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Chris Petersen -- Boise State Head Football Coach

Nov 6, 2013|

Chris joins Travis and Josh to talk Boise State Football and 'when the right time is' to leave for a different school.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time to talk to the head football coach at Boise State Chris Petersen coach an afternoon Hillary you are. You guys think -- beyond. Appreciate joy and a siren yelled at this point of the season. Debates it's really football is set to a war of attrition -- and for your team you've been so banged up to this point how how different his this year banned for your team. You know it's -- in it seems to differ I try to look back in you know you're always gonna lose guys along the way which for whatever reason. It just -- us a little bit harder this year than it has in the past but our guys -- You young guys stepped up in the battle of -- that's. That's all you can do which you just hope to -- replaying it already giving you everything you have -- and young guys starter progress that we do have some of that going on here. He had you on the quarterback situation one that you cannot always had a guy in there that has been that guy for a couple of years as she gagging Maine got the got to go with the kid out of central. Out here in Oregon. Is that a hard thing for the offense to get in tune with you know -- quarterback coming in I think you know play calling is one think from a coach's standpoint the cadence and just against presence in the huddle. Yeah Josh you -- you know all the little things to make it different but I would say they're -- we really -- Grant cricket Taiwan. You know Joseph -- -- which has been a quarterback over here for awhile real world smaller guys I've been around a deposition I mean. We should we have done so many things with him -- -- He checks decision out of place and he's so Smart and so you lose a guy like that. It's always unsettling but grant has done a great job that he brings some skill as a to the table that Joseph doesn't have got me. He could really run into a powerful arm. And each game -- batter -- And so it's you know it's kind of thought that it would mean we would plated we'll try to play your quarterback's strengths. And grant has -- -- to Joseph and so that's been on over the last couple weeks step. Comfortable in the offense a little bit just to get a goal. -- coach is really really difficult to break into that top tier college football it's even harder to stay there for an extended period of time. No what is the challenge for you to continue that success of Boise State. Well unfortunately there's this thing called graduation. -- I guess that's a good thing if you try to graduate you guys. But it you know we -- to -- guide to motorcycles and soul it's just really horror. Always have that next superstar lined up ready to go for us your -- Jewish state. Do we gotta develop guys and that's -- that's been our trademark is that we get guys here for a couple years. Give little playing time -- -- developed a way to go. What you have to you have to be all balls you know you can't lose guys to injury you can. It and these guys stepped off the field issues or anything like that in its -- or not. To -- her -- in goals areas and so you're gonna have some little. Ups and downs at all you know he's he just comes down to talent and if you -- college ready to produce or not. Now coach when you just run recruiter player well a lot of people have said okay we'll -- goes out finds the kind of Boise State kid might pass on a guy that has more stars. In you guys have a caricature. Plays a lot into that not only you know are they football players who were coming guys they are. It's not always just the talent alone what you see on film to that person is is that correct. It is coordinated. You know immediately so much like board back I've got -- easy part of the whole recruiting -- -- to look at a guy decades ago. -- he's probably good enough you don't always say that that's what they'd probably do about that tells you don't think he's -- about -- just like -- like -- -- he's good enough cash if he has -- -- -- things that you're talking about all those intangibles -- competitive fire. That toughness and you know the character out of trees teammates and all the stakes could. I think the main reason that we you're so into that. It is we you know we used to and so many hours here with these kids. You know we just wanna like. You know we we -- it through that or you know you get a guy two really good player and you really don't like except for on Saturday and soul. But there's a whole year you know the rest the year of the rest of the week so we've just got -- -- We just really wanna light piece can it to be around them and we wanted to be you know coach Martin -- to have them. Totally responded that's just kind of direction we've gone and that's workforce for the most part. Chris Peterson is our guest Boise State head football coach and in coach did the north west is not like the SE as far as the number of recruits that there are available. And you're competing with -- all the schools in the pac twelve the mountain west -- you have all those factors going into it what's your approach as to what kind of guys you look at. Well. A little bit which Josh was talking about you know we will we just we try to find good that we -- tape doesn't lie. It's we try not to get caught up all the hype and we just released our coach has done a good job studying tape. And looking at a lot of it not -- just to highlight tape just studying tape of guys. And so they need to you know you get a good deal for really what you're gonna get -- -- And then the hard part comes in terms do all the detective work and really what type it is this and it's hard because we didn't spend so little time around these guys recruiting anymore. You don't you have -- visited it. You don't during your back Jordan talks did you get a -- -- or to really sensible -- guys come from distant and so. It's horde though it sort coaches have worked really horde of really trying to figure out. You know to Havel's principles that we wanted we wanna be around him. -- does -- -- almost thanks. Coach him into some you know being around close guys like -- McClellan Korey Hall. He even Kellen Moore those kind of guys the stories I've heard about when those guys have been out and getting recruited in high school they're going to schools that are. You know just a blip on the radar I know for a fact that McClellan. They had guys in cowboy boots and jeans on the sidelines and I kept pads and you guys had to find these guys that I guess would be canned GMs that have been unearthed. But there's something that -- that character of of what you guys can project the way they're gonna go and if they come into your system. They're gonna end up being good football players -- human beings. Yeah that's -- were open yup. In your brother you don't just that he he'll just find some of those guys split we should go battle and it's just I don't know what you just gaming there's certain guys did. You know beauty is always an -- to be older but there's certain guys to really follow up waited. Even in ovals are just a few of the guys that you're talking about the world Golan. But I don't really like these guys now you'll sometimes report up to be a little bit better than you thought they were going to be it's sometimes maybe not quite as much. What you really like you know you'll like this people you like most players do you feel good about going into the hole plate with them. You would talk more in our other first round draft pick two years goes with Tampa there are running back he was caught in the same way -- -- I would reaches lusty lady was recruited he was recruited by the pac twelve its. But I thought it was under recruited and I just couldn't understand why a deal we got him here he was actually even better than we thought it was going to be right from the start. And so you don't -- -- -- stories and that's kind of how it goes but I will say this is that it's certainly an art it's not a science it's very hard process it's a grinding process. And I have to time you know you just -- out of luck along the way a lot of that. Good sort of nasty some -- your program a lot over the years has played those mid week games those Thursday night games of the Friday night games and Oregon and Stanford playing tomorrow night it's out of their comfort zone they're not used to that -- had. How do you deal with those weeks on a short week where things just a little different. So here's the things that we sort of -- back where I mean since I've been here Boise State. We played. On every night of the week apple leads I think every single byte of the week week. He talked action status so we first were doing it I mean we just -- start -- -- that we -- like anything about it. We beat the you know we they're gonna put us on TV nobody wanted -- TV back way back -- -- it's -- kick start happening dark actually responded they played well on TP. The second thing was how we actually got some good breaks that you played on Tuesday or Wednesday. You didn't play again that weeks almost like a baby -- it was awful by but it was -- we actually started liking that. The games that our power if you plan on Saturday and that you go to Thursday. We've played that -- -- three times. Since I've been here supporting state and battle like that what that's very hard on the kids. That's a tough one. Now -- don't -- organs get I don't know if people got by they had -- Last week so that that's a completely different deal will be there ready to play that's that's different but it would you place from a Saturday or Thursday expressed only night of the week when they arrange her schedule. It is very hard office. When asked about mark health -- he was a grad assistant I believe one or two years at Oregon when you were there. -- can't see him as this kind of coach and as his career progressed him being. -- guy at a university did he have does it factors early on when he resisted GA at Oregon and you were the wide receiver coach. Either way -- can be pretty there's no doubt it's fact. You know I can't think why is this guy coached football I think what -- he wanted to be a doctor. And hope they can yeah I can see that it's bad. You know he got crazy coach Bobby stated to -- and bad. -- cutter got a job over here boys see. And marquis PGA forest and you know I kind of I would take credit for referred to it. -- got org indicated back there because you know I can tell dirt that's -- Guy you need to take -- he does exist -- so you know is anybody out there are configured to -- rapidly he knows everything we're doing. And you know some Turks certainly you don't jump on that what -- no doubt I mean he was one of those guys secrecy wave back quit just intelligence loan -- was can -- some really good thing to be such a great person on top of that. You know coach every year there are some high profile job openings and every year your name is mentioned for some of those we continue to stayed Boise State. Now for -- you did that decision to stay where you are why it's so important you did to be in that in the army in the state Boise State in the program that you helped build. Well the one thing is is that we just like we just like it's easier for you bill for all this time maybe I think that's the bottom line is that. Ordered it in my travels you know just beat -- different places the one thing I've learned is -- -- optical -- or else would be happier. I mean I just don't believe that one set of problems for another now maybe you're ready for a new set of problems. You know a new challenge sold to other things that's different issue. But you know board she's a great place it really is that we just enjoyed living here administration's been great places changed so much. You know certainly -- thirteen years and I've been over here I mean the campus is completely different our facilities are different. And so it organized it's been it's been challenging but it's been awesome. Just to watch as Playskool. And you know that's that's what we're still here. Is it different for every coach cannot win that next challenge who you know is coming because like you mentioned Boise State. Not many people understand just how special -- job that is and the fact you know for your family the coaching staff you have there the city itself. To jump to say a much larger metropolitan area a whole different set of problems visit different coach Mike coats on when that challenge comes in when it's kind of like. Are right I've reached the top an amount here is the best a look at greener pastures are you know are those greener pastures not really green at all. Right the you're exactly right just mutates I think -- -- saying this and that's kind of -- after every time because everything. You know it. You know I think it is -- -- -- -- I'm never going to be one of those coaches Tuesday that never said some stated it was forever locked in here for the rest of my life just. You don't use eagles' coaches say that and I really believe that they they think -- debate debacle -- anywhere. And then things changed -- and think in -- life for a deal to hyping its just different and so now the -- ego and soul. You know we better long time but I've never said they were staying here forever struggles reasons because things do change in the timing it may be needed to challenge at all sanctioned. After the season due to scuttle a warrior -- figure out where eagle from the air. Chris Peterson is our guest Boise State head football coach. Coaches always grade -- thanks so much for the time appreciating good luck the rest of the year. And I appreciate you guys take care of the Broncos thank you.