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Todd Husak -- Stanford Color Analyst

Nov 6, 2013|

Todd joins Travis and Josh as they go Behind Enemy Lines with Stanford.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time to go behind enemy lines and joining us now former Stanford Cardinal quarterback and current lead there. Color commentator for the radio broadcasts -- he -- Todd how are you today. Do -- listen to the -- way to kick off yes I've teams squared off. The -- can be fun. Very excited for this one and you know it's funny because beginning of the year there was a big question of who was better in the pac twelve Oregon or Stanford and some people -- one -- -- the other and all the sudden. Stanford lose to Utah and nobody jumps off the Stanford band wagon but how different are they really than they were at the beginning of the year -- from an injury your team. It's tough to say they've been inconsistent on both sides and double think they'd put one complete game together I think they put a complete -- together against the Arizona State. The first captain in the fourth quarter -- -- double scored three touchdowns. The last two -- -- been outstanding on defense. Not very good and confident Kevin Hogan the quarterback has had an up and -- -- and he looks great at times. He looks lost at times. I think we need it barely. Good game I need to be very sharp. On Thursday for a Stanford have a chance I think the defense. Has really starting come Randi despite the loss of -- Gardner which is huge and I think both physically. And emotionally kind of the team leader out there. But they get a degree in person back on the defensive line I think they'll still be able to disrupt things a little bit but it would come down Kevin -- what type of game he's able to play. You mentioned Gardner he kind of that big guts of that team he's one of those guys it he might not do as much credit as he deserves some of these great football player but he's kind of that. Make everything go attitude guy and I think a lot of guys feed off that is that the more of that loss then his physical play. I think they're a dowdy but he's been -- really really good. Player for them up front that he did he didn't get a lot of this actually he's the reason that trip Murphy has gotten so many -- sort of loops in the inside grabs regarding engages him -- -- able look. Come around from that outside right at the age gap. So he's pivotal figure on that front seven. But historians -- -- former two star recruit -- gotten -- -- -- -- first he was left from a small town in Wisconsin and Jim Harbaugh -- dad was out there. Alex somebody and came across this kid instead did you -- you have to take them. He didn't let no other offers I think North Dakota. Might have been one. They and he becomes and it's different -- that two time all conference player team leader team captain. Com and it's kind of built around that having that attitude. The way he got the most out of himself and his college career displayed he can't finish it on the field. -- I think it's -- I think we'll miss him in the locker room and certainly adult. Is that the difference now with the Stanford team compared to be about 510 years ago as they're getting guys like that in their building around that kind of -- as you look back this thing in. I mean you don't go very far back -- you got the old buddy -- even as wall here Serra. And now you're kind of looking Harbaugh did in -- David job really hasn't skipped a beat is it. Is that the main difference kind of attitude grit when you -- there it's kind of the same type I think they kind of lose their way come back and find guys that this happens. Had a chip on their shoulder that wanna prove everybody wrong. I just cringe when you said buddy please call there it's. Because of darkness but he right I think. Don't get some. Players at Topeka -- I think could be one of those guys who really helped turn things around because he was. Even before Andrew -- he was that sort of work course type player leading rusher in the state of California -- all time high school. Com rusher came in and really put that team on his back they got some really tough or -- of the deed have deployment. Guys -- you don't just believe they were bad ass and it came to the sort that I think that attitude to remove it from the offense and defense of -- And that Andrew Luck sort of took them over the top of -- -- he is I think he's a once. What's the generation type player to come through and indeed that pivotal character that turned them from a eight win team. -- -- -- -- Even in potential national championship and I -- believe that if I know they didn't get delegates Oklahoma State I would love to see them play in a national championship game. In -- typical of the preemptible but -- you righted it and it is. Mentality Jim Harbaugh talked about it he would I go to recruit tough kids and I want football players first. Think guys who -- football players in that very good in the classroom and he got -- goes in and it was enough there was also -- -- -- you look at guys. Branyan felt not just luck Kobe cleaners that purchased. -- that the the linebackers haven't San Diego there's guys that are are becoming impact players in the NFL. Communist because Jim Harbaugh really I think recruited that type of guy and then the coaching staff was able to Foster that. It -- him an outstanding football players. Not -- -- is our guest EZ color analyst first Stanford Cardinal radio broadcasts and know -- you look at the game plan laster defensively in store again it was really indeed the only team that was able that the slowdown origin. Or you see a similar game playing defensively this year. -- -- in the head and I think they're better team than they they were a year ago. I think different approach last year was don't miss any tackles on the perimeter they really didn't this different quarters. Include -- played their best game of the year candidate they can. Meant that the performance. They have a chance they also got a lot of negative place to edit. That was the key a year ago was putting organ in the second longest certain launch situations. And and even -- even -- -- play I think the negative play for organ there always pressuring Google moved the ball forward. It stable disrupted them just enough to kind of get him out of rhythm. And force a lot of unforced a lot of attempt on fourth down where it's different held up. So they -- get a ticket -- type of effort to the back field. Disrupt that run game try to keep getting merry go this way if he doesn't matter tragedy truly it's different a year ago so. You have been outstanding. They're gonna have to do something extra that passing game and hope to get negative plays on the ground achy I don't think you're gonna to stop them. It's like they did a year ago I think it's organs just playing it -- high level right now but but that's negative plays nobody to turn over to. You mentioned earlier about Kevin Hogan kind of happened not having a big game he's been up and down this year. And it's since so -- are they kind of have. What we thought even from the beginning of the year. It's a completely different often. But it was a year ago last year they had to -- a little hurt that competitive position. It really very little production satellite receivers step on -- it was great catch the ball. But it was run run run some play action -- Kevin -- makes a player to his legs. If you try to score just enough points. To win a game plan didn't work because defense -- playing it's such high level this year. They've been big plays to take care of the little short to intermediate passing game it is. The running backs are catch a lot of passes but I didn't have gotten there have been a non factor serial production -- -- tight end position. So it's been the Montgomery -- accused Michael rector to wide receiver position. Com that hope that you cannot be placed. To score some points that I mean that's. It's funny to watch this offense to -- in that type of big play team when it's really been a grind it out long drives may be a big play here there with a tight ends. To every big shot down the field I think that. Kevin Hogan would probably benefit from. Getting the ball -- -- -- quicker. Get ready to screen straight. Up in the running back and catch and they just haven't used -- -- That would seem to have anything. Sort they've -- organ do you -- that they haven't shown. But I think that would help him because -- watched Kevin Hogan drop back and I don't know he's not being hit or he can't process what he's seeing. But he can be confused. Went when he drops back in the pocket not that you would go to -- And in that he tried to scramble it hasn't. It hasn't been easy for him so we'll see what they've worked on that the last you know 910 days and if he's more prepared for that had -- the last two weeks. Palestine Montgomery -- not just on offense but on special teams. And ruined. The best looking receiver politically. I think it would ever happen and he's one of those guys that. In his hands are enormous and he's 6162210. Pounds and applied. Anyway I think people saw his evolution as a freshman. And he really pick it up the last three or four weeks of the season and respect him -- just have a huge sophomore year we -- he can score a touchdown. Last year he had a couple big drops against Washington. Has never really got back on track he was nicked up a little bit. So people really didn't know what to expect this year he comes out it is just dominating at the wide receiver position he. He can go up -- he can catch the ball underneath break tackle he's -- great blocker because really become a complete wide receiver. And I've I've been shot to hell could he has been. In the kick return game and -- credit the kick return team as a whole hip and had break a lot of big tackles. But he was confident inability to see it took returning isn't like anything else you have to it's almost challenged the idea that -- -- -- -- ahead. Good luck to those blocks or 1015 yards out front so bring up those block in the finding that Alley. Is not an easy to guilt to craft and he'd have. It outstanding -- into the different to the couple games this year because stepped up production. It is the big games with the offense haven't been outstanding -- need to adapt kinda kick return game not just at the scoring but the field position. You know what -- for staffer we always know they're gonna happen last appears good defense of line to linebackers this year -- secondaries probably I think the best it's been in a long long time. -- think it's an Oregon team that has a lot more playmakers now especially on the outside is that gonna be the kind of the matchup especially deep sensibly that. If they give Burton deeper they don't and they miss a couple tackles that's gonna be that the game vs last year where you kind of relied on -- defense of line linebackers. I think it's the best secondary -- ever had who had I think you look at it for. NFL players and -- Carter Ed Reynolds. Jordan Richards at -- -- I think out Carter is a first -- type talent big strong physical the true sophomore that he was. A big difference last year when he started about midway through the year. The perimeter got a lot tougher he can shed -- and make tackles in the back field. He's also smaller linebacker -- beginning at six feet 210 pounds and physical. So I think you're right -- it's gonna take a huge game from that secondary position to -- and a boosted the nickel back to will play a lot against Oregon. -- getting into the backfield disrupting that renegade shedding blocks but it's gonna be future elite eight stepped up a year ago or into the great job of blocking. On the perimeter they're wide receiver doctors fast. They and they can make it tougher quarters and safety -- outside that would be -- to come from so different gonna have to -- -- that's -- The thing about organ is they really tested the tired defense it's not just one position one area of the field. They attack they attack the whole thing and that every play. The tickets have to be on point oracle don't give up a big play that's that's the type of pressure or can put so. That's going to be the back towards it's going to be different evidence can be a total team effort on the defense side. So there retired at number seven Jersey which I believe you -- at that halftime this week you get a little celebration or you can happen. A little bit back on the list behind the I don't know. And a bottle of champagne we'll celebrate the boot. I think it's gonna -- up -- John Elway coming back I don't Toby Gerhart -- iBook for number seven. Might try that -- began on the field and partake of the celebration may be. Get our names in tiny little hot under the no way to when they hate the Jersey but it's. They've only recovered retired two numbers in Stanford history duplicated in Ernie -- -- so this is the third and deserving I think Jon -- away from people talk about different football John Elway Jim Parker probably the first two -- That comes to mind at least. The last forty years now it's probably interlocking that would be depressing number twelve up there and they didn't -- tenure. Dot Muzak is our guests Stanford Cardinal color analyst former Stanford quarterback you Bynum on Twitter at times he sat. Todd thanks much of the time always great to talk to have good call on a Thursday night. --