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Brandon Sprague -- Fan Beavers Insider

Nov 21, 2013|

Brandon joins Travis and Josh to talk Beavers/Washington

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is our -- beavers and Saturn brand and spread it random or how you guys doing it was and expect to see you sitting with us today well you know -- gonna practice earlier in the week kind of changes my plans and I was trying to get in here just in time for this Hayden a little late -- are apologists that earlier you're okay so -- -- -- And John Maine hasn't played well last couple games in just have been saying a lot of doubt knew he thinks John Maine's pressing -- two button how how much of it also is in just starting to get in free fall. Yes -- part of you has to wonder about that because he's did you did that is for redshirt freshman year when he was starting. He did it last year after he came back from the injury he does force some balls. You know the biggest problem for me and talking of the coaching staff and we'll just watching those games is. They have no balance whatsoever that is a staple from Mike Riley naming sources you have to have balance that running game we all know it hasn't been there. It's fine to throw it 505548. Times against Colorado California you're gonna get away with that. But when you start throwing that many times against US season Stanford's. But even if he isn't pressing some of those balls and -- hit and you can't throw that many attempts without at least -- a turn over to happening. And so I think this is the mixed bag of everything bad going on for organ state -- calling no run game meaning in pressing I really do believe it's all those. And I also think the office of line assisted tackles a while watchers -- gaming and before he can even set his feet there's there's a guy -- it's been right actors had -- 34 games in a row -- -- -- opponents that's gonna happen you know just that big hand they've been dealt with injuries with with players although sings -- to a no run game -- perfect storm that does not help you. The a pocket passer which Sean Manning as he's not gonna run the read option is not gonna be able to scramble for a first down very often Nazi got to find that point if -- decent half -- with the -- run away from got. -- gets receivers and you lose injuries on receivers you know some crossing routes you Wear those guys who show up so -- the perfect storm of injuries. Probably not have been the right mixture of talent things you wanted has hit him at that the worst time that they you can imagine. -- when you talk about the offensive line Josh I think a big part of the Treasury's. You know the USC games -- good example to me because they -- did this in Stamford I was he got the most pressure the USC. What they Earl did you early next game was they got to right away the only and nine injuries so they got to him a lot of the first half the first quarter beginning of the second. After that it was actually pretty decent pass protection. But what that does to somebody like a -- in India is yet his mental clot goes from three to four to one to 22 let's get the ball out right now even if there isn't somebody there. You start to feel those defense of climbing gul says if you you know I mean if they're not there he still fall like they are I think that's a big hearing footsteps absolutely. We look at the defense Brandon and and last week we saw some some big plays we saw some big plays the week before against USC will now you're facing a team that can run the ball very well whether Keith price plays or not for Washington at this point. Today have a chance to stopping that run the ship sank in the middle. Then that's going to be questioned big question mark for them by and my personal opinion based on their defense I would say their top four defense in the common -- on the way they're playing now. I know statistically they're not out there I understand and a lot of poor performances specifically see any stage eastern Washington in. There are some bad games in their but if you look over the last couple weeks what's the one thing that's kept him in these ball games. It was the defense unique for every for everybody talking about last weekend. Knowledge -- -- -- and come to play this weekend there in ten B for no reason. You go back him in that first half twenty points holding issued -- twenty points having to turn -- by Taylor Kelly. That's huge for that defense they have played extremely well last couple weeks. If there's no Keith price I do you wonder how heavily they're gonna rely -- -- -- -- yeah I'm actually gonna trust -- Siler miles. And if they're gonna go you know 3033 rushes with bishop. I know -- really powerful run game he is one of the best running backs have not the best in the conference. But if your organs senior market making you say. But their key quarterback is out we're gonna stack the box we're gonna make -- miles because that would be -- -- Then that all the and you're gonna stacked the box I think defensive tackle. I I agree with you that -- State's defense is country minister better a week night week news it's been backing defensive tackle that's one area watching just gonna try to exploit that's in everybody's done. No one's neighbor a -- just step up in there and play consistently and then you have to cut kinda. Herself out there but yet outside corners looking covers -- -- -- situation for eight in his if you're -- ten years back and if it's Nike price ten years back -- UT defense events. Come after that creates a different kind of mentality watched in house call. Other -- -- -- -- you know big thing for mark baker in those particular situations is when you're talking about the -- attack we're talking about very banged up -- and their team jump bronze out for the year you're getting guys in and out of injuries all season long. For what they've been dealt with in terms of injuries and players I think he's been a decent job by mark -- company now. The one thing they're gonna need is -- gonna need Scott crichton knew once again come up huge he played a lot of pressure issue he did a really good job in Stanford and USC basketball games is comply if you can come -- and that's big for him in his NFL draft draft stock by the way if you can continue to play the way to be split last couple weeks that helps them so much because that almost takes away the entire left side. Of the defense -- worries for mark banker because you have a shot Reynolds you have a Scott crichton. When you're applying enough pressure -- you have such good cover corners you really up to where about one side now you're just gonna run the ball would bishops thank you all day. Mark -- you bring up those linebackers you can drop the safety down in there he need to apply a ton of pressure because even if he doesn't have the most talent needed to tackles which he's admitted. You injuries have not helped him at all. He can still drop a couple extra guys on that -- -- line cost some pressure and maybe get some of those backups are guys who are filling in. -- -- may give him more confidence and let them step up and make couple place if that does happen in the do you stack the box and continue you're on the ball that opens a play action obviously for Washington how susceptible they do that if they have. You know three or four guys sitting back. How susceptible are -- that -- -- -- -- we going what you're talking about Austin's very Jake in strategy -- about one of the best. You know pass catchers in the country I know he's had his his issues this year he hasn't quite lived up to the hype. Other a lot of people thought but he still an incredible talent -- him down at that or you know watching game -- I just I couldn't -- diabetes I -- -- bit. Look at the first -- -- USC was play action and yet the safety him up a bit hard may be yet suns got a gift yet the number one pass offense in the pac twelve -- state vs number our pass defense. And you got these -- gotta get I mean it's or you know you're looking at from that perspective in the play action. If Washington does do that they do you have a tendency also to the backs on the fact get to the problem -- can't become as linebackers jamming up in their they're getting hey I gotta get that back another backfield. Whom he goes up a flattering to him and aero with some sort all that's my guy. Who will be thing went back to -- having somebody like DJ Alexander. If he is OK to go in east feel great. He's going to be huge for them all game because he's going to be able to go with somebody like a -- -- -- tobacco because of his speed. I'll keep up with them you have a weird time of the second -- for his state elect -- they've had their ups and downs Steven Nelson got picked up a little bit last weekend. But stuff to trust -- you have to trust them as a group they don't have -- and Williams on the wash inside the ball. And let people said this this week they said the last couple weeks of Washington. Until I improve and otherwise it is so hard for me you invest in -- our keys and on a big road game this is a huge game for them. I would imagine a lot of fans has already pissed off their their upset with the way the program has gone the last couple weeks. I'd imagine this is kind of a make or break for fans with may be -- our keys and we had gave a soft team on last night was Thomas Ian he's given us the same sentiments how fans feel. But -- I see him when he big road game it's really hard for me to trust him the your brother's done a pretty good job on the defensive side of the ball. But with no Keith price you're gonna be in seen united organ state. And you're playing a team that frankly I I haven't seen this much emotion. And his stop attitudes from this programming long time seeing that Mike Crowley press conference after issue. That that really will my eyes of the saying god this guy really wants a -- Ivins seen -- -- one this -- a long time how important is it. For for -- say it's huge -- day this is or -- poll. And they were kind of asking fans if if this team goes to -- will you go if they go to apple we go. There wasn't one bowl game that organ live posted that be your fancy gap I would go to that you're you're looking -- one where. Fans have been calling for mark bankers had most of the season people questioned dealings or their questioning some of Mike -- you know in game management in play calling. I think this is huge in a year looking at a lot of talent coming back -- but she could also be looking at some key positions losing in -- mania and potentially I doubt it but potentially and -- cooks is another name that pops up on draft boards. So when you're looking at how the season ends you were six and one going into this five game stretch people felt good about -- and all we can just was doing throw it here and there. And suddenly you can be looking and going only four I doubt that would be terrible momentum for them. -- and I'd be surprised a even if they got to a bowl game -- to be really hard as you can indices on a five game losing streak -- -- -- people don't they know they frown upon that. But if anybody even went to a ball game I think it's getting to that point for -- state fans here. I think that. Thing you're saying there and the key thing is and quit and I know they have failed and they and you seem to have that intensity says. IDs gonna be have a game on Saturday and the -- to the idea new idea John pretty excited about it in you know like everybody can talk about losing to Stanford losing to USC. An ASU two but two of those three games were pretty close out there with final score was in stay issues they were coming back they were in that ball game. If Emily Gilmore doesn't stop on his pass route running the out wish on me union. Where it look like -- overthrown as a completely different ball game Stamford their offense took forever to get going but their defense held them in their. They've played pretty well considering what they're going against talent wise. I'm expecting them to play pretty pretty well this weekend brand -- is our -- beavers insider he can fight him on Twitter at Brandon Sprague Buffalo Wild Wings game night week nights on the fanned seven to ten. Britain is always great stuff that's about it yeah they just showed tonight right absolutely got a big big -- got Tim meadows from Saturday line no kidding guys come in studio could pull their gonna order some real excited about it.