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Kyle Whittingham -- Utah Head Coach

Nov 13, 2013|

Coach joins Travis and Josh to talk Oregon/Utah this coming weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time to go behind enemy lines and returning to our programs Utah head football coach Kyle Willingham coached -- afternoon Harry doing. We are doing great ending of this Utah team played very well last week against Arizona State and fortunately in the fourth quarter things didn't work out take us through that the closing stretch of that game. Yeah that was frustrating. And that's relate to to which -- defense played exceptional play very well against Gypsies who the week prior to it. But to when the fourth quarter with a nineteen to seven lead and playing well defense exceptionally well. The entire game not to that point and gave a couple scores fourth quarter of defense missed tackles to. A little bit. Submit makes mistakes in any way to get into a couple times to. The real issue was our last six positions on profits were tree now tree now tree now and that perception and perception on student so. Hadn't been able to probably get ready to go on essentially in the fourth quarter think -- -- a chance with him -- it. But. Not due to case and so we have in the obstacles -- at that -- nineteen. This point four -- with -- -- -- pick yourself up on. Coach when you show the film to the guys seen any kind of show and I'm sure you rewind a few plays here there and show hey here's a play where if you make this or. You know if you jump off sides is a penalty that really kills you because there's anger throughout gains MS 56 plays that really make an impact on the have a game flows. And you go into that didn't get him out there on the field you read through those little bit and get that -- have their mouse and move forward but I'll seize those bad moments as teaching moments. You do absolutely there's there's total war. You know win or loss doesn't matter what the outcome in this forest -- teach accurate Q points to hopefully get better we get. We got exactly -- -- those plays we had a chance to in the game with a two X 64 quarter. Or director -- Guzman played outstanding force -- A comeback route and at all lined up to patrol was just a little bit why he had it from the tips -- figures. Have -- in it is Burkett played it was clear. Chris craft unions that would put him away and there was a couple of other interception opportunities and fourth quarter that we did -- lessons is that it's. Specifications. We hopefully. Rebound and play well this week. Utah head football coach Kyle Willingham is our guest on -- and coach talk but Travis Wilson and his development also that injury how is that hampered him. Well it was it was unfortunate we have they went against it for -- 60 it's an important. We had -- over the next week and Travis changes in the -- of the game for structures of the continue to try to play. Wasn't able to do anything was -- we welcome back Anna -- -- came back next week it's USC tried again. Again just what was as usual self a replacement in that game the week off. And hand up completely so that was. Good in the timing -- why we came came could spot force in that sense when. Played against your state and was fine. However the opposite line of several breakdowns of and treachery -- time patrol at any point gave its creditors stage there. Physical whether there exceptionally quick compact is that. But it really could get a read homework Travis was in that game because of the well sort of -- -- so. You know he's he's out of percent with the hand that we do you know then there's stake in collective that we don't wait I waited because well after the. Barring that hand injury had to have you seen him do is this where you thought he would go progressing wise improvement wise is that I'd looked back at him playing last year. -- take way to hand injury he I think he's won most improved players in the pac twelve. I agree refugees improved by -- -- over last year and I'm going to be honest with you know we do not think you would be. As good as he was quickly to close in the -- first half of the season games played lights out until that hand injuries so. Picture question he's way -- the -- -- we're expecting we got to when he struggles he's had some some bulbs this year were. Have to console there numbers of troops off wards to still progressing and learning his quarterback but were very happy overall progress cities. -- coach is we do have the organ ducks in their only losses over the last couple years were to a Stanford team that controlled the line of scrimmage. And there is a formula there we also have to have the talent to be able to do with -- what can you take and apply that to your team -- to stop -- that maybe the way to Sanford admitting your own way. Yeah well on a cup -- exactly right you know we can't just -- Stanford overnight just because they had a successful. Horrible for a successful and princes. Who have been -- to computers to their. They're physical football team their power run game and that's just not what we artist quicktime that. Which can't take away from that is the best way to defend -- I'll order offence to keep on satellite and keep control of football what's your offense however you do that they first downs can. Convert third downs. And don't turn it over. That's the best way to start your enough to -- the field long enough they're gonna put up their numbers so your best mechanisms that that's happening. Try to keep silent -- plus. When you sit there and look at film indeed receive -- what stands out to you may be it's been different over the last couple years -- -- loss came to Stanford but is it their debt at the ability that they have more -- is -- Mario -- -- -- their defense or is everything all in between. Well first of all we have played in the last couple years we can't keep your great -- floors comparison but I can Syria on tape it's probably watch child. At all positions -- -- complete football team. Offense defense special teams is that and that got all the weapons. The personnel. Is is tremendous and the second -- -- practically Press Secretary and this will be without a doubt the second there -- all season long. In -- receivables prolific offense there of one despite every category offensively so. He'll be a big -- truck guys of course -- -- stadiums and stuff pushed play on the road so it's one of the best home field advantages in college football -- Don't ask you about that last let me play -- Dotson stadium was a member of the Mountain West Conference now you're coming in the conference opponent at Spartan Stadium. It just how difficult is it to play there in in what these kids think about that opportunity. Well they're excited about the opportunity and it there's great venues in the fact -- -- try to force at all. If not the best conference so. So mark Harper's look forward to which it goes their own time last reserves to match number west. Played a pretty tough one right down the wire we have the ball it was a chance to tie was on last position in the sort of interception. You know chips for -- you're like remember earlier. -- career. -- But it's tough place to place well out success it's extremely that's that that is most noticeable thing we've practiced with crowd ignores a -- which will try to. Seemingly dead that would put or offered in the indoor facility to try to enhance that travelers pictures they understand exactly how to operate it. Coach what they have been very impressed by your teams this year especially against teams that may be highly ranked -- -- UCLA. Beat Stanford. Arizona State right down the wire it doesn't matter what their ranking is when you go in there are guys seem ready to play every time there's apart put on that field is SM -- cannot preach. We do we're very proud of our guys for exactly that -- some missed has been a constant throughout the season as you mentioned. They've been able to. It's so ready to play every single week. And fight to the bitter and there's no quick these guys have really enjoyed coaching this group -- it's frustrating. As the season has been at times and in some of the difficult losses one thing it's remained intact this is a competitive spirit the way these guys -- start. You tide football coach Kyle Willingham is our guest here on the stand used to visit or again Saturday 1 o'clock on fox sports one. Coach is always thanks for carving out a few minutes force really appreciating good luck on Saturday. On.