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Brandon Sprague -- Fan Beavers Insider

Oct 31, 2013|

Brandon joins Travis and Josh for his weekly OSU hit.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our latest I'm ducks and Oregon State football joining us now our -- beavers insider Brandon -- hello Brandon. Are you doing good you are -- go trick or treating tonight with the little one. No actually I can't we gotta we gotta show tonight and the box Red Sox closer now we're gonna agree on not after prime time so fortunate won't be -- ago. I -- first Halloween but it's okay well -- haven't even bigger party to share. So take us back to Saturday night at Oregon State -- taking on Stanford nor could say certainly had some opportunities and doesn't miss -- on the offense -- special teams but how impressed were you by the defense. You know that that was probably easily the most impressive part of that you know that whole game and performance by way. The collective unit of Morgan State because. You know they came in there and that was one of the big question mark for a lot of people was how can they stop this Stanford run into the -- there was -- peak. You know a big contingency -- -- that by Kevin Hogan was the one that they are worried about the one that was gonna be committed topping scampered right and you do that. Yeah we always Utah Utah did a pretty good job and that's part of the region that big speech scampered. In order state you know give it to them up until old -- last possession for scarecrow the first app. They shut them out I mean that is something that's not eat eat you do I think the time elapsed time they've been -- how. Half going into that situation was like 2008. So it's been a while and teams have kept them off the scoreboard for a long -- -- eighteenth. And fortunately they just had a lot of government cool against them. Yet that Cadillac scampered run. I -- he kind of in the first half a lot of people just like all like after the entire first -- and the dominant in the deep bench evenly -- and struggled they are leading. Entire way and an eagle and that happened scampered out that touchdown and then Victor Bolden kick -- return fumble. I think those seeding and Mike Riley had as much don't you think absolutely or what led to my mortgage bailouts we can. Brandon is there any concern that they left at all their last weekend and they're trying to scrap together with a short week playing USC Friday night. No you know I think if anything Josh -- a lot of pent up frustration and anger and especially the opposite side of the ball because. You can are going into the game in giving everything -- got wanting and knock off one -- leaks in the conference and I believe they wanted to. But once we -- scampered to deeper into that front shipment go against drop into line. There really wasn't much there -- -- just got relaxed all game there is no run game as there has not been. Entire human Chiming in -- no time whatsoever. To a lot of you are about his. I'm not giving him act as he missed a couple bought it could change the tide of the game but overall when you're somebody who sold more -- like killed. He has no running ability whatsoever. -- scrambling. And about -- the united market Mario are running help for him captive all gala being got dropped as written. I I wanted that game. Usually but there was a point I think you practiced this week that team look at each other stretch in the top of the line and the opposite side of the ball instead we got it together as a one thing that we all talked about was. -- remain in the through the night connection that a lot of fun to watch. But let's wait until like 81 of the elite eight countries skippered was one of the elite eight countries you have another good contract and coming in this week and you -- other -- Can't it cannot do an -- and that indicating that -- at -- challenged art. -- beavers insider Brandon Sprague is our guest here on the stand Brandon last week organ state didn't complete a pass. Longer than twenty yards they just had won twenty yarder to more Laney. And when you about the deep down field passing game we just didn't see it last week do you think they try to establish that early this week. Yeah you know instinct thing to look at -- talked I talked larger -- -- after the game -- the record at Hewlett synopsis of the conversation was. They were rolling coverages you know -- who is doing coverage rolling coverage is. Which pretty much explain to me is it's it's simple it's legal without her up a pattern and they were the if you already in the -- actually double teaming him they were making or really aren't going out people and that pretty much to -- how. After playbook and it changed and because Mike Riley. I kind of talked about and after the game without different play calling is. When you when you when you throw out a branding cook's -- yard bomb and the key for out by somebody who guided you throw that out the window. Play calling changes. Are predicting because they have to start doing -- routes. -- five yard -- or a crowd so quick slant. They have on annually to the ball take way to keep all become big concern but he can wait kind of a good thing important. Packed it happened because now being seen what really could -- country are capable of doing to camp and shutting down a -- cook finished taking -- -- how long ball whether Peter Richard Delanie. Or Kevin coming -- -- out now but somebody like take out a way. Now Mike Riley knows what he needs to do what is seen in better positions to move the ball down field. Because our yard -- are gonna cut it all game. We saw that last week -- the struggle -- you -- twelve point it Hewitt he does the same thing I think Mike -- going to be better. And be ready that you're going to be -- coming up -- that it actually haven't seen on tapes so it's important get richer and the lady. On board chicken and all early -- because you know the more -- can all you're going to be branded digital I don't want one cover. What's the latest status on possibly Hamlet Kevin Dockery and Kim Smith that -- position be vital this weekend. Actually looks and it doesn't look like he's going to be back. And -- they -- convicting him a tournament in and out of practice all week. No official word yet on his status for the game -- you know kind of licking -- and you -- argued about a week off so I wouldn't be surprised if Riley and company want it to treat him. Just this one more week in and give erected. You know for the final three big game because these are huge duke beat USC. To -- are appropriate -- real opportunity to you to benignly and -- once again -- Which a issue in Washington. I'm after the trojans so. It gives me my personal in New York you know -- on Kevin I'd be to control the ball absolutely all over that secondarily it's great talented. They are partly without -- leave this weekend I can't -- been banged up an advocate running back. But they're really not bringing any kind of -- and bringing that traditional US correction talent that they have in the past. So I'm Mike Riley are really do consider sitting car -- this week and I think you know what we do need him. But I think we can still move the ball will be OK without it one more week of reporting impact any issue -- In -- -- considering the injuries they just talked about with -- -- possibly being out. Agreeable possibly being out everything as far as the backfield as concern for USC it in the passing game for USC's not been very prolific this year just nine touchdowns from Kessler yes thrown five picks. Do you think they try and stop that run early in force US -- to make that the -- throws downfield to get some of those turnovers. Yes I mean it's a I think they have attained even the clock either they had against Stanford now hampered slightly different. The packages lately. Hampered in other recruiting tropical climate got a real I shouldn't actually -- guys -- -- -- -- and actually -- stake I think like. Only -- got an organ trade have any chance to accurately reflect although -- is not so much bigger than them it got a remark warning. But in a can be different as you that he still gets really declared obviously know that from the recruiting ranks and did they come in that. But they're not the old USE. CC Alabama tight side on that optical -- that they have been in the past -- -- dominant running game. I would fully expect organ trade mark baker. You know what we're gonna -- trade patent we want wanna quit Silas -- We dare you to beat a severe stretching -- no -- actually pick Oregon State such a rundown I think you can feel the game not. And yeah that victory because I don't see how old Cody Kessler. When he would correct mentality you're going to beat debt -- in eighteen and -- deep and hasn't been stellar. But if you take aways got that running -- they have been pretty they -- gonna get change by getting blown out. You take away our running game you are gearing -- gets sort of beach and he's exactly like a Kevin Hogan to meet. -- somebody that's not quite at that level impeach you with his arms so I would believe that would be lots beef for you are intriguing. -- win this game. You know I a lot of people are saying this is going to be a really close game like us can't lie to a -- front -- -- in the joke. But there's something about you exceed Mike Riley. And night games and reach or stadium there's a lot so this on game night. US he was scampered last week and came ranking PP -- bringing everything that they need to switch uniformed militia which he -- Stanford. -- and wouldn't have left early those fans would have been -- be allowed they've been in years there something about that Trojan team. -- a lot of organs ate Indian players and coaches off. Whether choppers collided when -- that they don't have to respect that they really deserve there's something about it actually being Ortega when it's -- going to be blow out. Branded Sprague is our guest you could find him on Twitter at Brandon Spragan here tonight Buffalo Wild Wings game 97 to ten right here on the fan. Credit thanks so much is always we will talk to you tomorrow. --