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Dave Bartoo - College Football Matrix

Nov 20, 2013|

The Matrix joins Isaac and Suke to preview Week 13 in college football and the hots seats are warming up.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Areas the great Dave Barr to college football matrix dot com what is happening Hillary. Change is hanging in there six do it with you guys argue about. Who Baylor gonna have to play and who knew nobody can watch that thank. And no kidding because they -- -- they're gonna go to Fiesta Bowl. And they're gonna have to play like Fresno or search Central Florida right. I would get ratings were -- -- Ryan Lochte show. Oh I remember was that a couple of years ago. It was Oklahoma in UConn. Yeah. And things that you would you could get a ticket outside of that game for five bucks if you wanted to going from a -- that's how bad -- -- worth the paper's printed on. Now five bucks to get into a BCS game. Well you got to remember those that Fiesta Bowl that that places that don't I hate. Peaked -- stadium. Let's come down the middle of nowhere you don't I mean if that's the popcorn that's the Phoenix woman leave Phoenix that I don't think it's you think that's a dump. I don't like it thought concrete down -- -- total warehouses. I get -- just parcel to the rule book that place is just awesome. No that's a bigger -- it's just a cooler although they redid it though since last we were there in ice cooler being an. That have fired a break up the Rose Bowl it was gonna die because it is like three gates and at this stage any. In the aisles -- mile long at our house and we went down their for the Rose Bowl and they played Ohio State having grown up here on the West Coast in the Rose -- -- kind of held this this place in my heart I had never played there. But walking out on the field and Indians -- did that was so that was unique that that was really cool that was one of those -- kind of look around and soak it up and and I can only imagine what it's like for one of those players now the Anthony in some of the ducks may disagree with me but I said the that's very very special to get to play in the Rose Bowl. Prime mr. cartoon. It's special place to go to Japan. -- -- Let's start with the Baylor Oklahoma State team that's the one we're gonna be watching close is this weekend what is the matrix thing. Omaha Oklahoma speed and can't hit it in the drive I mean that's all these home dogs. It in the last eight years of mess around these upset alert. Home -- home dogs that the biggest said Wharton when I don't win. I had finished above 500 every year until this year. At home dogs this year produced. It is the way down but. The same time market you know give up on these things and Oklahoma right now ten point dogs at home you got Gundy got home field. How hard he has is eight talent it bandage over Baylor Baylor -- schematic advantage. But Oklahoma State. So far this year all the teams in the big twelve. One team that has improved consistently on offense and defense of efficiencies. It Oklahoma State their 401 dog it's gonna be the big upset at the weekend as the pokes cover and win. In the water. And that ends that in -- national title. It's not the man. And I don't think Baylor has shot to even get to the national title no matter what happens. Because you know you look at the land that was that two weeks ago the beats its rankings came out you have one loss scampered that was -- at Stanford would still be ahead of them. Do what they did -- USC OK and you know so that tells me that if -- state loses the game. And a 121 if Alabama was the game at 1201. -- was gonna be behind all of them neither one of those things happening is likely but. Bulk of that happening. You know on top of that you're gonna have to can be very close to the Ohio State. I think Baylor almost in almost every scenario. Even in the end I think that the ducks went out and -- twelve and one day may LeapFrog twelve -- Baylor. Mean really so wait you think that all all three of those teams panel Florida State in Oregon if they lose a while ordinary loss but it was a one mosque of Alabama Florida State and Oregon. Is ranked higher in the final BCS -- undefeated Baylor. Wouldn't surprise me at all because -- only has twelve wins the computer's logo. Win totals in and you look at Baylor twelve wins person's spam at twelve wins vs organs twelve wins -- -- sport -- states twelve wins. You can't tell me that -- bit you know Baylor twelve went. Are better than any of those guys you look at Baylor out of conference you complain about applaud people complain about SEC our conference Baylor got a conference schedule is. Abomination that should be fine for stuff like that in just by the fact that Stanford group want to launch was still ranked ahead of Baylor. You know that was undefeated. It's telling -- the computers and voters still see the -- well the FCC and Florida State. As a better one loss teams I don't think Baylor it's been under virtually any circumstances. That you know I can proceed right now. -- -- you brought up the SEC and everyone's assuming that Alabama gets through on they have a lay up this week and then Auburn but the the other side of the SEC you have Missouri and South Carolina there and they all have meaningful games still to play. Missouri's at Ole miss and then there are what Texas they NM. And South Carolina has clemson's next week you take a look ahead in who the matrix says it is gonna come out that's out of the SEC and -- play Alabama or Auburn. I'll give us some I think it's gonna be South Carolina because I think this weekend -- -- -- -- all -- and the points. Ole miss is gonna beat Missouri this weekend and and -- is gonna go into Columbia -- are expected assisting on a two game losing streak south Carolina at home is gonna beat. Clinton and they're gonna take BS EC east crown. And go get there but -- -- Ten unstable Arty college football matrix dot com you should check -- his web site. -- date can you hold on can we get you next segment because he got a -- to the games to cover her. Horrible hole on nine here will the deal on hold -- -- will be that with more with gut. -- pac twelve games -- the big one in the south course airs on state UCLA. And what about that Oregon State Washington game that'll be an inching one that's a stick around for days opinions on that next on 1080 the fan. Our guest is Dave -- to his website college football matrix dot com he says Oklahoma State. Will upset Baylor and Ole miss will upset Missouri. Turn our attention now to the pac twelve curious what don't you think about this Oregon State Washington game there. Command. That if that's what it's just cal fire wait to have. Because it no matter that no matter who loses it there's going to be fire blank at the end of that game. You can you can almost feel it which is too bad. At least on org stateside to I love -- I think he's -- he is just one of the best in the country in and does a lot. Would not so much there at Oregon State that. I don't know about you but it certainly appeal to me in Indian we've been talking about this song on the show for a long time now that the matrix has starkest. -- not so good and I think husky fans after five years now. 75 this -- the cotton anymore in this is the team that arguably to start the year best schedule -- -- best overall talent. Did they lose any one of these last two games the -- sorties into the ground this year. This week we know our state shouldn't of lost according to the matrix to eastern Washington but there -- other three losses against the -- did. You know that the three quality teams that they played was organ stayed according to matrix supposed to win any of those games. Now all right our heads down starting this season at five and one. He and I had been in indices and on a five game losing streak. Oh. You know the only that the two games. That that were well there's three game that is so far there have been surprises number one have been surprises how terrible -- -- I mean that guys is that the bad football right there. That whole thing -- huge maps right now. The win over -- off. Back then I thought it was a great win. I think we -- realize now it was more than just you know it was it was a really really good road win. You know you take away the eastern Washington one obviously that was a surprise to everybody. Except tax -- though. -- what's happening right now with these last five games and I'd take organs state right now they were at home against Arizona State I. I think got talent wise they mapped out very very closely. But at Tempe. The -- back in March was that airs on state in the apartment. Or as it's been about what we thought they were now on -- -- with Washington and Stanford Oregon and Arizona State UCLA. I'm guessing that this is an under achieve mean season considering what you had coming in for Washington. Oh yeah I'm in Washington. Realistically what -- when I looked at this bank this was an opportunity for nine in three Kevin do that this was to meet their best schedule. They've had and this turkeys in because they they had war against app home. United States damper on the road those that really two tough games I thought they'd have UCLA on the road it was a tough game as well those three right there. You know I figured they would at least get. One of them so -- my best win total for them was that at night and camp wins and clearly so far they've they've under achieve that. But with that game they got coming up at home or on the road. Talent wise to me is just there's too much. Pulled Washington. To be losing this football game. But again this goes back to Riley how well this guy coaches. And starts he's been on the road in any demonstrated it. Very very well this year at UCLA and at Arizona State. That's their Achilles heel on the road for the Huskies has been terrible the last four years. I don't know they can write that ship for one game in Corvallis this weekend I'll stick to the the pick Washington wins this football game outright. But this is not a good situation for the Huskies and Turkey to be going into this weekend. What's the Vegas line on that game. He's I don't know if it's Washington I don't know if they even -- Washington State -- in this bank. Just because of Washington road woes but. You look at it let's -- -- how -- important Washington State's favorite home against -- too easy but now. They Washington. Is at three and a half point dogs. OK so there there the Internet rights -- matrix -- the dog they're now what it would be why you since you mentioned it what do you think about. He -- chances of upsetting though Washington State. I guess but I Utah's been so close this year I think they're a much better team in the record indicates. In Washington State though they were really surprised me last week at Arizona. You know they'd they'd probably. To meet Leach and Graham have got to be co leaders right now for for coach of the year in the pac twelve. But I still like while awaiting him I like you talked talent I like -- go there at that pick a game and get the win in the police this weekend. All right but I looked it up here in because we keep price thing a lot of places are -- number on -- yet that's relevant then but Oregon State opened at three point favorites you know all right. He had that -- they say they're not putting a total up there because get a Nobel -- but -- substances. This is why you'll see you you might hear excuses well we lose it's because -- without that crap. Okay the reason why you recruit at such a higher level at places like Washington it's so you have good coaching when guys like price goes down. It's the next guy up you figure out ways to win with the talent you have. You know -- you don't see you never hurt Oregon or Oregon State making excuses because in my opinion open those programs have been very well -- last 45 years. Price may be out but I don't think that's the excuse to win this winner loses football game. They have the talent they need to get it done and I don't and expect the -- to die down at all in Seattle if they blow the -- Writers -- state last team I'll ask you about is so actually favored -- down in LA against UCLA. -- what do you think. I can't home dogs they're just everywhere you know the -- -- UCLA that's one way back when. Arizona State media is at its -- after the surprise to a lot of people. But I am amazed at what Graham has been able to do because this -- a team that recruits basically it. -- state level they recruit in the forties. I didn't think they'd be this. This year their offense is clicking it's been great for them to get gotten back but I'm sticking to the -- again. Hole dog upset UCLA wins it and control the pac twelve south to be playing organ in Eugene. On Friday in a couple weeks. Her answer he gave thanks for taking the time forces always we'll talk -- next Wednesday -- -- College football -- got him.

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