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Colin Cowherd -- ESPN Radio

Nov 18, 2013|

Colin joins Travis and Josh to talk Pac-12, ESPN, and his new book.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time to talk to Colin Cowherd host of the herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio. Weekdays seven to ten here on the -- is also an author will get to that in just -- second but Colin good afternoon -- you do it. Oh appreciate you joining us -- I obviously -- the big story in the pac twelve this weekend was USC going down to Stanford were you surprised to see that happen the way that it did. No I thought it would be a field goal game US east you know talent never really been. The issue USC I mean if you took they're NFL bodies that you went. Across the conference. You know they stack up better than average in you know -- Turkey's involvement for the year he got -- the best players you know west of Austin, Texas or west of the Mississippi in the country he loved their players but. You know what Lane Kiffin he would let his coach his coach kind of suffocated the staff so. Mean no offense to fourteen at the left was just anemic and you know that's basically let played -- on the offense and I mean listen you good Josh you played against WS he's always had NFL receivers and tight ends and backs and quarterback that's never the issue but they have struggled finding the right -- for extended period so. We'll see -- goto guy. Yes interesting about it had the talent is just put it together in making sure they can always play I'll ask you about another team. That both you and I have a little bit of -- you know you watch the Huskies see your friends up there my brother -- coach and up there. Yeah and a lot of people on tennis saarc hot seat here you go I mean that covered with so rare. And now they go down they lose to UCLA. They got a big game this week hitting its -- state is he playing for his it job or people at least give them an opportunity. Understanding how bad they were before he walked in there. Yeah however I don't think people really understand there were. Or twelve they had three NFL players Jake Locker linebacker and I think it may have had a running back that's about it. I'm willing to home Willingham was an atrocious recruiter and an atrocious how to evaluate her. In the true it is saarc had nothing to work whereas. In -- Washington State produces about twelve division one players a year Oregon about five. So you have. Have to leave this state and convince kids from Southern California taxes and -- -- the -- Washington. Anytime you play they convince game over the USC just asks kids LA issue -- they just ask kids that they wanna play there. A whole other programs have to conduct. And it's hard to get kids to -- their friends and family income 900 miles north. So it's taken time. You know they keep prices have been. You know reasonably consistent but not great and -- it should be noted. That Stanford and Oregon and am. Have been power house districts are drawn so. And he's played Stanford last couple years very well so I -- thought they -- -- fourteen this year I think there -- ten -- team next year. I really thought next year was the year but I think husky fans they're unrealistic. They have this sense -- that are 1112 win program and most days. You know there's only one cold weather program in America today Ohio State that is as good as it was twenty years ago. Want to ESPN decided to air 500 games -- not fifty. To get in warmer territories didn't need to come north to get on television -- simply harder to get ray players nor. Colin Cowherd is our guest ESPN radio you can hear me -- weekdays on the -- from seven to 10 AM his book you heard me I'll say if nobody else will comes out tomorrow. -- -- collar when asked about Oregon State is you're here for parts of both the -- least ten years the -- stated. Know that they're averaging about 67 wins a year under Mike rally going back his first stage Q but the thing is the expectation. Will they were not doing what we should be with his organs winning we say to fans who have that kind of expectations for the organ state program. Well there -- seven -- program. Actually what they are organized I felt it was an eight -- program because it was a state school you you know University of Oregon and it still might -- company when do we can't win. Kelly takes it from a panel went to a twelfth place. -- the truth is that organs really well wire. It is really the only place in the country in the entire nation that has -- state that doesn't produce many division one players and as a top ten program. The other top ten programs -- LSU and Alabama Florida Texas Georgia USC Ohio State those are rich states -- the top ten team. -- know players state. That still night that's Chip Kelly doubt that winning lock system there's nothing wrong with. System but. Oregon State is again without full night. So without without that facility advantaged and without the Chip Kelly systematic change that -- relies on so. I've always thought you know you could you -- in a program called -- company games they should win if you've got a great. Booster like provider T. Boone Pickens 82 more can have a great coach if you two more but I mean the state organism -- Using that they have to programs which consistently horrible games when you considerable lack of division one towel in the state it's speaks so highly of Mike Riley. And so highly of the organ program. -- get your book here sucked and I think you put a lot of time and effort into takes you through all your. Crew travels you're not just a guy that solves admit on ESPN you've been all over Vegas Tampa. Appear important for a long time kind of what what made you kind of get into this book what are some of the topics he could delve into a little bit more than you can on our our radio show or television show. Well I mean you know prime example the first topic where I thought Tiger Woods sex addiction with a complete ruse that Nike but really we've marketed and kind of created. Nike's mentioned a couple of times in the book and I see it is complementary to the most powerful force in sports they may not see it that way. A talk about Oregon football. You know on my travels I've had a unique opportunity to beat all four corners of the country and meet lots of people want. He does know how radio is usually get -- five minutes to talk about to vote the audience gives you but in a -- -- -- -- you -- I just -- I -- wanted to. To prove to people like critics may -- that -- -- I can go deep -- right I can I can take on topics. And explore topics that radio doesn't give you kind of the opportunity to do because rock and -- theaters on radio you know you you'll -- radio he get a topic back -- to take calls. But -- I want something really substantial. And I'm really proud of it I worked so hard for Q&A half years. And it's -- I'm proud of it and -- can -- Portland hoped totals -- so good debate Portland -- idea I spent time there and I'd go back every summer my best friend -- there are so. You know like I have that kind of a I think kind of the connective tissue to the city which I but I feel really lucky so. You know I -- the book is and I just stop until today it's a lot of interesting things -- beliefs party lines best all the worst moments. Little bit of my childhood lie I handed out power landed up and I'm really proud of it. You know -- when asked about ESP NT because there there are a lot of people now more outside of ESP NS say well. ESPN has fallen out of touch with the every -- sports fan they're focusing too much on this are on that not on stories that. A lot of people wanna hear and now ESPN radio at times and maybe you -- -- -- go a certain way and how much creativity do you actually get on your show. That you guys as a good question they've been really Bill Simmons higher to get a little more leeway I'm not sure why. But they never told what to say they've said he used the word allegedly. You don't have time to time on stories -- Ben Roethlisberger Michael -- are very bombs. But -- it'll it to business. I think anytime -- Nike. Not veto wind blows harder to top of the mountain so whatever you have these sports apparel issues and factories overseas Nike takes all the criticism. Well Mike he's not the only contributor or the only company involved -- that ESP and simply get more criticism because -- these sports network in the global on the globe it has it has almost you're the most influence. The greatest revenues. So we're -- to take a shot that. You know it's. -- -- It is Kentucky basketball duke basketball LeBron James Tom Brady yankees lakers were -- large. Model -- can't we get a lot of criticism but the truth is. We vet everything we talk about I have a great staff are -- -- put so opening hours and everything we do. I think you just have to understand that -- -- you are at a place that is -- either important glamorous viewed. You're gonna get criticisms that you can't sit around on Twitter and later email and freak out about it I criticism comes with the territory. You know if you're in the White House or in this house. It's just it's just part of that we have you know I have an enormous audience the network doesn't you know people sometimes like griped sometimes by the way -- Many of the criticisms are valid but we're like any company we have good days and bad days and criticism is part partial but the job. You know what they do. Well is come back and relate people that may be -- sports related a scenario to people. They hate you it's is going on a -- -- that this could be happening in an office or at home or something like that I think you take. A lot of pride in trying to do that and him breaking down a sports scenario because everybody put sports up there is. This oh my goodness it's like he's been on the Greek gods and this is what they do but tennis some of the same philosophies happen in everyday life. You know I mean my mom my sister were big sports fan so I -- it was kind of think of how they would. You know they would listen to my show and my -- -- adamantly demolishing it's eloquently talked non sports my sister were saying that I likely -- -- exports to life and you know so I was probably it was sort of tuned into what days -- concealment. You know I just have a lot of interest site like you know I have a wind story travel a lot of my wife said designer I'm interest at an -- I'd like a lot of stuff I read a lot of non sport and so I'm no different than a lot of people listening to your radio station. I mean if if the people -- -- -- important right out of this big could be a dialed the winery he could order a restaurant he could be -- collector he could be a long haul trucker. You know people have varied interest so I don't think what's wrong with sometimes taking knows chancellery -- no interest in polygamy haven't. You know it's just to meet I read lots of magazines. On a bunch of different things and I think they just sort of seep into your conversation. While the time -- -- prior to think about it it's just my style the way have been doing it for a long time. Portland never you know they've never had a problem that they seemed like it and I think the Sports Radio was at its best when you could take a big broad topic and take calls from people who -- just die hard sports forums. I think that's what research has shown us about Portland Portland smarter than average more well read an average. And people want to take them somewhere beyond. Box scores that stuff what in my shows old don't what what Portland. -- done well in markets where people want more than. Hard core breakdown the game topics. And that's the you know I've I've as you guys know that that is what my show is so. I don't know it's just it's just seems like the most fun way to do radio -- the way I like to do. Calling your book you heard me I'll say if nobody else will goes on sale tomorrow where can our listeners get a hold that book. You know are the audio book -- told the book itself it'll be in bookstores like Barnes & Noble tomorrow you could order the cheapest price today before -- That night. Amazon.com. Wherever -- Books are sold. Comes with -- exclusive -- if you could order before midnight you've heard me also say that nobody else will. I autographed first 4000 so. And I'm gonna try to get out to Portland for a book signing I don't know how these cities like -- too but I I've told -- people look at that stuff up that Portland was the first place out west I want to go to do so. Understood -- Portland mention zen you know I talked about my child's on the coast of Washington State how I grew up what I loved and you know I I just appreciate anybody who gives that a read because it was you know it's like anything. I guess it was if you get a -- you wrote a book or you you created a player -- it was a painting. It's just a lot of work you know radio and TV are -- books are hard -- that -- literally. I don't know if I have another one and beat. I'm really you know it's it's it's a roller coaster you're glad -- go on it but you're glad you're -- and it was awful lot of work for two and a half years and it's almost over and it's it's been a lot of fun but it it it it was not an easy task I'm not a natural writers so it's it's I really. Put a lot of time into it. Colin Cowherd is our guest sees the host of the herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio heard weekdays here on the banned from seven -- ten. Politics -- much of the time good luck with the book we look Ford -- when -- backed up your Portland. All be out there in the spring in the summer thanks guys.