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Brock Huard - ESPN, College Football Analyst

Oct 30, 2013|

Huard joins Isaac and Suke to discuss the Pac-12 and Week 10 in College Football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are brought cured ESPN college football analysts and of course he's on night ESPN 710. Up in Seattle he joins us now here two discuss local calling mr. yesterday cards aria. Yeah I'm -- that you didn't get a bit more perhaps throughout our mental attitude were to be your report -- Tuesday via the lovely Thursday Saturday Lou. You know to teach and why not have South Florida they haven't scored touched three yeah. Why not put her on the national can be perfect but yeah and. For poor man. You know what -- -- Kansas and now this is no right. Well you know what you just DB -- I thought I would never watch knots and I don't put on so ordered their worst no. OK so let me ask you that that will DB two on today about -- enemy you've been very kind of giants but down. Do you so you're good on their first so we don't thought compliments may affect all we do his best people here that. I think he did a great job as a color analyst is it just a matter of time before you. Move up that matters is kind of the paying your -- sort of thing her how does that all were. I mean troops patrol honestly there's really. The way it works now is that it's hurt me in Prague have wanted to -- you know they usually are really -- -- About the rest of us its current crapshoot meeting meant the way with a Big Ten network in the pac twelve network as soon come SEC network obviously CBS that -- and that's cute well. And so I I don't look at that this gentleman -- few weeks or -- -- and wish I had packed game back game -- game you know each other -- curtain time at the very top of the boot -- and you know all of us can go all over the country now that no longer regional allies to meet. And we -- to beat. To bureaucrats would have a lot of are really good compelling games so this has been a much better year this year and last year. And discontent that you don't actually just -- today we're we're joking about how we have no idea of local people actually care and everybody -- conscious Karen -- patent are right. So next weekend Houston Central Florida which. Pretty meaningful game probably apiece yesterday at the bit so it's really it's a crapshoot -- to wait. And get to see a lot of different football teams which I don't know why they wouldn't want someone like yourself on the committee pick in the top four teams the tragic rejects get to watch everybody but. That's just me have -- -- on foolish let's put in a bunch athletic directors that don't watch. On the interstate and -- just say this circular which -- about a -- different terms. Even for somebody that it's into the game and you know it's my livelihood and -- -- tape around it still surprises me every time when do they gain and I really have to seek might keep in -- Instead of watching the TV copy you're you're trying to watch a few minutes you're there. We've actually studied to keep tape but some of these teams is it it's remarkable our European incomes so vastly changed or can really that's what you when you actually watched the film and you watched the tape. And there's nobody read nobody has retired to -- over. The 25 to thirty different teams to watch all the key -- I mean that's impossible job and then on top of that. Not even gonna treat these people mean there's no incentive -- -- so their luck -- that you know everybody's been hearing about BC has been broken terrible pilots get a -- -- to -- this sort of well -- promise -- -- -- York and indeed I did a great conversation. When that goes down -- well. Well I gathered there -- DC two is that when you watch films Kansas is actually pretty good. Yeah. Well. He does make a very good point I've said that fifty times on this program over the years is yeah it is hard to have a definitive opinion. When you don't have the all 22 when your only seen what TV shows you even if you go back and watch it on replay. It can be very difficult. To the to have H a true feeling of the team unless you've seen them. You know 56 times -- because our TV copy is so limited as opposed if you're. You think back to when your plane broccoli you know when you -- she sit down -- you don't have sound you have that wide cut. Like plain mad you have a much did you have a much better idea what's going on because you get to see everything happening in front of the. While all the -- actually guys -- a little bit further so you know we've known each other for years this week when it started doing it six years ago. We could get into football complex like today. Criminal they can recruit student when they come on Friday -- in the community meet with the coaches and in most programs allowed you to watch game tape. Money to watch the films you -- -- -- -- an -- two hours in the end of march 3 at your play by play guy producer director and kind of watch and optical faults but outside of that we're watching -- -- what was the -- you know on the New York. Well now. I don't know how many of touched 51 US and EST -- and now they give it to -- you know -- the ability to kick in and actually watched stuck on our -- out. And under on the on the program called dragonfly which is what all colleges -- So we get access to that cannot spend in about twenty most of my prop two is now -- it's changed film -- -- to watch. They deem it -- home in in two or three hours to go home it's so much more about people and I spent you know. Twenty hours watching TV copy and all all all Havoc -- usually just couple hours I'll have achieved pretty well I'll they have. Achieved through that DJ because you're so used to soups you know and expose -- -- been -- eye in the sky never relies on team Kate Chia. You -- what you hear quite firm but it sure all of you we citizen and your nutrition needs. And that's been incredibly valuable to relate you know help the open job in the process -- now. This is the -- Brock Huard ESPN college football analyst -- in the last few minutes just. Wrap it up deal Oregon State Stanford game. In the and I just kind of wanna get your initial thoughts -- -- time to talk about it next week too but I Stanford Oregon but did you. -- a problem at all like this we heard you on the on the broadcast but Oregon State we just talked to Mike -- little bit ago and he admitted that at least one of the steel -- the shorter when he probably should've kicked on fourth and short. What were your thoughts any game like that against Stanford had going for it three times and not. Yeah yeah I think so and I think he understands -- her. Early in the united -- -- about the -- in the central -- -- anybody that they've got paper would run all over -- and can take advantage of them but I think early in that situation up creature you needed that -- one in -- -- my triplets -- goals are gonna win this game we're not going to be -- hold up we're not gonna hold them to twenty points you don't trip obviously. Our sites were reporting have you. All we need it was when he wanted to -- that pupil very very early. But it's hard -- it's and I wouldn't be. You know -- a -- campus something of him at the hotel are two words maturity ketchup with a spokesman just they just aren't many of them were urged frustrated about those decisions. Early -- not -- those points but when you get manhandled and vaults and you can it's physically beat down at the -- -- like they did when you -- start. The times I don't care how good a coach you are inter company do you keep Indian. It's typical there was a CR plus and that -- -- dramatic and I can -- those same game. Sacked seven times can do and they can't -- -- I don't know what part of my do you plan to call you don't feel good about anything on that sheet when you can't block people he can't block or -- so you know I'm not trying to defend the decisions -- a big subject of gore late. It is saint sandbag anymore on that all she got smaller and smaller and smaller and less trustworthy when your opponent -- you physically the way they did. It is demoralizing is like when a team runs on you it's it's one thing to have the ball thrown on you -- when your physically getting beat up on the other end of it it it's that same sort of thing it just. It makes you question everything you have on that play shift -- It's gets its foundations do you know that be an offensive line and those -- you guys are protecting our. Holy Carol we can do everything you're invincible -- and -- you consider firm. You know thirty beat out Tokyo gray matter what you call everything you could aspire and everything it's gonna functional Mike told us today before they were gonna win that game that proved to right. We're part of our offense had to be -- we we could not be one dimensional we couldn't beat you know what local -- wipe -- not he had screen he had tried to run -- -- past. You have to throw -- -- had to throw on rhythm and they just could not get those parts Conan most of that had to do. Which just helps physical and how dominant super what their front seven. I Willett says let's get back to Darren Bent give us just a little taste of your initial thoughts on the Stanford Oregon matchup because who will have time to dissect it we need -- sound. Next week but what are your what do you think can now right now looking at that game. It's important that David got a lot of work to do offensively. I thought. To be honest review promoted keep -- management they were really tried to do really -- there are too many times. And the market they aren't -- in their playbook are created and it -- Davis shot to create mismatches and all of that. You know they have got to get back to the basics and they've got to control the ball onto -- eighteen. Absolutely best. And I don't know that's going to be good enough but not the most pampered -- their a game that that would even be good enough to be honest with you because the -- the -- shots that much after that game got so -- that are opposite the -- A lot to -- garner really hurts them. When you saw that in the game organs they got to go in then Gardner went out and -- limit their adapted got to get Anderson. Backed the big -- sent to -- with a neither got -- and you'll be. It's essential commitment and a note that sort essential for him to get their people back to one of them. All hands on board that organ plays their games they played their standard they win. And then I think it pushed -- all the way through wouldn't. And you know like percent last year and likely have a whole -- the speed and that's the matchup I wanna see anyway policy organ -- Alabama -- vs Florida State you know an -- most of the country. I travel around that certainly from the same vibe that I yet. Yeah couldn't be more all right what what city are you angry dining right now. I have no idea. Yeah pop but no I'm actually a club though it emerged are there are much -- -- to really give it. And grips or even better and dynamic city and we try to College Station pro what will be a really could be so our opportunity to you sector and that it is going to be. Now what is insists it did not there. Without their quarterback you have the starter got hurt separated shoulder so it's going to be really interest in yeah. Do have dessert there -- if you -- a little less nugget by the way -- -- -- -- huge that I like best. There's coach here accused him he'll remain nameless and we're talking about. They should yeah are told where and they haven't reached it yet nobody -- America. Coach of Maryland beat Estonia all they try to do engage on this that are backed registered accounts since the expo or -- yeah goal -- -- pivot report. He'll -- -- -- in my electorate but a lot of energy and a lot of track and capture. They can get on a beautiful all you'll ever so. That's interesting note that I wonder what I'm gonna screeners that means it's a little oh. That's fantastic well it's worked and so far they -- every job. I -- tanks then we'll talk to Tuesday. Night degree for accurate. By the way Texas NNMR clean up 48 game. Deep in the country is due to its defense this one should. Be fun.

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