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Ben Golliver -- Blazers Edge and Sports Illustrated

Nov 11, 2013|

Ben joins Travis to talk the beginning of the Blazers season and the game with Detroit tonight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now Ben golfer blazers edge dot com and SI dot com Ben good afternoon or you are. Doing very well today I'm looking forward -- game tonight and we saw the blazers get two wins over the weekend over Sacramento and you'll be able we kind of expected India at least one -- both of those victories but. The other a lot of really good things but how concerned are you still with that team defense. Yet -- issue I think that they're trying to attack or eat -- issues kind of point by point. Trying to Q where they can make progress but -- overall each year keep it -- it -- be an issue just based on the personnel -- bad. I mean you can go back and look at these numbers for all the wages and even you know look at it. It got a New Orleans but it was never good I mean a lot of -- Like what Gary got to try to do it -- okay how we fix other aspects of the eat at a you know bring up our program ebitda numbers -- want to get really tried to hold it out at the tradition eat at that back. That's basically the week making sure that they're getting back not putting their smaller guards you know a guy like Ian Ian Miller Williams. It -- -- one -- desperate situation where they're kind of stuck tried or defense a bigger -- -- release are beyond those we've got to get back to. And that could help a lot because you know anytime you're you're given up three dogs. A tradition -- -- -- -- -- -- pain as well and you're trying to bring that out oh. We're trying to get to repeat that step and and try to release. -- -- under principles whether it's the ticket roller quality out of the three point line that I had success among those areas. But yeah I think you your point very well security that they could be. You know that that was a huge issue last year and you'll -- talked about that and and I never thought the Robin Lopez move was a great one but considering the options they had it might have been the best option they had but. Bring in Robin Lopez what exactly has that -- Well did you CME is between him an Angel -- right out there almost like a technique to bet they're really try to. Eliminate it freaked out and that relate I think you know in gold market and Eric are gonna get out there are right there. Khaleda would on people and certainly it's it's bad. More aesthetically pleasing to watch them play defense but what -- you were just a -- -- to eat out. I'm not sure that we've seen totally consistent play yet provoke that he got a couple I I. I actually -- when he's really engaged like it spurs game -- your e-book shall we get. When he's not engaged he can look totally -- it -- get in foul trouble a huge issue the Portland beat so. I -- I didn't consistency for him is gonna beat you over the course that he did because they are a lot of credit. Up the -- -- lot -- people excited about what it would do -- -- and that is that one of the guys statistically. Last seat in India it was -- very worst -- -- yet about how you look at where all the work actually played 84 minutes. I pictured that like ninth day you know he's he's been a much more expected interior defender I even though he's undersized point up our initiative and a good job of protecting the -- when he can't. And -- a little bit of -- -- -- total turnaround at -- all I -- you have at big east to meet for him. The goal not to be too much you dock to -- at -- and number what number retreat at court -- -- their but just to do the dirty work and I think he's been able to do that so far the first couple week. In a -- before the season Nigel talked about. No changing his game a little bit and realize that to stay in the NBA to stand roster he needed to change and adapt to what that team needed obviously did the blazers in this scenario. If his mentality how much you think that's -- what he's been able to deal. Oh it big and I think that -- a body issues big QB EW local leader when he hit it. Compared to last year in depth look a lot quicker out matter earlier and he we get beaten very easily just one on one situations by strict. Quick look they spit on and you have no hope. And no real chance to -- and so I think the the body issued debt relief -- well. Our current get a guy like that. Different player he's realized that. Quick is with the big limiting limiting factor for him last year ejected app that India agility. And I think he's shown a little bit more that that -- Then -- is our guest blazers edge dot com SI dot com. No -- LaMarcus Aldridge has been kind of a lightning rod for fans as to what they think the blazers should do with him in the long term but. We saw again over the weekend just how important he has to this team -- a huge shot I think it was Saturday night's game that helped stop a run from from Sacramento but just. How important. You know in the big picture is LaMarcus Aldridge going to be. Our meeting him at Miller really two guys they just cannot apt quote got injury you know -- -- backcourt -- it and we quickly. But they're -- -- like you know all star print all start at the start -- -- -- at a a tough shooting night over the weekend and people got up very nice start. And it looked ready -- ago. Good for -- spent especially with all the questions they came over the summer back if you want a beer we'll keep or like to see the improvement from the roster Eric's better. You do all those kind of that which operated at a kind of that that that talk started. You've got to back it up on the court to come out and play like -- number one guy he's certainly done that. You know you mention Charlotte Saturday night he also had a couple to be worked out or order usually take it over and got that speedway over and over it it's kind of -- -- delivered in daggers that -- too so it's good to see. You know overall it's very agency that the opposite actually been extremely ballot that he's sort of what you're not reaching when he took the job last year. You always talk -- -- op -- where everybody department everybody able. I you don't get good looks an actual we're seeing it all ordered Hitler doing so much respectively. Guys like Wesley -- or Nicholas Batum. You know people but it looked up opened its scoring numbers as well it's because decreased only open three point looks. I between that it duo -- an -- and also just such good ball movement. And you know the average -- -- -- during the pre season or turn the ball locally created there were the worst -- teams probably -- great it's great relief tighten that up. Iowa interstate all those concessions that you're moving the ball around you're gonna get a lot of shots. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I hate to keep going back to this with LaMarcus Aldridge situation but but you're right when those rumors do have to do do come out you do have to play like -- number one whether those rumors your fault or not she has but. -- what are your take on the big picture with LaMarcus Aldridge because there are a lot of people who think well you're not gonna win with them you're not gonna win without so wanna get. Predicament trying get something back is there a scenario where that doesn't make sense for basketball not necessarily just money and all of those things. We are very interesting comment out of the polite and not seen electric about Jim -- show -- -- that. You know LaMarcus shortages -- a quarter a record year to year basis wedge to about that that they'll. You could say rumors are not yet -- stayed on an international interview that the years you're situation everybody's core sort of you don't realize that it is a -- -- to their retirement -- those -- -- -- -- -- for a guy who you know it. I in -- situation BC's meet the best power or second or are or FDA. I mean that would but the big statement especially with the league you know one year after its contracts aren't the big mission to meet. I think -- your Portland. You're OK now you know as long as there's no -- Egypt -- take you ought to operate. Well it out. Over the start and let's not forget and got a pretty soft schedule here come up and it could be at a couple of weeks -- they could be for the like you know eight to 83. You know intended to leave it to be -- everything breaks per credit could have a very strong -- beat him. At that point that it -- squelch -- India a trait -- or even any rumors or speculation. Along but light during the season. Do all the that it can pop up again except that no question about it potentially -- it interment. It's going to be determined by how article in the port street that you are if there it'll make the -- -- it's going to be real red flag typical one and done and are quick out again. I got to -- your real red flag prepping for right now either up to a hot start that stuff you know it's actually gonna die the credit like. You know how much is Thomas Robinson's development gonna factor in that we're only seeing him get 1011 minutes so far is he are the kind of holding back a little bit with him and in -- they. -- are hoping his development navy has some impact on the LaMarcus Aldridge situation. You know I don't think he can play I mean not to delete -- a -- about your credit -- where they are you what they pitched in that are being potentially one of the best young. Our Fords in the NBA I just don't see -- he's not played a lot like your -- but what you look at is -- -- the game it's pretty limited are not able. Really consistently stepped out and shoot that jumper when -- adopted we get into a lot of trouble with turnovers lose in the ball. I just could result stuck in that the court. -- he's not an overpowering physical force on the block -- you are under side gets an -- our forward. We do know he had a very good recoveries Utley showed that I that you looks like you know sort of an average at best defender on the other end. I answered to media and I don't see any situation where you're trying to set the duct work on the target BR -- Arkansas I don't eat at. And I don't think that means that Robert -- yet be helpful player I think played minor role he's playing out. Where you can you know out of their role grow a little bit maybe it would -- -- -- off the bench. You know back to be very effective temporary help -- the player. But I just don't see necessarily you know it upside walked her -- -- quite see it get short -- certainly get it certainly during creepy -- what -- declare a lot. Or during opening start the regular season. So to be I think you're the big question mark and I'm not sure that if I was Jewish I wouldn't be big in being a totally different player next year for example. It's funny too because there -- a lot of talk but him being the number one overall pick a couple years ago and and he slid if you can say at a player at number five -- he did in the two teams already given up on him. It was assuming that may be uses a little bit too over -- to Kansas. It like it happening you know Whitney sometimes you can be a totally over our critical -- it VA at all. You get the idea at all that you know aren't any week -- net app. I especially among -- upper class excuse me and that's one reason why I think a lot of a lot of times teams they beat kind of cast those juniors -- stat numbers out the door a little bit because they don't trust them because they realize -- -- played against guys too that sometimes 234 years younger than. Out of college level that's obviously huge advantage we talked about players that young so yeah I think. By almost any stretch even the people who didn't think you'd get a -- all -- player I think his first year what the FDA has been at this point that. And it's it's not totally clear why -- big. Part of it is him trying to decide what they did he is going to be the blazers have really tried to help you steer him toward that redoubt in route they -- scorpio a player. I you -- finished a -- I had to beat there's a lot done to -- got them. You know don't try to do too much don't try to go 101 don't step out on the -- -- achieve long jumpers. You know just keeping it simple I think that is really going to be a potential go beat you know for him to be really effective I think -- gonna be able to succeed in that role. But that's not the most valuable role I have the FDA it certainly not the kind of player that you would sped up by click on that valued at if you. So I think it's it's sort of edit a matter of expectation it's -- at this point output at a number nine guy in your rotation that -- that. So -- -- pistons at the rose -- are the -- -- still -- east of that idea that they they a lot of moves this off season they bring in Brandon Jennings and bring in Josh Smith to have issues with spacing on the floor two and three right now but how to matchup against the blazers tonight. You know it's gonna be real urgency because report like this that they can really stretched out all the direction they're gonna -- -- that work with their report shooting. That that there are two very good start Larry like that would shooting numbers. Odds -- you're kind of in all -- the opposite it away keep at it beat it out and I call they're big -- You know strong. I really early -- -- you don't withdraw Munro Schmidt and all that it like you'd certainly like shooting Obama gonna be you know magical opposite. But you know Detroit -- got a lot of you know chemistry issue -- your head coach -- and they got to figure out that there's -- working through. How they're gonna beat -- most effective. I think actually a little leg up on the meat for all their. I keep that the Bible -- talked about what would -- pretty much you know would they are in other -- -- be topic that you that a lot of points they've got to go to -- -- In order in -- and it got all issued Israel and the Koppel at that and I think that you get quote an advantage you're in this game. I just because they're a little bit more the finished product -- early in the -- that up but it should be just get that would get it be a clash of a clash of child in a kind of a contract out the play tonight -- no question about it. Then golf lovers are against you read the blazers edge dot com and SI dot com to follow him on Twitter at blazers edge that is always thinks of much of the time you for the great work we'll see tonight the game. --