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Jeff Mans -- Fantasy Alarm and SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio

Oct 31, 2013|

Jeff joins Travis and Josh for his weekly Fantasy Football hit.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now Jeff man's as he does every Thursday 1245 fantasy alarm dot com series sex and fantasy Sports Radio. And Jeff ought to start rookie running back position Arian Foster his health has been big question does he play this weekend. Yes he played this week and I think spent eight. For broken -- set up that much more. Doubtful and -- -- altered their whole I think -- the plant local that was a hamstring injury kept two weeks. It's sort of person -- -- and he's gonna give the go whether that 800% -- are but you'd like it was that the time might -- right now he. Ray Graham would be looking at that they might split time what I expect. Hate to be an -- Act of great advocate aren't possibly even that he agreed to be active. -- -- Sunday night as well. You know a couple we skill we kind of joked about. Terrelle Pryor in the raiders tonight goes out has has it does a lot of different things are planning it's a horrible defense in Philadelphia this weekend if you got to pick up a quarterback you gamble on hold for a prior down and Oakland. You wind I mean you're last week. Wasn't very anemic start eight in the ninety yard touchdown on children -- -- their -- -- like eighty -- respite today. So that triggered a big electoral card you'd think. Though -- a guy who up until the -- -- couple weeks ago due to make a lot of strides with the deep ball and pushing now open getting the ball -- you know -- to Paris or -- -- I think he. You get back on track against the Eagles let -- the sort of bury the opportunity. There -- scoring game down. Doctorate in Oakland and out well possibly you know sixty total point score -- over obviously. I think writers are -- goods. You -- sort it bye week replacement quarterback I think he's one of the elite guys that it be kept it. I don't treat you get prior -- at the start of the Catholic ritual it what do you make him the bills running back spot. Project. Caddy used the stage I had no properties in the solid running back -- I I made the joke I mean it's one of these things that thread -- it's a matter of time we don't know if he's good about that he'll -- He'd just fight through it and he's a warrior I admire that but that -- -- that touchdown run first. One of most well you know they overruled -- -- without any doubt -- had not. I could barely walk back the sideline -- -- two -- -- So better and the portrait expelled before we got it right now I think projects only kind you use an -- distillers the guy. Maybe to activate progressed it can't use an NC yet of the outlook to that -- be you know weeks. 101112. Before we started just -- -- One guy cornerback position that's been hot the last couple weeks especially fantasy wise is Andy Dalton has been up against -- Miami defense tonight that. Now -- played pretty well do you kind of see him kind of training -- again thrown for over 300 some touchdowns or is this going to be big game or any dog goes back to. An average any -- Well I liked the short week for players that but -- -- -- -- here and there -- keep that momentum going and on -- Mohammad new highly rational product marketing plan Thursday Barbara Jones stepped up their. To be a viable apps that ops AJ green ethic that continued I think I think -- Iberia play again I think he might. Well -- we treat low level should be want to -- and ball you don't opera on the road. He's -- hot he is riding high in the short week actually -- players but that. But it took them questions here really -- Korea asked his mother stuff that and Andy Dalton to me -- denied here wanted to know about Andy Dalton Philips rivers which -- would you go there. And you know probably come under any all of this week I don't losses decrypt -- secret to playing better -- -- given up football. The point one little weird thing. They're giving up points they're really are pressured the quarterback well. I have a feeling that the Redskins that -- in the speed at the San Diego opera ball lot of early. Expected the sticker from the amity that he sent to watch and finally. Put it altogether. Plays a big gain and now that this could lot of opportunities good. Do you do you think that -- go back to Philip Rivers are playing an early game. And going out their across East Coast is that cap didn't of their minds a little bit and with the production they -- if Matthews it's gone. You look at that Washington defensive play good for half mechanic continued on for them the whole game. You know -- it's been historically Citigroup traveled East -- -- direction but they've been better this season they've -- -- travel bodies every that they so call earlier want to get it done some good things. -- -- picked ordinance that. That that that played a role of trying to travel. Just have to go up there had to picket toward those trapped in -- -- -- -- they wouldn't watch -- I don't know they're gonna do it I think there's a lot of that stack up right most importantly. That washes it strikes it -- defense will be expect that. On the last Monday night against the -- art that you watched the rest eat what they did get after it. It's sort of -- things that the Bill Clinton is not coming weeks you know and then I'll Elkins not abundant but until -- about threats to the there were big play. Yes I like -- a lot at the undervalued. People. He's got a label -- -- eight Boston. For good reason that what it's all traitors to the ultimate -- perpich raiders reached or -- you were sick so all that bad at that time it. What you guys didn't make it to the development what they call it airplane. The captaincy. You know behind Reggie Wayne really help from the start and keep an open -- more than -- Easter. Just not gonna beat somebody -- ticket that all brand to lock and I think Hayward based on the situation where again he's got dropped ball it's an attitude to. But that opportunity is there going to be a bit more in in in plenty when that happens -- at the in my -- order to. Have to keep going back to that the future that's a pretty good can't keep platitudes. I think going forward procedure here is that it would -- and a chance to beat the low end wide receiver to. Tony it's a couple questions here from our listeners get to choose to -- of these three Boykin Terrence Williams are Keenan Allen. All very very good it's hard not to choose cancel click got to go terms weren't -- weak outlook quick change jump to the plate naked boy can't. Highly valuable as well. And I love you know and don't accept that will go back I think it's gonna be a low scoring game streak against the -- can't -- that everybody thinks they outscored -- deal. I'll work out after cut after Denver everybody expects to be -- scoring. Victory at student and chargers don't play it low scoring game -- -- -- -- Williams this -- -- -- you know. We have a couple questions here about Doug Martin and people have -- keeper leagues is he worth trading at this point if you do trade mini keeper league what should get back form. Your lower no these -- don't you never trade. Quick on her FaceBook stock in electorate crest after completely bad idea is that. Doug Martin's most cell he's going to be for a -- -- political running backs -- gonna get fired here near the dynasty league you. You know the futures much better -- -- up it's a good idea to call I. And I didn't I didn't Lola kinda like that rather than try to sell off that and it on the dollar Tibetan -- strategy. Razzaq Stacey -- into place this week. Some very. I don't think so I would say no on him but it Darryl Richard Burt intriguing player that just got to grab opportunities. Matchup in the topics state because that it's a short week in the ankle it's gonna give it to go to a game time decision I don't think you can count on them. It ultimately doesn't play and market doesn't -- Richardson becomes a decent flex option he did both local architect to look at the type. Just -- is our guest you can tweeting your questions on Twitter at Jeff underscore man's also fancy alarm dot com and Sirius XM fancy Sports Radio we talked him every Thursday 1245. Jeff is always great stuff thanks so much of the time.