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Jaelen Strong -- Arizona State WR

Nov 14, 2013|

Jaelen joins Travis and Josh as they go Behind Enemy Lines with ASU.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back and Travis in Wilcox it is time to go behind enemy lines and joining us now Arizona State wide receiver Jalen strong Jim and good afternoon are you doing. Do very well and you look at it the way the your team's been rolling offensively last week. A little bit of -- slowdown against you -- he made up for in the fourth quarter just talk but how well this offense has been rolling the last five or six games. Come and local ought to -- originally put Arnold weeks aren't just coming out every Turco on the streets are prepared. Everything they can actually focus on the -- and the you know and this. In the kingdom come and definitely obviously -- that much stronger. As a wide receiver do you take pride in other guys taking you know making big plays another catches I know wide receivers -- what the football. I'll always wanna have that big touchdown but in your guys is an offense everybody makes big plays. And it seems like you know what I want all for 11 for all in this type of offense. We're. Look settling I. A -- and a level and no -- -- -- carrying. Trailer where Chris Cooley -- -- written note though -- don't refuted a great job on or where it looked so. A lot in those dark and actually did know more actually a motivates you about their legislative well. Arizona State sophomore wide receiver Jalen strong our guest here on the -- How is that relationship with you and Taylor Kelly evolved over the last two years. Oh yeah -- Started you know communicating though right and actually if you integrate god. Most probably most respected guy on this thing just because the public display extremely. Chilled prepared don't count these forward you know one of them are under pressure there's a great job and then what -- there -- -- -- -- little Feller. Not active directory now worked hard he either they're. We're currently. Not so shall shall a lot of Lauren and determination and little. Seven billion this year. You know I haven't took. Have a coach Graham there. Has seemed to do a lot of good for that program. What are some of the things that he brings inside the intangibles that we may not see from. The outside the media but players can really relate to when you guys go out there and this kind of wanna compete for coach like that. Ghost grandmother great job -- local Atlanta. The assault on the little things out. Not not a lot of you know that they think everybody sees without. No recommended let's start with the small things -- side -- and noted that. There's the yes sir and -- certain assembly. Respect our oil and you know not have great respect -- the of people travel you know when we go to waging an old -- -- and has every -- might not think. And it seemed to limit the economic and do well in this note that the you should have their respects every everybody else will have respect everybody at saint. They bring you that much closer together elect and and that and Natalie little -- we are that it can't well. You know -- for a long time that the idea of this program at least from outsiders is that it was that it's -- -- discipline program a lot of penalties some some chaos there that seems to have. Change very quickly under coach Graham how would you say the the IDA in the and how this team is thought of today. -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so it really well eventually. To keep listening note where's there's like a little piece stresses. No on purpose and ball security and no penalties actually Easter -- everyday I think as well. May be should we can't say Eric Wright and all that the that this this these series which you know which are are -- and into my genetic code below. So where is that mr. -- you know. It attributed should be Connecticut and I do you have seen and they'll call it out they'll say another -- that can happen. And it starts without all critical now. -- -- here guys is scheduled I think I believe you're like everybody else to take it one game at a time you are reinstate this weekend what have you seen on film. From the beast that may be that you maybe didn't expect or something they did expect but he after everybody has to watch out for. -- Oh. Did Dorgan state defense you've seen them on film what have you seen from that defense that really stands out Q. Our -- none of those guys that they're virtual. Pressure and it'll it'll acquit they were not recorded it'll take down anybody. That's witnessed on adult -- course. And -- will be prepare for those on the program girls -- British and -- just upload -- -- went into. So got to ask you join your kids from Philadelphia you go to pierce college for a year how you end up at Arizona State. Just. Just thought. There's going and not just the right thing and you know -- I was there. His childhood trauma that well well well and terrible mistake and no parks which are not from the noticed it and it goes Daschle a lot of answers any. There is speculation they wanted to look nourishment the most stable so. I'm injured -- display at all. What's it like every day gonna get to tough Arizona State defense in practice do you think that helps you a lot better on offense. Are most definitely notebook out and others are bought her out of the crease he got Wilshire and all their traditional. He goes out and Darby. -- -- not I I airborne program that he bought homes in the middle there's there's there's there's you know it is like trying to gain a bit. There you look at how this team has gone since the notre to evict a notary and loss he won four straight games but how close are you to being exactly where you wanna be is a team. -- I think we had an -- and not think whereas I wrote on Indian Jay Leno -- just -- -- keep trying every -- And -- the logo will be in the world well. How difficult is -- this pac twelve conference been for you. -- there's this special thousand barrels let's let your belt -- have just they employees and no work hard every day legitimate what we are. DS is keeping contained and worry about yourself. I'll hit it tried not which I'm not a great and less urgent. Should see to it goes all out summit is charting most people look up animal yet but it. Dillon strong is our guest Arizona State wide receiver the Sun Devils host Oregon State Saturday night 630 in the pac twelve network. Jill thanks so much of the time we appreciate good luck on Saturday. --