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Ronnie Lott -- Pac-12 Networks

Nov 14, 2013|

Ronnie joins Travis and Josh to talk Pac-12 football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox our next guest is a ten time Pro Bowl selection four time Super Bowl champ pro football hall of Famer college football hall of Famer. -- is now an analyst with the pac twelve networks Ronnie Lott running good afternoon are you. Don't go far humble farm number and there's -- football right now you know produce and market share that time there. Well the week where -- -- -- around -- so. I cannot wait to go. You know all the sort of third rolls around him and then things just getting started. Don't get this weekend's games in just the second -- wanna go back to last week for or again against Stanford when you when you watch what Stanford's able to do and and how organ and back to back years. Has so much trouble controlling the line of scrimmage against a big powerful physical football team I was a program can you fix those things. I think where you -- -- is that you've got to understand. What they're trying to do their car and I and artillery what I watched again. One of the challenges that are one epic org and news. You know today addressed the issue of what they're trying to do and when you run the terrible. Run the ball what are the things you need to do visit decent power -- and destructive power you don't change. Built from not being able to do certain editors are you going to be able to do that would dislike and are you going to be able to do that -- Running a different piece at a slower car are you gonna kick the ball away from their so they cannot run the ball control the controlled the clock because. Control the clock that's all they wanted to do and -- You have been better look at the score what they want to do is controlled our speakers are controlled Clark eliminating. Build possessions that organ has. Frustrates organ and -- organ in the -- -- -- that so it economy. Big plays and they can't be methodical. They can't be patient. With the football and so all those are big gain changes and I think that's what. Problems -- -- wanna try to experiment in the dirt on the offenses -- at the ball on Oregon what I would. Look for them to do is try to deal. More creative in terms of getting the ball out quicker. Not allowed quarterback although ball. Most important forcing Stanford. To charcoal industries would tip the ball a lot quicker. Be a little more decisive it was staffers also open that you do is that they -- fact Q. -- try and knock out the ball and what you do trio. Well like we're putting you in a position where you are not. You're not sure. They would they would pretend position where you're playing. No orders heels when you're playing -- you -- -- you know without also. It's very social they try to do a lot of things are blitzer in the alarm backers. Aren't really blitzing linebackers. And not actually. It's an alarm burgers and make -- play the blitz in the linebackers. To disrupt. Alignment to describe. The school back to disrupt the play and so they spent a lot of time not making plays number eight artful. But basically disrupting offers because it -- it figured out where in the so. It -- attitude saying. Well it could be -- to disarm the ball over the ball -- saw the ball. How do you stop to running bureau and there on the opposite side was do something different deal would normally doing. -- the -- ball out of our hands quicker. Do you think it's a different game if -- they make that big play in the first quarter complete that catch I don't fumble the football or they convert on the fourth down because those are three pivotal plays in the first half. The go in there they may be at some points of difference. In the Stanford eighty offense starts playing a different bit different way but you know -- -- -- it goes as a couple of key plays in the game that if you don't give it early on. And that that other team so let's get some confidence are controlling the ball take hold the serve in tennis. They're here they're really good so I was surprised that they did they do reports. Big big big story altogether. They get the ball they they come up with a big play they'd been driver down -- get down to the war in the gulf war. Out of those that are personal those big mistake -- -- big mistake on the road. Plane gets -- seeing. Everybody knows that. -- a really good defense OK which is willing to chance so to me out of surprises they didn't take too short to reports there and then you. Not only does that change at parity -- the ball. In the I'll keep the ball all the certain. You've got to hold neutral whatever other monetary cute how other current. They're gonna comment years so. All the sudden it didn't go -- -- that they get from all the -- 96 you are to birdie eight York not dangerous government you'll. And it would that it -- mind was changed the momentum changing your apartment is allowed the the only kind of move in a different direction so. You other things are rolling or the beginning I was surprised because last week. Last week the same situation between the three points it could have seen as a chartered boat toward the week before and -- or in the right. And got three points and important and and just move on deployed -- again this would this candidate started. Though the other route. And -- -- there really. Really -- as a whole compartment and to Europe for. You know everybody. Believes that there's this theory that you go for a were barely -- world or there's you know there's. You know mathematics -- around it -- What mathematics doesn't do it doesn't think it doesn't think he each -- war or console war. You emotional and it doesn't tell what. The strategy of both of the most of the tournament are -- it there are certain that if you do this and duke it does suggest that the like that it is dangerous or more. Let's put this beam me emotionally yeah we all know. Utilities. And changed. Dramatically just given that you're able to score of ports and border especially. This person premiere Crowell. There was a crowd they so just look like Eric junior world. Happened propaganda. They could have. He brings to the charter bank could have changed. And -- me all at all. They did not what they did now on what they dot com. It's so hard -- wanna play out is aimed at -- -- poured down by the way the moment mentioned in this going to be. So the word also that are drug fueled record in history and in order to achieve for the wrestling -- -- the ball like that you can't stop well. All of this would say no. That's not the odds that you wore in and a in the football. Ronnie Lott as our guest pro football hall of Famer college football hall of Famer he's now an analyst -- pac twelve networks. And running when asked about your former school US -- if you look at what's happened since and -- -- taken over the oil could be different team maybe the team we thought they would be the beginning of the year. How much have they changed and or are they that team we thought they could be. Well I have been there were being the team they are right now in the military lives because I just didn't expect this team. -- have the defense that it is this defense and then. And -- of the in the defense has played extremely -- well so. Kudos to vote coached in terms of what he was able to do are coming. Chains in the plot that would be. Being more aggressive in its guards. The wire around blitzing. Not being afraid to go man to man and so beautiful wonderful to. Of really change in the compartment on the defense so I don't all -- Wolf it is it's a pleasant surprise that players aren't that nobody expected to run the ball on Turkoglu. -- with coach so that would run the ball the world where the ball. It took -- different tracks that we've been able to shelters. Until all the sudden you look at our emulated. So -- a champion. Bad. You look at so those -- news -- yourself. Well okay you obviously -- starters were Herbert at 200 guns almost certain he would edit certain. Nobody expected that so. -- from saying it's been a pleasant surprise more importantly what I did extract the most and what coach over earnest. He's brought back. A lot of the emotion a lot of this here a lot of the work to. It's hard to play. Oh boy it's adorable weren't -- there's an article out. It and -- really electors are great at which you don't start -- brought them back in I think this upcoming week. Is it really interest -- -- -- effort there to promote peek at Stanford. Show in the country that there were bursting in the country. So they're going up to there is still really really that are. It's of interest in history. The current strategy -- Etsy takes turns trying to stop the stop the world and it also works a lot of blue Larry. From spare -- using spoken in his larynx so it's a very great football gaining grew to great deep sensors. Probably due to dispute centers in the in the art world so you. A lot a lot at stake right now three US city and this would be your great words for you receive it very well. -- -- -- I'm asked about the team across town UCLA. Thirteenth in the nation Jim -- is -- held a job the -- Huskies this week off Friday night. And here's a team that you know last week to put their what their best linebackers that are running back he goes for a hundred plus yards. Are they fighting that attitude as well because it was often thought of UCLA. They did have that kind of killer attitude that hey we can play some football it's can -- we're over here in west would. We can look pretty come on over here it's nice apple when we step on the field obvious can hang around the place of the Bonn now they seem to have that kind of nasty type of football attitude. Is that the one thing he's brought to that program. Yeah he's got to brought thirty Russian structure you brought a discipline. Is brought. Excitement of wanna play the game critic of that they've been trying to do which are aren't. Really. Grateful coach Moore -- outside the box and outside the box of arms is one of the great things at it and actually coaches do it. You'll love it because it serves him well I'll I'll I'll do anything. Also no market -- to get a win and you literally get -- -- and look at -- back factored in the arts and be allowed back. And -- it linebacker is the route 400 was sort of -- -- was -- -- sheer stamina it if you. If you're the girl. -- -- -- A monitor which is phenomenal. And to -- Which also went so we saw star in the making them as it is cute and -- which he's done a great Joplin. Because -- Albert. -- -- -- -- -- -- And go about their ignorance artist in mobile long ways and I think this team has just seen the best of of what they can't do it. So what they camped so you -- and duke coach -- -- -- lately in the lead the charge to Wear bright spot. A lot of interest in greens they can do right now and their -- here European an interest in -- down the stretch. Because -- they did that about them have a piracy. In regard. There's a mistake so. Still left on the on the on the schedule. So. I think that there's a -- Part -- rates down strips large Cilic. And merge and you'd better. As the weeks as the week's -- Come government on the stretcher it can be of phenomenal raised on -- -- -- -- -- -- at Stamford. Yeah Oregon in the or you know large and that are you know you have ordered state. You know they're acting they're possibly you're going to be in that played one another -- itself because it airs Wednesday. And everybody's you know right now -- other they've come on strong. They got a chance to win so often been in the championship game. You still way you as city. So it. There's still a lot of football left and would go -- of football. Post argument in the war itself. Great players. That is to be great but it's going to be a great run. Or the rest of this more. Problem of November it's going to be phenomenal. Ronnie Lott as our guest pro football hall of Famer college football hall of Famer he's now a studio analyst for pac twelve networks. He can seem with coach Rick Neuheisel Mike -- on pac twelve playbook every Sunday 9 AM. -- a breakdown all the action for around the conference from Saturday games -- thanks so much of the time it's a pleasure to talk to. Thanks guys you guys think here you know all the --