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Jeff Mans -- Fantasy Alarm and SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio

Nov 21, 2013|

Jeff joins Travis and Josh for his weekly Fantasy Football hit.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right joining us now as he does every Thursday 1245 Jeff Mans series sex and fancy Sports Radio fancy alarm dot com Jeff -- Yeah and do it well so we are great there's actually -- sunshine here in Portland today so. That's going to be -- haven't applied minority and hopefully the weather street a little better than it did last week in the near but there's -- -- Or or -- It. All right so let's talk some offensive football here Jeff we'll start with tonight's game the match we've all been waiting for the falcons and saints maybe not so much. Tony Gonzales what's his health like who kind of factors he going to be. Pop -- and that's what those -- pretty good adult and indeed go he's got excellent technique can. Bigger workload even this week they're gonna try to get him the ball and must stop or -- -- needed New Orleans off a strong roles. That is this and these are everybody saint -- and it still apparently got here on. Get him in the lineup to take to organize it and drop it on Atlanta. That's different and at least reflected dollars and eighty Roddy White shirt at the actual ball early and often all dropped to its -- columns and columns. On the likes six -- up. 5600 -- at night. Chipped it about eighty yards he's touched a. Sticking with that if if I'm playing in a league and I felt rather rivers against Kansas City or Matt Ryan vs New Orleans which once that I played this weekend. Or actually -- at the start. Granted -- I think that the right move consider the defense that didn't locate mentality -- stop them but even key you know a little. Less than it normally is helpers the rhetoric expression on the road as well also. You know this week because of -- -- temples and go in this game tonight and optical. No one has -- the questions on the quarterback line know we some medical and last week went pretty well we've seen Scott told seen a lot of guys have. Their -- -- banged up and are either of those geysers or somebody else in that back up range it's a -- this weekend worth the desperation start. A bunch of I like called it a lot alike have been home destroyed through scripture courier last week now and that -- -- that children that look -- there at city you know third street Corbett idiot but. Against the vikings that she gets ready to promote a 300 and a couple touchdowns this week it just -- Colin. Is he's never -- starter in the topped -- I had my -- every week with that Chicago offered -- also Jeffrey Brandon Marshall -- and network backfield I -- account is available that only should be involved advocates can be noted that last week it make or merit but. To start this week out all look at Jack's built. You know I think -- mullah learned from some of the mistakes he made last week it could be more -- which carry it on the other key to conclude that because well. What about Ray Rice the running back what would you think you know if you have the ability in May play a couple other guys who would you absolutely play Ray -- I'm no need to match a place without question last week against the bears the bears were the rock were struck -- to talk about it. Did in the national football leaks or rewrite the great -- could keep that. We have an awkward to outline Nepal more -- can over power a weaker defense -- line. Bet he's still able to make those big run to make the cut it and get the yardage ingredient in the Golan -- -- could see however. That's a market. Up next budget gap in the week and get your jets jets are strong -- product. Our own they're no power ball more blocked Frontline which which struggled and they got together I'm an -- right to match a plate and another option. Jeff -- is our guest Tennessee alarm dot com series sex and fancy Sports Radio. -- and questions with some Broncos Julius Thomas who with his injury also Wes Welker in his concussion. Do either of those guys play or are they worth taking a chainsaw. It could hit that ball -- -- practice which -- a day earlier than originally thought that stood. He's you know well erupted in -- against New England in New England against telecheck and although I would. What smokers an absolute must start he could -- and he did -- get appeal. He's going to do it's going to be proper virtually as promised in particular go a little -- that I expect them to be in the lineup this week. But again because it's Sunday night you got to wait. You know you're gonna awaits an accurate account so you have another option they. And that -- Miller or something like that our medical that route and take a chance that you that promise just this week. But again the principal and crossed. Well from sitting there and and am looking in my defense and I see the ravens playing the jets in the ravens not always fantastic this year on defense but the jets are so up and down I'd probably be a fool not to take that one correct. Yes probably -- into it it you know you don't know which geno Smith substantial. You know what geno Smith. The night is it going to be the three interception guys attribute three touchdown. I think when you play -- -- against you know. It's it's one of those situations where you -- don't know about that Robert could come about you you have the opportunity. For big game for the time and it all comes down to match -- And it and Ebert he'd definitely go quietly called -- -- going to be pretty. Been able questions here for you from our listeners a quarterback cannot Eli Manning against or -- Alex Smith who would you take. -- I don't know if you like this streak against the problem -- a lot. Actually you know planet that we. Know starts thickening -- did not. -- out and it's come roar back a lot of Super Bowl that could happen -- -- -- giants sent to control. Without their most all of us. Aria yeah it. You expect that I'm sure but there's an article that possibility of the -- -- -- -- -- even this week in the play out the attic that. Eli I think you -- touch on the weak one right against the account so. I'm good matchup at home -- play -- -- our predictions record but I like a lot at him and -- -- -- the hell. -- -- -- Apple let that let us down. Last week brought Apollo would yeah. All you got an elegant without question here though too modest now but they'll get used to build a -- ball block whole planet behind every at that point. You don't actually in about. Order had been touches -- and that's not -- to -- effective team almost Roddy White. I'll always remember came on out there and yes -- a little bit because I spent two weeks by a weak currency cannot. And I can't I can't. Executive -- not that I really can't I don't know if you hit the bigger potential for big game -- also the potential not a single act. And that that big downside political my outlaw them not to go about it but it is a good matchup he's helped defiantly that given the kind I don't. All right really quickly here's two more -- Nixon Josh Gordon. Just ordinary day all they have a clean and lastly the niners defense for the cardinals defense. Who posted these crisis arm. And at critical look at property 49ers somebody I arch street told -- -- Guilty of the fact that prevent defense and the cheers Pete throw the ball a lot that I can work against the defense to back that -- Google corner. Just -- is our guest serious sex and fancy Sports Radio fantasy alarm dot com you can find him on Twitter at Jeff underscore man's we talked him every Thursday 1245. Jeff is always great stuff we appreciate the time have a great weekend. --