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Mike Riley - Oregon State, Head Football Coach

Nov 21, 2013|

Coach Riley stops by for his weekly visit with Isaac and Suke to preview the home finale with Washington.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I was just looking at just some of the projections for Oregon State's bowl game. Seen some needs. Yeah I mean I'm a lot depends on obviously what happens in this Washington game that mean there's. There's a range -- bowl games you can end up going to remember it's it's not about you know awareness and you finished about the bulls and being able to make this election they wanna make. One now one projection hasn't against seen Eagles are sorry San Jose state in New Mexico and one hasn't played Michigan or maybe even north Texas going down to Texas again this year would be a great game yeah been playing in Texas can't hurt yeah you know did Dallas Stars. All right here is the coach coach Mike -- well I guess I'll start by asking you what. Now what's your biggest concern which -- biggest problem on going into this week. Well liked it I think get. Heard you guys talked in the air for a minute and I think that it's a big game emanated. One of those deals where. -- we got eighteen they're kind of in the same boat. You know I think good football teams that are blossomed. Into some good teams and so you're really searching for your identity here in -- he you're getting at that -- work. You you can win it and get into maybe. -- better bowl achieved. Better right Kennedy better definition of your season -- just kind of been that averaged mode so it's a big game now -- in our biggest problem. You know others there's different stuff you know it depends on where you wanna -- but have a big running game you've got to do a good job defensively on the running game and then with that. They troll. And throw some good action. Off of you know they told the bubble screens and and they've got good receivers that that bacon plays down the field. Up prices been real good -- -- those guys on the double blue -- altered states stuff like that so. There's enough stuff there -- and offensively we've just got to get. You know we get get back in our rhythm of making good choices and making plays and good in the red zone we get an opportunity. Well guys -- you know obviously treasury young in and we have a message saying your team that. We've seen teams unravel before it happened so as frustrations mount going into such a big game how do you guard against. Don't negativity setting enemy do you have to pull something out you bag of tricks or aegis trust a process that you've already got established. You know these kids have been real good -- I've really appreciated of their terror. You know they're very they're disappointed but it doesn't show when their work I think there are excited for the next opportunity. I think he you know -- they have good older leadership on this team guys that have been around then. You know I really I think that they -- Have not lost any confidence in what they can do and there have been some tremendous stories of growth here you know from where we want to work defensively to how we've done lately I'm really proud of that and that. You know despite not run the ball we're still like I think lead the nation in passing and to John and people like -- -- haven't -- are -- and they're doing a pretty nice job and so work -- got a lot of stuff so the grow with that. And still to make a big mark for this year. You sounded very frustrated after the Arizona State game you mentioned it in the old junior high comment which I know is taken a lot of in that that's gotten a lot of play but what was that -- -- -- just that frustrated you so much after that Arizona State loss. Well there were parts of the game we did not execute so we're all responsible for that I was frustrated billions yen all of all of those kinds of things that. You know he aegis. -- Want to lead the lead of killing of tennis no regrets -- to play a game and I just didn't think that we. Latest wells could have coached as Wellesley and all of that and end and we're all responsible. I know they're good T. Eaton and all that but it sure we sure missed our opportunity to either win that gamer -- -- -- So obviously the civil war is is is another huge chance but. Is this Washington game I mean is does this go a long way to determining. I guess BO fans players coaches is the way you feel about the season going in and that win or lose in this Washington game. It's it yes it does I think that -- it's and it's another. But very important and big and I told the it came yesterday actually you know as you go along in the season there are defining moments and that this is one of them nobody can shrink from that and -- got -- rise up to it and we are capable yet have played our best game. You know we catch some good games in a number wins earlier on -- a lot of neutral although we got to play our best game and it's a time a year. Where your continued to grow that you can do that so. You know that's kind of where this thing is that and it is a defining moment and and it would build our opportunity to win the next game when he built some confidence and win a game and then you're ready for that. That's -- Or it it is when you when you look back -- -- I mean you could say this hobby of about a lot of years but I mean with the exception of the USC game which. I don't have to be fair they they just physically. They they just they they physically dominated that football game on the ground but the Stanford game the Arizona State game you know with the of the late Pickens and in the field goal. You have been in in every game the Stanford -- -- -- -- -- eastern Washington and then a lot of the wins you've had weather being anti -- San Diego. Know most -- games that have come down to a player to. That's exactly right. And that's how the seasons balance that out you know you're gonna win some decently and maybe you're gonna lose some like -- SC game that were really close but but -- How you do in the close games is gonna tell the tale of year year and that. You know we get like 5050. So we've got that we get a push right now and get one this weekend. The different conversations with -- you and John about maybe not. Christine I know when you have a huge year like he's having statistically and things don't start going your way. And I go back and again I'm not watching coach's film but the last pick against Arizona State. It seemed like a pretty based coverage look the guy sitting on the route lol didn't that didn't look anyone off and just looked like home almost it made it is mine where he was gone with the ball both before was snapped in and maybe just trying to make a play where there one that there -- -- -- Yes that's right and I think that that's today you know win win. I think what your. Have frustrated. -- -- Anymore as an individual sometimes are trying to make. Something happened instead of you know but the defense make the choice -- you know that that's what you have to do and and and so. You know I think. That press -- probably a good word although you'd. Sure I sure appreciate -- because he's good that talked to he's good to come back and get ready for the next game and that. You know even with all that he made some great throws and great plays in net gain so you know nobody's more frustrated with that couples plays many years then. He will he will do everything in the world to rectify that. I think the point is just do what the defense goes to do with the football he's done such a great job of that this year. This is Oregon State coach Mike rally on -- needy dependent Comcast sports net so about Armenian. It has done in a suit before you came on and it's hard when a quarterback say makes forty throws and 35 of -- the right reason -- -- -- did DeRozan. Yet three of them kill you so my question with him is. As we covered you long enough to see your quarterbacks. You know kind of go through some of this before you know Matt Moore had some interception problems before he. Figured it out Derek Anderson did Sean Canfield did. What is different about what means going through now. Then maybe some of those guys how's he done. She's known not much I think that that all of those guys were Smart and they were also a tough minded I picture on it's really really good that lady's tough physically to. And you know. I think that. Again will go back to move weekly. We've got a point this year where we are throwing what at least ten more balls succeed may be more than -- A lot of times than we normally would -- -- putting more on the quarterback and lesson to the running game because our pro productivity. Sold the circumstances arise where you need. Need more plays in the passing games and it's not always gonna go perfectly you have to learn from a one game and get better in the next shot it's going to be real real good at that. Do you consider all inserting Cody -- a quarterback. No no not right now I really think that finish on it is you know he. In the last game. You know two of the interceptions he uncharacteristically. Threw. Mr. -- you know he he. Overthrew Brandon on a wide open angle route and any missed the I can't not a part bird he's hit a kind of throws this year and so in the end. Another riveting he has productivity wise it's really important to us right now not and doesn't need it. Think about MySpace and what Cody could still be playing in the games but that at this point in the year with what we're doing and it where we're going to. I haven't thought about that. Now speaking of back to quarterbacks at the Washington I know they haven't made an official announcement that not that I've seen that -- on the mean that your your prepare for -- miles does it change the the preparation all with a with a younger quarterback the you don't have a whole lot of film on. No I think we have to prepare for Washington -- you know I think you know as you start with their running game. If you just Rodham thank you run all day it doesn't really matter and he's the leading rusher in the league get. He's a good players so you know at that they're gonna -- -- that with both quarterbacks in the course keep his more experienced but the other guy looks talented and and I think they've got a lot of statements and so it's a little bit of a trap to worry too much about it we we don't know -- -- -- I guess nobody else does either what's gonna happen but we have to prepare for what Washington's been dealing. Health wise and know it's been a couple physical football games and injuries are part of it but -- -- on the defensive side of things we're where do you stand going into the Washington and. Well besides the guys that are like -- the year Michael doctor Kevin Cummings were actually in real pitched eight you know we have a staff meeting every Wednesday night. We get all the reports from everybody in probably the -- Crucial ingredient of that stat means -- where our guys physically for going into Thursday's kind of dress rehearsal practice and then. And heading toward the weekend and we are where pitched eight. Now we we got virtually besides those two guys I mentioned virtually everybody else is ready to go. Red zone assistant -- tennis we've dropped out of face of the planet in the last three weeks -- -- -- -- -- big big factor in not only do -- that we turned the ball Rivera we we get a field we don't we get a Little League at a field goal blocked when we have a chance to really make that game last week that was really frustrating and and so that's a big issue as we go forward obviously has scored points when you get down there. What's the trick to getting that number back up I mean is that just flat out executioner that are. -- your execution. There's no doubt about it in that. -- hear -- Thursday here's a key to be in good in the red zone we we work that we hit that -- -- play action passes and and stuff early on that was real real good but the best way to be good in the red zone -- -- -- then -- a little while and and of course that's where we lacked a little bit but we're where we haven't lost our will to do that we have a big play and I hope for four. Run in the ball when we get in the red zone and but we also we have to find ways to be more efficiently extraordinary -- -- these last three weeks. Sure he need a miles Jack man he is linebacker on him the ball off to and bulldozed the that's pretty impressive and admit within -- -- -- -- hundred and. Didn't hear something about -- when maybe playing some fullback. He has. Yes we got -- planned. But a little bit if I -- -- little bit of fullback in our short yardage goal line stuff and he's been. And by the -- about that for years is likely. Dylan was one of the most ferocious guard -- -- play -- -- now when he played -- -- -- us out down. Out there eat you got after it fell. And I hope that helps us a little bit unsure well. Did it with Sebring and at the most Jack think. No he didn't want the ball. He didn't want the ball he just wants to play didn't bring up anybody's name he'd just -- when it is you guys in this is such a -- -- loves football you don't you don't seen any defense have been running down on the -- -- and he wants to do it in its first. Right up there and -- wanna be on the kickoff team and he loves it. So anything he can be a part of that's with Dylan does and so he's been -- to be about that it actually I think a real good idea. Yet as he will he he will give as little force there. You your job to grind we don't know that. What do you do you get frustrated after a game like there's Stater just you know one night to -- -- is depression. What do you do to peel away from the game if he needed an hour. Q just spirit. You listeners well the best thing for me after game like that is first of all the watched the film actually watched it when we got back off of the plane. You know I just I just want to see. And if we haven't seen it I'll I'll feel better is that I have always feel like we can we get fixed stepped. -- don't know secure about the pilots feel that way and then. After that you know what I always have going to and I don't get. Yet many pages that have always got a book on a night so no matter what I've taken about that's that's the last thing I do is I read a few pages of I hope I tell my wife it's like having that. I don't go to movies during the season and also it's like heaven and on going movie -- -- -- I catch up -- -- -- go to sleep and it's been nice -- for that. Let's put in a fun game of what to Israelis are reading right now. -- house yeah I you know I speak out. And then the latest one I've got on right now it's got to rose you know he's just fiction writer that's what I usually. Read some kind of just. -- -- not necessarily in that lightning that's fine. He's got a new book out called identical everybody it's out there likes to read it's a -- story so I recommend it. Last fort for Christmas -- reflects my -- he's reading. All right sir have a good day game against Washington good luck TM multi to next week OK thanks guys.

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