. That's only one winner at a every one needs that separates a white guy from a square someone that will not make money and exports. About a lock this week you this do -- of Vegas runner. -- -- I didn't really like New England I mean I already battling on telling you that now I already took you -- went off that bleak but I'm gonna go ahead and and take that Miami Dolphins over Carolina against Carolina. It has now come up all the -- dark and. One of the most efficient -- more markets on the apple anything and the one thing we don't panic efficient market is it has the ability to corrected itself. And with Carolina it is to get the collective thought that the team that covered six straight games and Egypt itself on a national stage this -- way too high it. Up that -- can't. And most guys I talked instead Carolina on a neutral field should be more than three point better in my meet the plane in Miami so that's why should be about one and -- -- You get one at that line down you got to get the best of it. So your listeners out there I'd I'd like new England and I liked. Miami Dolphins I think if you bet those two teams winner if you get the best of it and that's the most could have. -- all right find him on Twitter is that Vegas runner. His website pregame dot com he's filling in for RJ bell this week I got -- PGE told your story your back story of how you're called Vegas Schroeder. How much did you bet for those guys what's like the most amount you -- at one time. Deep six figures. I mean you know on a game when we were caught in open water. And it -- order Mack keep bet this game into it either goes all until they take it all the board so what whatever information they had. No matter how quickly the sports book adjusted that number it didn't matter they were so far at all. In the week on an open border it was just -- is much you can't so I mean I'd MP up the money belt that Alex Kelly and I wouldn't be all the cash all the chips that I had I don't know that they can deposit box. Dependable casino I was down. And beyond all the chips any tickets that I had the test I mean we're talking you know good. High six figures who -- a game again not what that might money for myself it would betting for others. Bad ass all right Dave Dreier thanks menu great job Phil and we appreciate it. Don't enjoy it again aren't they can't -- -- ladies -- gentlemen wow wow like that he plays his first made -- five to freak you love that study asking asking that he won that. If they give the members what game it was. If people think they -- got a lot of people like I get total -- look at him he's not he doesn't look like a little lucky color or -- B -- all this guy must be a total -- you look at a -- yet -- He doesn't look like you would you would think he would Diane yeah -- I think I've got him explicitly in the.

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