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Nov 8, 2013|

Daniel joins Travis and Josh to talk about the pro prospects of the Ducks on the field last night.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is time to talk to Daniel Jeremiah he's an NFL network and nfl.com. Analyst. You find -- Twitter at moved the sticks he was in Palo Alto last night for Oregon Stanford. Dana good afternoon how are you. Were doing great today duck fans obviously know little disappoint today -- a lot disappointed but. -- being at that game and CNET Stanford defense in person and what they're offensive line was able to do how impressed were you. Our current -- I mean that to me -- Leeway to simulate that they were able to staying in a little bit longer. Where were looking were there are spelled -- Thought they'd they'd they or gap discipline you didn't -- guys or I've played you know a huge huge cutback plan. But yeah edge not let word get out by the mean it was her pretty masterful job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the chip -- power after power the power a power. And not in an organ would never really they find it or not I'm sure you'd be such a wide getting a lot of heat up there and what you can meet at linebacker -- I wouldn't agree -- terms appeared on crack of doubt cultural -- social. Wasn't quite the performance that everybody expected from Mario and a but looking at infamous scalp perspective and what he can do for in the NFL -- How pivotal with it was this performance on his kind of greater what he does going forward. Why are you guys that a third at 21 general manager Eric talked. -- or viable -- again you are you know for the game they're very very high element and that you know part of during the Yemeni and after the game it was not trying. It was obviously didn't wanna kick off -- run and you take that away and they had a pretty big part it ain't so. That that too many people look out on that -- over the coaching Charlie you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- troubles. You also talk that some big time throw so I don't I think people overreacted at -- just killed NFL folks adult ratio. -- Daniel being in the starting businesses -- you have been out of the the view on quarterbacks like Marcus Mario and it changed. Yeah I mean it because you're you're projecting forward in that thing it's used -- to be also okay well. He got to be you know a masterful how are Padilla come into play right away and now. Because machines and -- from Morgan and other places you know he can yeah well he gives you time he can actually be playing young quarterbacks. But it runs and then don't reached a -- run around a little bit simplify the but you still get by winning games while development of you know Craig Patrick wanted to be. So that -- changed in the last years that earned big benefit to secure about these systems. And you know I think that's gonna benefit Mario right up what you guys tell -- like I don't know it's like it they all other breaking news and I'm going to abortion or -- your you know he just turned forty years old and getting a lot that are so there's a lot of people that are excited about the future for this guy. Are not finished product right now he's not he's not -- -- stratus during Andrew Luck was coming our current market and ORG three but but you can see what it's -- -- Become -- I heard you guys would help our I have courage and effort background or Wichita or to the workers are great yet. What's -- perception of the year at the Thomas and what he can do it the next level in any kind of what he greens because. Hasn't really had the season that everybody expected he has some big break up plays the words he kind of fit within -- FL scouts sides. Well I'll walk on the fourteenth and -- and stood next on and our commercial -- a couple of years. Any body type or rises -- -- shot Jack's -- really really narrow -- and he never going to be you know you never going to be able guy. Arms so there are some natural her ability concerned I think. I know other my body generally kill you need to be slot receiver that you're not gonna really put him in the actual next well he would not sure we hold up. So I mean you know it's going to be big for him lottery that decides about how he works out terms or run routes and things like that because I think. Prince -- port. Daniel Jeremiah is our guest NFL network nfl.com. And you know come along at the same lines of the got -- getting a lot of talk nationally united scene and his name pop up on big boards in the top ten top fifteen lately people like real -- What did you see from him last night how does he project out. Well that's a -- that's low -- for me I'd be I'd be shocked if he was a top fifteen action. From what actually now like running a good player. If not you know right not a real big guy -- is physical the one thing that concerns me a little bit he's a rapper now 88 a lot of crap down field. And an end to discredit it a lot of legal in the college game gridlock and you'll get a real -- Maxwell for a company I have to work where. Well in terms of complexity out of the ball still outstanding but but terms that you know an elite and elite athlete. You know terms slipped your hips to and -- -- and have -- -- times size. The doesn't have that currently have those two components to get top fifteen pick deposition. Did you let me ask you about you know these lists that come out in these pundits that come out so early in the season and his guys here that guys there. From someone's been -- it yourself for a long time. It's seems to me that it's obvious everybody knows who the players are going to be. But these -- -- these guys can rise up rise Dowd in. And there's always well we know when I heard this guy but I think within the scouting community everybody knows about this night. How much static credibility to report in December stepped its release out there. Beginning of the season or midway through disease. Or you outlook I don't whole lot of stock into it now on the side of the business saw -- now. Older -- put out a list of just guide my captured key guys channel watched. But you know all different class not dressed (%expletive) you you'll you'll rarely hear me ever -- anything about this their. You know first round pick of the -- outside a picture. Sit back and watch all these cars and have a chance who's going to be in the draft sports pretty irrelevant conversation. And now being on the -- side of it we never really put a whole lot of stock and do you know what we now they're. On the Internet terms -- appeared down there at all at all in change. And it doesn't really matter where these teams have -- so I prefer you know doing the evaluation on the media sites they look at where I see him. In my opinion he's -- from my my personal draft -- I have him here. But now I'm not saying he's gonna go out there that can get in the search teams. You know Daniel I don't need to tell you we've seen a million undrafted rookie free agents play well at the running back position in the NFL and guys drafted in the sixth or seventh round whether it's. Aryan Foster Alpert and are more as a lot of guys are able to make that jump for whatever reason it is. Last night we saw just a bunch of talented running backs and Gaffney to Marshall and young Thomas -- based on what you've seen of those guys who seems to be. It would be best pro prospect. I would say marshaled by a landslide. -- he's intriguing to me and I know he's young he's just going to. In order to get better he's already pretty darned good how watched on tape I went -- Stanford they've ordered to kind of -- capable teams. And and he jumped out to me I think he's going to be -- really really good back. In China has yeah they're at the pro style can finish -- I saw he had run down by the goal line -- believing it's usually results power there that that that stood out to me so -- immediately -- Japanese are hard runner. He Kabul once speed diet not -- should not explosive. Bodies should according finish ever run him credit for that but yeah I'd be surprised if he's found his way into the first oral. I went askew as well when you win when you're working for a team in need you talent evaluation. How much further do you guys go along into character who these guys are about -- I think now that's much more important than. A lot of what they can -- on the field you have to look deep into their backgrounds just kind of who. The type of person they are their family and I don't know if people understand is how much time effort scouts have to put into that. Yeah you know that's that's -- reasons why wouldn't vote thanks to get out scouting now released. Early in getting back into a -- on the way that it shifted two years ago when I first started Ochoa reached. 80% of your time spent watching tape and just you know structure or. And then in my last year Philadelphia. It was it was strictly strictly not 6040%. Of your child was -- and invest in order. And trying to dig every little piece of back on a mission trip on all these kids so -- become a very very -- kill process that -- part of it. That that that juggling act talks saying no that you look around the league. And there's a lot of guys looks a major character or -- really well and and winning football games so you gotta kind of balance what you forgive senator what is. They're considering all those things you just mentioned you know movement obviously today. We hear a lot more information about what goes off the field we did ten years ago or twenty years goes with all those things. You know taken into consideration you think -- -- that you know maybe some of those things are looked at too much or is that even possible. I think it is about personal organization reached in summer games coming go very quickly. And the national only because they put their flag bigger arms that we are going to be you know high character you know team and we're gonna -- albeit at a get off to draft ordinance they don't check all the -- We're not gonna we're not gonna put marks what you know that we've seen a couple internal. You look at -- -- and bill Jean Schmidt is a really -- personnel guy but they kept stats character issues before he got there and -- years there. A draft a lot of clean prospects but of -- critics couldn't run couldn't play. Are you now you're not captured each require -- when shall all games mostly. How important is the score of the wonder link test. -- that very I mean to me it's a it's it's. Its interest in couldn't afford it they're real harms our belief that you had from talking to a player or commuted back and try. The order a school wouldn't tell me this so you know -- this. A receiver really struggled to -- a tough time in school we after you want to play one position I have a little concern on him now he goes on the one -- -- single digit. That reinforces that concern that it can be an issue but it's like orders what I you know popular stuff. You -- you know you offense you can take from the board to the field. In the eighties -- a little -- maybe you maybe just bring it Bennett talked to make sure you feel good about it but that's not Alter -- stock. Daniel Jeremiah is our guest NFL network nfl.com analyst sees the host of the college 2.4 seven podcasts -- with Matt money Smith and Bucky Brooks. That's available for download at nfl.com and to find him on Twitter that moves the sticks. Data -- so much of the time we appreciate the insight. It.