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Steve Sarkisian -- Washington Head Football Coach

Nov 20, 2013|

Coach Sark joins Travis and Josh as they go Behind Enemy Lines with Washington.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time to go behind enemy lines and talked to Washington head football coach Steve sorties in coach how reader -- been a long time. I don't do a lot of beautiful -- yeah appreciated being on our show today you look at this this game we have this weekend and a lot of questions with which we're both these teams are but the big question for your for your team really Smart perspective is -- pricing these health. Where can you assess that today. Well he were holed about -- -- practiced. -- I think he feels better every single day he's definitely expressed that to me and everybody. I think he's confident that a plane in the game but I'm a check amount Smart practice to make sure he can make all the throws that that are necessary for the game plan. Steve what one of the great jobs you -- does the coaching staff and team -- the young guys there is keep all the other chatter out it's what you guys can control what you can -- do on the football field. And that seems -- Teague has been embracing. Now when you seen organ C eighteen it's cannon is similar type of vote what do you see on film from Oregon State team that stands out. You -- -- two things in May be what you watch just don't watch it over no Virginia saying all boy I didn't quite recognize just they were doing this this well. Well I think the first thing that jumps out at the play hard and that's always been a staple of coach Riley's teams but just play hard. That matter for the first quarter fourth quarter homer way to go play hard. The second thing I think it's easy to look at the stats and say -- And it's have a -- here trip to have a degree your opinion then you turn on the film and there have been a great year mean that those guys demanding the storm also accurately. And down the field in and -- -- the polished as a receiver. Probably in this conference and in quite some time his releases his route running are just tremendous and then the two quarters. The ball hawks you know I think those guys to have an innate ability to intercept passes and not just catch him but then return -- so articles that the Big Three that jumped out at me. Their coach a few weeks ago when you played Arizona State the week after the organ game he talked about the effort of the team they didn't quite think it was there at the -- how is that the mindset of this -- changed. Since that game a month ago. What we're playing hard you know that -- -- will play hard Saturday night. You know effort doesn't take talent and I think that we are a little bit fatigued in matters of state game come off of Stanford origin and they'll just two physical teams but. I think we're back playing in the playing with the effort to decal in the attitude it's needed. We have to match our execution without which is which is probably the most important thing heading into the games Saturday. You know one thing and it's not just UAL lot of teams have been talked about tackling and that seems to be the candidate topic now is. Is tackling well first off it's hard to practice tackling. Realistically hard. You know one on one fundamental tackling during the middle of the season when you're down -- -- second ball. The way offense is now are spread out it's 101 is solid -- to be where you can go gain tackle -- these guys they're spread it out. So how do you take that with that perspective it -- kind of also add to take guys tackling is and attitudes -- mindset it's -- want how many get you down. Is that one of the things you have to preach. Without a doubt without a doubt and then we do practically you know just in it I think -- become -- relatives that yet you still have to practice it in. This can't turn in the black football you have to get people -- the ground. And so the one on one issues are being the other issue there's. The effort by everybody else is much of the -- that get spread out the more actually get to the football. The better chance you have to get the god of the ground ball to hand. And then the third thing is is knocking people back you know what we can't afford. -- -- -- we sometimes -- counter space protection it and you feel like talking -- we tackle for a five yard gain but in the got all worked for two or three more yards and the five yard gain turns in the seminary so there's a lot of issues that come with that but at the end of the day -- its fundamentals and technique and then it's a mindset that. And the belief that you're gonna tackle the guy get into the ground. Washington head football coach Steve -- Keyes you know is our guest here on the Fanny coach your last three losses you fumbled the ball four times total other receptions there as well but. You know how do you work on making sure the you don't fumbled the football and ball security. Well we every once days. Totally completely dedicated to ball security and take care of the football and you know and we've been we've had a really good year -- unfortunately became certain that we stumbled in as the game's at when we turned the ball over obviously. Last week he's killing our first two possessions of the game. Two of the guys that you'd love to have all the hands that that don't fumble bishops taking office is very deacons. Put the ball on the ground nearly knocked it out and let you know we we dug ourselves a fourteen point hole so. It have to be something that you talked to that you worked on. That is an emphasis. And it can't just be -- you say that is -- in the position mean you're gonna go on the field never worked on and do it so. We we do work on it diligently in the -- it'll be it'll be a big part of the ball games Saturday advocate team that. They can take care of the football better than the other has has a better shot at winning this thing. Yes Steve a lot of the games you guys played in this year in -- -- -- a couple plays you can kind of circle which you can do and every game he circled -- -- big pivotal place. We have a lot of young guys playing. They quite grasp that they hate to play here there it's it's not just you know when he plays you can go back on film and I'm sure you guys have done here's five place. We changed he's five plays guys are a lot more happy today in this locker men that we that we work. You know after the result of the game did they buy into that with young guys playing. So early so often understanding that hey it's a one play here there they can act drastically change the outcome of the game. I think that's that's one of the unique challenges of coaching in -- yet. Everybody on your team to understand the value of every play you know it's easy to -- fired up in locked in and focused on third and three. But you never know what it's first intent -- first in five or second fifteen minutes. You've blown coverage and bam there's the touchdown that's the difference maker or you don't quite get the right path -- -- the guy rushes off yet sack fumble you know so. Every play have to be at the most important every play have to carry the same amount of value whether it's. The first quarter second quarter third quarter or at the fourth quarter in the two -- -- every play have to have to have the same value in their mind. -- coach last year going into the season at least all the indications the media award that Jesse Cali or is going to be the guy in the backfield he goes down with an injury bishop sank he steps up and has a great year. And he's been terrific this season has what he has become. Has that been the expectations or has he exceeded notes. Well you know. I think early on we didn't know what we had exactly. I think coming into this season after the way he finished off blaster coming in this season I think. This somewhat is the expectation we think he's a great back keys that he's a complete back he's not only did he run the ball well he's excellent pass game whether it's catching it or pass protection. I think -- he's a tremendous. Understanding of our running game. In the blocks and understanding the front of bullets is that common how things will get picked up and where the holes can potentially be it's we can anticipate those cuts and runs and and then he's a great guy to me just bring it every single day so we're fortunate to have on I'm proud of on the that the years have and hopefully can finish it off what -- I know. You know I meet Steve has me knowing you furlong time you know way back to trying game we had -- marine missing in the National Anthem which was great for us. The protest dazzled at the ever mad -- -- -- did -- -- they -- the ability but -- mean you know you're you know you're having tough times and you said it about and people are out there and you know I know for a fact and it has -- do -- my brother but I know for a fact this losing just each EU and the people think. And OK you know he's is going to and there are an eighteen in -- trying to get these kids to buy in and you go in there each and every day. At a point in time when you win this comes up and maybe sometimes you have to get a little bit more intense with the guys. He's everybody's still on board with guys we can get the same turnaround were all in this together and it is is that is -- jobs that coach make sure everybody's still. On that boat that everybody know once phone and often no one's feeling bad and kind of dragon last in line. Oh without a doubt I think that's first and foremost as a head coach you know I think that. We when you come in -- coming to the building every single day all eyes are on -- in. The attitude you have braced for that day is gonna resonate throughout our entire organization and so like -- I'm not. I'm a very upbeat individual. I know there are times when when I have to be on the guys that we are in the -- -- -- with them but I also want them to -- opportunity coming here every day go to work get better whether it's on the field in the classroom. So little hopefully we can -- perform even better and though we've got to -- a football team we we've hit a couple tough losses you know that that. Are acceptable you know worst frustrated as anybody that would not -- in beaten those routines on the road. But fortunately for us we get another opportunity this Saturday night Corvallis against a really could be retrieved and we're gonna quote purposely towards -- it happens. You know coach obviously can't make everybody happy anytime we have a stretch where maybe there's a couple games three don't play well some people are gonna blame it on the head coach and and start to wonder what should be happening there but for you personally when you hear things like that how do you handle that within yourself. And you ever have to address that with your team. I've never once addressed to the thirteen. I don't address that a whole lot with myself side that nobody nobody is get they're harsher critic of meet them myself and so. I really don't and have I don't have time and to consume myself with that. A focus on the task at hand -- hand denounced the job that we destitute today to get ready to play Saturday and so like you control you -- -- -- threat focus on. You know the one thing it's been the most impressive and again I I have a little bit of bias that known you for a long time and as you happened to give my brother monies that you might be Christmas presents I -- but but the fact is. You guys -- not once it had never made excuses. To the point of hey it's this or that you've always taken. The onus of it's on us. We as coaches we as players we need to do a better and I think that's what. May be had been missing from the program or what other people don't understand is it's on you guys again that that's the attitude you have to take him to turn that program to take you to where you want to be I mean university watched -- you and I grownup that was it I mean. USC was great when you -- their coach and but let's be honest back in the day it was huge up. And he only got back to where we pass to beat in that you guys have taken that right attitude in players are buying in and I think it's unusual that some people. It's taking longer than people want but that's the way it is in this day and age. I think -- and any you know we took over route it -- We had to hit rock bottom before you start climbing back up and I think we've done -- -- things here in the last five years and you know to go to four consecutive bowl games now. It to a program that hadn't been noble game and over ten years. As a tremendous accomplishment that the but our guys are doing in the classroom. The guys that are -- an article on a plane in the NFL and represented in the NFL. And so we're we're close that we don't wanna be close close isn't good enough that we don't want except that what we are closer and when we get over the hump it's going to be awesome. Steve's our keys -- is the head football coach of the University of Washington visit -- state Saturday -- 730 NE SP into coach is always -- -- much for the time good luck on Saturday night. I appreciate it thank you.