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Mike Barrett -- Blazers TV Broadcaster

Nov 20, 2013|

Mike joins Travis and Josh to talk Blazers road trip.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now our fan blazers insider Mike -- live from Milwaukee hit my stereo. So we we we just said Jack Youngblood -- rich now we're gonna -- there in Milwaukee what's going on here. I love the young blood Brothers back programs and back in an integrated side. Was and he had tests SOB. Another Ramsey -- -- that was -- -- physical team back in the 179 and that's awesome. Now was CME we decided that you're the cherry on top of this in the first hour of interviews I'm not. Yes you are right there on. So Mike you look at so far this road -- three you know and have an opportunity to play a team with what two wins here Milwaukee and potentially go for no on this road trip. Consider with the blazers have done road trips like this in the past put in perspective what would -- has been like. Well you know I think that there's been other times and expectations have been there and it's obviously. You know you go back opening night we talked about it tonight and and you lose and -- -- and and granted -- has played better then than people expected of a lot has looked a little better but -- to be hum. On opening night you know I think partly. -- -- -- is good -- this team I think they kind of locked in feels like to order -- that acting was going to be bears and then in the first quarter I think Phoenix -- like thirtieth sixteen happened. But the person it was over. And you know everything -- has its place we give mr. like this I guess certainly get. And data and realizing that maybe there's more work to do that device went in Denver and then. This trip the good thing is I think the guys realize that. A -- haven't played. Their best basketball yet and there's still been parts of each and that -- started in Brooklyn it was a great defense -- fourth quarter and Toronto was -- great. They had moments in the Boston game it was a great. They don't seem satisfied but yet they expect to win every game and I don't see and I got the questions today you know they get -- Milwaukee. Again in the going into the you'd think they'd be a big have a big advantage and I don't think so I've been in you never know but -- -- -- -- -- the start of the season. And and coming out of an eclectic group clearly is scheduled to set up to where. -- pretty advantageous as far as you're about to construct and I don't think anybody expected to win nine the first eleven and keep in mind. At eleven road wins last year they -- up I have -- that that's pretty good. I've never been accused of being very Smart but one thing I have seen from this blazer team ball on the floor is just at a different Sally attitude ethic and attitude of we want it more especially after that first game and overall energy in my correct in saying that. Yeah I don't I think the big thing to that they don't really like to try to -- it was a big test because it loses seventeen point fourth quarterly which happens I mean. Regain his planned well all of a sudden things start to go to Ronald -- in in the NBA and no lead is safe. And lucrative. Easily -- -- -- okay well you know we -- -- went on the trip Purdue and all right you know we're gonna lose this one but they never really got panicked and -- ever. The other is getting back into the game like 143 run all the submitted take over and -- that. And then Brooklyn organizing deal Garnett comes up 6% excellent. They're looking like they're gonna be hot and they've had time to -- -- -- job and get there they're veterans back and in their biggest credit they never get panicked about in certain situations now a lot of that comes from me you know we talked about last year but that maturity of lowered. The way that he runs -- -- and LaMarcus is download doing his thing -- uses red hot -- is unselfish and kind of fill all the categories. And then. You know the biggest part of this obviously is bent back you have a guy like Mo Williams who's seen everything has been to a final. He contaminants spelled and take the pressure off him formula and that Lopez they've been in foul trouble points on the trip but it hasn't really bothered them. Because of the small lineup with the -- right you know having options that Thomas Robinson is playable tripped and having all these options -- -- and it has been huge for that haven't. You know I think I think what you're saying and and that they can't answer that I think these guys. Right where they're expected to be intimidated nobody else expected to be here. They don't seem pleasantly surprised and as opinions that after the second when it's time to get greedy on the strip and obviously and I think that same attitude and afford the trip could be huge. The most impressive thing and that -- victory was the coaching clinic that Terry Stotts put on Jason Kidd. Yeah I would agree with that I think sometimes. You know it looks pretty easy to do in Indiana coach even if you NBA player. Jason -- a tough spot because he's got. You Japanese veteran guys and their payrolls well over a hundred million I mean it's just ridiculous what they're locked into. And you've got these guys at the end of their careers band. You know I don't think of fiery halftime speech is gonna do much for those guys and they discount -- -- gonna get ripped apart by the New York media after the game. And the crowd was -- then he's in that top spot we've seen that work Greg I would really no coaching experience like Mark Jackson could step in and Golden State. And and have success. Kid for his first job that is not going to be. An easy one and I think wherever it looks like -- and looks like it's pretty easy but Terry Stotts particularly competitive. I don't know how many times on this -- we talked about inbounds plays that always seem to. And adjustments during the game and military makes and the blazers have a great coach -- Natalie stopped a great guy he's he's got a great basketball mind and now he's back in Milwaukee where he spent two years and panicky and and it was situation like I've been. Not like Jason Kidd has been in a situation that wasn't good for head coach I'm not the fact that. He's coming in here again duplicity to coach now he has things kind of click with his team. Our fan blazers insider Mike Barrett is our guest on the stand live from Milwaukee and Mike don't take some statements that have heard from a lot of blazers fans -- some of -- get your thoughts on. The blazers are very good shooting team averaging about a 105 points per game but what happens when they'll go cold at the same time. They have enough shooters to avoid those stretches or is that -- and -- concern. There's going to be nights I mean there's going to be times it you know we've we've seen it time to live by the three to -- but but when you have. You know there's really never a time and where they don't have at least 33 point shooters on the team and it you can spread the floor. When -- get -- in the -- established -- solid consistent -- the recent -- you can't double him. And that was the idea that -- and the numbers surrounding the three point shooters. Last week you could double play and -- and Portland had trouble reversing the ban and let there was pot that you had a chance but now. You know lower to 40% combining our -- to 53. -- seat -- 42 rights -- right to know before. -- and -- -- scenes PG a com. Who did that I three point shooter you know what the college level translates but it certainly look good in training camp he has and play Mo Williams conducted three down. So I'd like -- the and that attitude defensively is. You know if you have concerns about that too. They take away their threes like they don't allow any corner threes which is easily the highest percentage street that's what Wesley Matthews as it would on -- record three. Because it goes away. But they don't allow any short shot that they get beaten. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The thing about the three we've talked about little strip and it's demoralizing medal because. Every cabinet that he thinks they're making up ground about a couple threes and it's it's like a kick in the stomach and yes to answer your question. So part of it there are going to be the guys are struggling -- -- -- what -- -- for home their game plan as we're back at -- -- history. And you know and Portland survived apparently and Milwaukee tonight will try to slow this game down and held Oklahoma City 92 and last game. They're gonna try and slow -- -- I would imagine extend the defense but again. If you've got LaMarcus prominent that it helps them. -- am blazers inside or Mike -- is our guest you can find him on Twitter at blazer and be the blazers in bucks tip off tonight 5 o'clock on Comcast sports net. Mike is always thanks so much of the time have a safe trip back entrance AMD haunted hotels there Milwaukee. Yeah this I have all these major league baseball players are talking about which is to keep -- out of -- it is I think upon but I have I. A student at like eleven years I haven't -- it goes yet it's. I think lets you presume --