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Jordan Kent -- CSNNW Host

Nov 6, 2013|

Jordan joins Travis and Josh as the Duck of the Week to talk Oregon/Stanford and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox is time toxin duck football with our -- the week former or again receiver organ basketball player is well. Jordan -- now with Comcast sports net northwest Jordan good afternoon radio and we are doing very well into a little bit earlier we talked about the history of this or against Stanford rivalry does not just the last couple years. Stanford has been a thorn in origins side for decades now is that had a little something extra this game. You certainly especially do look at the past five years and how they -- we pan. The conference title on the line at -- whoever wins this game meant. I think at the ducks fans. Got to vote 52 rival CNET like very. Very well last two years in good coaches or -- situation where they took over someone that really helped lift program. To another level I think going into it there's just and so much history -- -- -- -- eaters are really trying to get that. -- not a part like being -- national title. Competitor and play in the game currently. That he got what he got a great route retreated -- -- in your opinion what's the one difference. From last year's organs football team to this year. The big different organ heading into this game in her ability to throw the ball this year you god. I'll help you Josh are playing -- -- -- important place. And Braylon out at the relief and audit that per play maker to compliment. The opening -- and -- Mario that sparked a dramatic chain Olympic Games that do for the dynamic place. And the fact that you all of them like it's such a high level. Go to a lot of pressure on much interest secondary especially PRI quarters spell out -- take pressure off the end they can't Byron Marshall. If you backlash organ was that you really try to establish a run which makes sense that they -- -- -- looked on the -- too much. I think going into the game or Hewitt ducked and -- -- concern last year Ottawa scored fourteen point Arctic this -- just it. Get those two you -- Mario. Having another -- experience under its belt no reason model addiction scored a lot ordered that it last year. You know Jordan in that game last year we saw so many times or argument trying to get to the edge and they just couldn't in Stanford did a great job containing managed. You know how much it can be learned from that game they're taking away those things that they did happen defensively for Stanford against them. It that you didn't lost the game span media accurately almost that we can yeah I'll -- the or for what we eat it fixed in our play book. When you're in -- meeting her with those players you know the value out of Carson on our panel used in the film room. You realized that every single game again in the upper executed their two -- luster -- great that it -- about it he. -- because. Pollute they they got the trigger the or the partners are at their side. Through let it to the dark nick played in upper would expect -- -- -- to. Arson and what the content that's what the players last year that there are so many opportunities. That or they'll take advantage out in which in -- timing -- the organ optic were sort of it's typical way to chip away chip away at an all around player forget about after for the hurricane Casablanca -- separate. In a look at that you feel -- second half. That happened in this effort because when that opportunity to release separate so presented themselves. Organ was able to take advantage of equipment look back against a competency are admissible we need to do differently -- part in order to make sure that we. And you talk Rodman and dealership -- shop called. We've been always talking about you know the offensive board members at Stanford defense let's flip that around organs defense vs Stanford's offense it's the Stanford offense is not kind of what it was last couple years with three tight ends power running game to try to spread it out. Had a quite an identity crisis last couple games trying to get back to who they are. This bode well for you going into it -- you know your coffee you know what you can do. -- DOD to bring different schemes get 22 guys teaching this defense has a little bit more swagger may be -- and they're saying. It is Stanford offense is -- after what we can do we need to control that says the football. Absolutely that you can point to -- that are Josh going into the game -- the bar high. Deservedly so around our obstacles that's in front seven on defense but this game will be decided by the -- -- And whether or not this -- profit to eight sort of element of going to -- game. And this isn't a power. In her pocket the last couple years you've got a -- that tailored packages. -- -- Europe the middle you have 130 yard work last year. You don't have that I didn't that hurt these large target better if they take you -- put the plate threats that a deal for the quarterback. Yet regret it over 55% to completions or so tight -- But -- torso and you're Stanford -- -- sort of chart he grew up what can achieve our lead regular pac org interview area -- on the bargain. Either way I just don't think it's nearly as -- -- and crop that at least in the lot. Years. Actually played very well organ because. This has become shootout and for that without the ammunition to keep up with the work as I really don't see the effort. Game more than 21 point in the game and they're gonna have to really rely on our Montgomery and kick -- return game that was held up but still position. Should -- You know exactly what you're doing you've been doing it well all year offensively anti simply there's nothing -- really tried -- this game. That's gonna quote very little players play with them but don't play with. Jordan Kent is our guest he's or -- the week in Jordan -- last year in this game Morgan didn't have a ton of game film. I'm Kevin Hogan do you think that some that work to Stanford's advantage last year. I think so it's not you can't necessarily help you opposing team's quarterback. That botched it content issues I think surprised a lot people -- how. Well you do run the ball -- luck on your diplomatic plays by. Eating out of pocket keeping oil -- Either you know spending to drive like it first down -- being able he wanted to -- -- rolled out to -- if you like. If you can't Morgan -- you'll probably find packer -- -- down. That really hurt the -- actually this year they obviously know all -- tendencies. And don't he help. Making plays that speak at the I think it would work they're doing this year similar to the -- that they are -- people more downs you'll -- that pop -- that are -- not a big play at -- -- Wrote proper proper especially down the middle but the that doctor -- to protect the middle order a token metal awareness here to protect game but look at your. Want to ask you about your career and what you've done -- -- -- -- a chance you played basketball he ran track he's setting off for football you've got the NFL and you decide to hand you something now Snyder making broadcasting career out of you're awesome ability to you know use bigger words that mean. And Paris and together but you know discredit people out there just how much time and effort you put into doing this. To make it look a little bit easier on camera and how your kind of flow has been you've been doing for a couple years is something seemed to enjoy. Did you kind of fall into it did you know you wanna do in -- this kind of rest on the things in Cuban -- and now I know you put a lot of time and effort into it but I think sometimes people don't really understand just how much time effort and how. Part of it is -- do that. Yeah it's definitely career where it sort of cut off late summer or got them flying I -- an -- or -- And I remember. You can't hop on and handle a soccer ball for a body you're just haven't who attended fifteen episode amount diamond. Struggled to Portland though it's -- -- -- lockout coming in a lot more coverage for basketball. I mean for -- you and that and you would like to host. Then I think about who we are given a shot and the thing that surprised that there's no teleprompter which. Called -- because. You know we have a -- if it's very natural that there's a lot of time after you how you look. Introduced -- or go to break in popular way that you don't normally do so naturally -- bit. He got producers were talking in your all time but it just the thing I remember on the art of Portland I. -- recording it felt culture and important what -- well at -- let that recorder that crack is going to break. In any kind of a delicate showed up and he immediately and to review drive the you're okay worker change my temperature at a certain -- there work bring energy. And it's a learning brought there's certainly a lot of -- preparation because there's just knowing what happened. During the game what the story line and then being able to. Acting deliver content and -- that is that span and let them like they're part of the conversation in the -- Political -- -- that it just takes iron it takes. Wrapped up like defense -- got a great upper new Comcast and I tell people. Very very lucky. Out that it -- recover all the water which are very passionate about it without that spanned the country and they make good job. Have the people at CS and -- receptive at least the beginning of the fact that you're really learning as you went. They weren't they were -- the crop that's where. You can only eight. It's kind of a combination of sort of form with somewhat of talent or -- that you really have to find out. And I'm the date -- You know how talented from other people are out there and -- you can tell you the -- have been doing it for 1015 years plus. I look at this is only my third you're doing it and let your recruitment and Europe want the war and now with there's also work well in the glow -- that better. Arms but without being that I think. Being able to do what we were a year ago as an -- order. Very natural -- proper certain look very walker than you're going to court the culprit there could if you ever. Did you Crocker U Gartner and I doubt it would make being able. Or order -- you hear the -- and well up to date it could very receptive and very content. Just accommodating to me because obviously this isn't something I went to school or and they've really helps me. Grow as it. Any post in a broadcaster last couple years to where we can now comfortably put on for our production post per week and got content that. That -- desire they're like as well. Let's got to be pretty hard to I mean you do a good job working with -- myself Carson -- only a media that's that's a whole different level ballgame right there. And that -- -- -- you all got a very strong personalities which. Played very well on television and it -- it's great for the viewer and my job it's really justice or attribute facilitator conductor of the show. You -- -- a couple of pot regularly. Drove my opinion that they are the most part yeah I mean I like exactly the polish on the show -- -- a lot of knowledge from one analyst that are Roberts. -- analyst. And that how do you combine those two character strengths from these two analysts. And really put it I pretty ridiculous tactic to show that we're trying to do in the best example like yet but it. -- -- -- the best question last year ample and you know we have a topic as far as. The accident knows that something -- Joey Eric in the pit stop apology more water. About look at the state of the -- team and how -- struggle you know closed things out with that look like you're bringing in the opening -- -- -- -- program for so long in the crowd that. I'll definitely it's it's like football team you put people at that position at the war and spent time with your. Analysts as far as what their products aren't. You've got to look that -- that -- we can't keep it. Jordan Kent is our guest former or again receiver former Oregon basketball player you could -- him tonight hash tag ducks football on Comcast sports net at 8 o'clock. Jordan is always straight -- he thinks much of the time. Ethnic slot perhaps you -- docks tomorrow.