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Steve Mims -- Eugene Register Guard

Nov 21, 2013|

Steve joins Travis and Josh to talk Ducks/Arizona

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time to talk to Oregon Ducks football and joining us now from the Eugene register guard Steve mend is Casey -- I'm gonna guess. But heavy on the show today Arab tells layers thought the way organ bounced back after their loss to Stanford two weeks ago. Currently expect. You know we talked election this is looking -- lost two in a row -- -- about six years so you know all their losses have been -- you know. Championship. You know championship game that takes about a possible. Championship games and national title contention -- -- -- and won the next and so. And I noticed socially at Utah it would -- in Torino and electronic form. Hey Steve there's been a lot of comments in articles written now on a couple players. And I like it your feeling on their tone of of how they said he sings about going back to the Rose Bowl they've already been there before. It doesn't quite feel like -- it's. I don't know quite an achievement to go to the Rose Bowl I think tough India at the Thomas are we taking too much out of that with their tones were they being played floor they actually kind of serious -- that. I think -- tomato might diluted basis both of them were saying -- weren't particularly Josh saying. And the goal this year was to get to the national title game and so estimated that on the Rose -- well yet that wasn't a goal but you know we'll go to their but it really wasn't a goal coming straight to Gil -- soared in the -- What was to go to the Rose Bowl and the other. Independence -- was good then the. Well that's what I was told the latest tickets and hoping president lose another game might be the -- Olson could really be missed in the rose or they drop another one here but -- Diet I no longer that you say and that I would never dean Antony said is that I think is more just kinda. -- Yosemite -- when they are certainly you know Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl so they get undertaken. -- they have enough just to get some Californians that -- practical for an answer. The third time in four years yet maybe try to try to try out some new license -- go to Miami let's go to war and Cuba does cities like. Steve when you look at the markets Mario did did last week you know he didn't run the football very much at all if at all. At this point what do you think his health news. I think his he'll get better in your little doubt that need bugging him and an outlook that it -- gonna get better display in the season when you're playing every week. You know probably feel a little worse on Monday -- little better on Friday in the -- into the game and -- again but it's you know there's if they keep talking like. Just not trust that a couple times that you know we think he can be back to a 100% this week well the proof will be when we keep getting run tomorrow and read option market certainly hasn't done that last couple weeks. That's -- -- -- -- so keep them out there and certainly -- Arnett and keep the comprising get to Europe the middle he'd get a couple times this year than. Certainly it's better or -- time -- at least until bowl game or so a lot. Based on the make up their offense you know his ability to run the football is very vital for them to be you know running at a 100%. That coming into play will liquidate try to throw more within maybe if they can't do that. Yeah -- see them Earl Warren and again part of that organs spin there's been that. You know these -- -- really think and a -- not against the -- and so that's really strong were the last couple weeks I think and you have a skeptic incidentally sort of more because he can't run -- there and you don't want him kind of gone back there and throwing a little morsel. Yeah I'm -- that you that he hadn't been able to Ron -- for. You know combined about a tour and average about a 150 which is what -- what they've been doing pretty we need to grow so. Note -- I don't gonna matter against Arizona or statements certainly it will blow in the world but there's no doubt to their offense is limited but he's not at least even a stretcher -- Steve men's Eugene register guard is our guest here on the -- Stephen -- to turn our attention to the defense here and tell -- what he's been talking a little about tackling we talked about -- mark comforts earlier this week when you look at the tackling. Obviously have to tackle well to bring down -- dean Kerry but how does that need to change for this team. I think they're the other kind of a work in progress on that illicitly gotten response would most -- intact and been too big a problem I think. You know this week. In just in talking to players and the coaches I don't -- Indian and -- thanks in Arizona can -- entered here think they're too worried detectors can come out and broke her. Three or Europe and keep up with a -- timeouts and I think they've. Feel like -- got to run and carried in -- run under the -- to that mr. tackled at the Carrey you know if he gets through a tackler to a comedian and his student. You know a guide to -- content to get a couple -- that you missed one and maybe two then he's probably gone so that's their big concern this week that he'd you know he might be -- guys getting into a grant for 250 likable person that can keep up or into options that. Particularly with him and Decker on the ground a particular -- -- and perhaps keep problem. Steve lot of praise being heaped upon the two Robinson twins this week. On their athletic ability both learn the game of football as well BC those guys and features being big time players for the ducks. Yet they what I had really seen a -- they don't need a reason for yesterday when -- are actually register garbage truck number I just understand the back from watching an interview and I -- I read the start into that dark note while I guess it's physically you know it looks like he's about six or and will built over 200 sit there and envision him as a safety in the next. Unlike any safety Justine has personalities. And they talk Americans LS markets weak American -- -- You can't -- its site that -- Sudanese get -- -- when he made the point that the toreros playing. He said that if he -- a new yet knows more physically pivotal player right now and the retirees Richard and he said. You know that it's worked out well Richard him at different times this year when he wished he whether Richard if you are ready to play now so with. You know linebacker and opening next year -- secondary be in new I think. People to get compete to start as early next year. -- -- another true freshman who's getting a crack is now Logan the kicker you know how is that roll -- how's he settling in there with with his spot now is the essentially the everyday kicker. Yeah I wrote about him this weekend and chances -- a bit he said it's helpful to know and he's still electorate accompanying them along to the one thing is so now let's if you're on the sideline warming -- you know looks to go warm -- period -- category over coach and asking whose turn is an innocent nice and that's. The best part is no need to lowering keystone warm up not to worry about whether it's gonna be -- not amnesty made that 31 yarder last week he's two for two and few local not longer than forty minutes. Mr. next reporting an estimate that solutions. You really -- signature at least it was like a receiver dropped on passing right open to these kind of assumed extra point and that gullible listeners not to do it anymore -- shank -- -- against Utah. -- the players after the USC BBC after did you feel a different vibe about them may be a little bit more energy in the tank now they realize OK now we have his pectoral title game to close again you mentioned. They hate national title game was it was our main goal but now our secondary goal is still very reachable. Yeah I think that. You know that was left were about to win the -- -- -- recently guys make that a match nearly they may want to urgent new and George Weller should report those guys and they were. You know it's about maybe -- root for are skipper can refer USC cadets and back to the rose will again for the most part you know the ball games in the ball game and all else equal there at least she had. You know one more conference title potentially interest in -- -- and explore and their five years is to -- You know our runner like hitting -- -- -- that area of the roaring graduate program. Do you think the fan perspective is on that. I think -- interest in the bowl -- many innocent who can't travel to -- might also a study Miami and Christmas or New Orleans you know suburban street or South Beach and think like -- an excellent manager Gordon might have thought they knew then you'd be content to go back to LA but the same time beauty a lot more sense to go down to LA. Plata in most since. It'll probably. Who want to go to game -- make it easier for QC bigger turnout production and so. And -- bent -- to -- championship here and there so they can. At a packed central championship in and tell their friends at that goes suitable game it's probably better I think most were probably prefer that can go on elsewhere. Yeah -- -- the Rose Bowl T shirt that's on other ducks and he's right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- and ask your question I'm less time coach -- was in Arizona. Tragedy struck him and his father passed away that same weekend. Has there been any talk I saw a couple articles about it the thing that's gonna affect him at all it's going to be in his memory in his mind that's done over going to be about anything he's not going to be able overcome correct. Now another -- you know you're so focused on new indicated like you know -- return to a distraction and it certainly won't be reached. It is pretty honest and that's that the basic yelling at some point during this trip so probably look around and think about it remembered -- -- Gentlemen governor focused on on the spot -- game and I wouldn't she doesn't -- it Munich and a distraction but it just you know probably -- a somber moment or two term on the trip. Even -- tougher job this year he's just can't ever read your guy is any I mean a lot of people wanna make more out of it but he's just kind of one of the guys to sit out you can what he says this is true and he -- honestly give me an answer and if you don't like the answer he's not trying to play reality to seems like one of the dudes. She didn't know likening you to answer about injuries until you know you're right media to question a leader you an answer and -- not gonna answer that I don't that. Very rarely says anything right side of -- China been under so that -- a great guy who. You know -- -- got a New Year's historic and -- -- talk and what college London and given answers that there's some me can't you know should that play that way and then move on to the next tournaments. Yes I mean there's no. Pretentious or their little big time college football coaches walked into the area when he comes around it's held that record and you know they make -- reference only -- without those. Whether social workers companies I got -- -- -- -- -- -- again you probably run into an hour and a watering hole and prepare credit card. Steve Mims is our guest Eugene register guard can find him on Twitter at Steve Mims underscore our G Steve as always great to talk to you -- for me next week.