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Cristin McLemore -- Ex Ducks WR

Nov 8, 2013|

Cristin joins Travis and Josh as the Good Dude of the Week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time for our good deal of the week and Josh Wilcox has always LA you introduce our guest slobbering and and one of the best wide receivers ever -- -- University of Oregon gadgets. Have been got jealous because they call more plays for him than me but at the same time here's a guy that I can make more athletic plays than myself -- and Mac mark Chris later today body. I'm gonna look just great to hear from abroad are you going. I'm doing fantastic man let's talk about your experience and or again you had a lot of big plays when up that a lot of acrobatic catches something that I have the inability to deal because my -- week. Vertical but did have a game in your mind that stands out for you that was kinda your best game down at organ. You know I mean. We have some wonderful game -- -- get a play and you know as far as myself. Something that stands out as an exceptional. You know I it's it's tough I mean it's just helped choose between. That Rose Bowl drives -- driven you know game an -- state. That you played in so sickly and download -- I think you're walking on death. And and that Rose Bowl game which so -- and -- -- I think both you and I left -- on the field that day. And a lot of other things out there that there except. When you think about the opportunities that you have as a football player some players never get that chance to be on the big stage and go to the Rose Bowl looking back on it now. In almost twenty years later how important is an experience like that to you. You know it's. It's like changing it really is you know and in -- studio to have that the opportunity that we've had now to watch the progression of this program. The rights of -- the successes that have come along with some of the work that we put in from back then you know twenty plus years ago. -- -- huge huge huge -- -- other ones had added I really enjoy it I mean it's just a great part to be a part of his organs you know most -- family. Or -- -- net that civil war game 1994. Were playing in Corvallis. I'm not exactly a 100% healthy at probably had some bad Chinese shooter sent -- I don't know but but but for you a guy that win in. Got hit in the hand had a goat can describe that because a lot of people don't remember that you had to go in it X rays on your I believe your hand come back in. Make huge huge catches. -- to get us back down their -- fall over. Has dropped may be an opportunity for you score touchdowns we had to give that went to Dino would tell people exactly -- what happened I would hurt yourself and came back in that game. It felt like because we we we bolt -- members say exactly how was. You know election block and -- plans for Ricky Whittle. And and you know Ricky was pretty aggressive when he ran and when you make contacts he made contact I think my hand happened to be were his helmet was made contact as some sort of -- So. I was removed from the stadium. Take it down to go all across I think probably the furthest point on that on the org state campus pretty cold dated date. I'm a subsidiary of state and it in family. Didn't quite call me -- that day that. Nonetheless it's just kind of made even more fun. I've got across campus. They extra -- -- found out it wasn't broken. So they said well let's just get him back cross field -- -- prosperity to what was coach Brooks wants to do. Of course of course does get back out there so they take my hand out. It was -- that's -- could have like the baseball size lump on it and they had spread all that swelling out so I was also quite solid is that when Beckett and just do my job no problems plays and and the rest is history. Kristen -- -- is our guest former Oregon wide receiver and when you look at your career all the things you did know the civil war is the that you're talking about in Dayton -- Did you realize then how important was to the fans -- now when you when you sit back in your little older defense talking about those memories and things like that did you just realize what kind of effect it had on people. Oh yeah you know it's kind of a -- played some muscles disappoint kind of I think it a lot of it has to do with the success of our program but. Still ward isn't quite seem to be as focused as it is has the same focus and intensity. -- used to and you know. Take effect until that happens to what the success of the program for both of the schools. Not being such a huge focus of a game a one game a year but. You know every game having some type of huge. Effect on the into the peace and for all those programs so. You know but that being -- and it was just it was such huge huge part of of what it was to be apart organs football and you know and that had been a part of that Sunday. The fight songs and in and been down my guys didn't break that week for -- war not a better and better. Look -- you came is pretty highly decorated. You know recruit. Your first you're eating get on the field a whole lot and you're -- you're started stepping up in fact my first touchdown. Ever was firmer reverse pass -- you against Washington State. You know you think you did a lot of different things yet you gotta throw the football and he becoming you know one of the leading receivers in Oregon. You step away from the program I would ask you you're younger brother just like myself had a younger brother come up through there. Did that mean as much TU is having your little brother played the same school you did. All of course -- -- I think it's never going to create process try to be fair to him and allowing him to have his own you know ideas and stuff but. He would significantly crabbing organ down this road you know as much as -- could. But yet it was huge -- I mean. You know will we we both came together obviously -- a little bit more legacy with your father playing her head of us. Well but I've got to tell you may. -- -- should know that. I got to play with -- two of the best Brothers ever come through there and then also we had demonic -- with despair. Discussion and we had a group of different sets of Brothers though pretty amazing. And two bit a part of that. Was was it was dynamic and I just I'm blessed. You know Chris I hear about and things like is left from Josh story your take on and obviously things have changed a lot the program the renovations the stadium. The additions to all the new huge buildings and all this stuff but there's still -- -- all of a really big part of coaching staff that's still there how -- fighting is that program to someone who's been awake for it for so long. You know it's congress it's currently can speak about something now it seems like. Little more freely. But you know it's wonderful especially the coaching staff they have their right now. To me is representative. What or what order for all of -- You know certainly. Coach Brooks coached a lot of those guys put this stuff in the order and kind of set it up. You know they'll have to change is different people come in there with coach Kelly who did a wonderful wonderful job of get our program -- two levels he has. But it's -- -- -- could have -- -- -- have somebody -- -- -- -- you know obviously includes big -- -- You know he's working guy. He understands the culture. You know so it is just a wonderful thing to have these guys need to cut open. I'll fight dogs -- down parent coach -- and who ever the stalwart at the running back. You know position -- -- element. Coming got these these guys still here they're gonna outlast yet. Chris what do you miss most about. -- we can all say it's the games there or going in their bit for me it's kind of that locker room that camaraderie of the guys that you you even if you see my campus she still kind of had his five about I think. I think we had one of the better locker rooms. The couple years we were there. I'm guys have a lot of respect for each other you can fool around. There was there was a mutual respect for everybody but that's the thing I miss the most is being around the guys. Yet -- -- you know it's like it's funny because you know just got our groups and step on FaceBook which we -- Alec wrote male locker -- which is followed could still -- each other but. It's about the same I -- grown we've got families that. Yeah I do that said two of the innocence about that that just trying to you know -- some no special. It wasn't contrived and wasn't you know we it would kind of learned that we rule together and Indians through things in. And we went toward a great deal together we we do a lot of -- more decisions based upon a team function. I think that a lot of 181920. Year old wouldn't quite have had. The grass to do normally so yeah I'm on a product apart that. Well I mean yeah I speak to either get one or two things is that we were there coach Brooks takes off. We have coach bloody step up in there and then but the year that coach Brooks we went to Hawaii and Cory Murphy who is when he your dear friends a wide receiver gets hurt. And he's a guy that you know with who was from Portland count on to do a lot of big things and the thing I can remember most was you decide to switch your Jersey up. Where his -- help honor kind of what he had done for that program and not only for the program for for what he did for yourself in that wide receiver group. And I think some people kind of forget about you know how what Cory Murphy mention that football team. Men that ever I mean it's as -- play and there's this issue one man's life could have been changed forever. The guy it was and I mean just. Probably is the one most incredible procedure I never remembered seeing it. That the days when I look at receivers are going to be Campanella camp with the Indianapolis COLT. And miraculous Marvin Harrison and I haven't actually written -- steered the hula bowl together I kept going this guy and of course Emerson and meet. I wouldn't say there's snapping their in my opinion it would cormorant provided it was Marvin Harrison says football and I -- play football and that was very important to watch him. Loses opportunity to play how he looked so much but -- up to life he has change he has just kind of involvement in in in -- it has let it become very successful and happy and -- very very close with Adams was that is wedding this summer over the great. Well Chris sometimes I know you're still helping out coach and yet some of the younger kids and helping out with that is that something that. You love doing and helping China you know -- kids the right way and showing -- the right way to do things. Alia I mean you know I don't have any problem and you know offering up my advice -- -- in my experience. It's not it's no secret that -- might as for myself that I have had personal struggles with things in life and embattled somebody's saying that the government. Are now facing himself for meat to be able to be afforded the -- its way to come back in share my experience. So while some of the things that have happened to meet. Peace force some -- for not. It's huge it's huge to me now. Very disappointing watched you know what happens Sicilian women in his life. But what I'm trying to hopefully get across these people as is more to place in just football -- -- -- great thing that there's a lot. Up more life and his football as we got -- Topeka and understand and hopefully can. To grass that currently there there for five years there. Well one of my favorite players ever to play with the -- outstanding athlete which had this skews you did have time I don't have a bigger mouth -- -- law puts. Appreciate you coming on today topic -- always good chat with -- and I'm sure about the do you get a game but. They just -- mission meant that your body. -- --