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Dave Bartoo - College Football Matrix

Oct 30, 2013|

The Matrix joins Primetime to preview Week 10 in College Football and what upsets may lie ahead this week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right the time is 337 we'll have a game six of the World Series coming up exclusively here on 1080 to stand in about an hour. And at twenty minutes or so so -- -- well here would -- Brock -- joining us IT media -- take a look -- maybe it is Stamford -- He's gonna join us. Who for. That's the -- organ that this week we got Miami Florida State as well. You know I saw that that game and now we can bring in Dave here here's part two you can comment on the scheme if you like but I saw BRJ bell that Saddam. Is only this is only the third instance that you won the news. Have played this late in the season. With one of them being a a a double digit favorite Florida State is favored by 21. BC man people -- can hold out of my life Padilla. They -- any other game. Opted out golden still locked I don't care what anybody says. That that they didn't get by by this given their -- right now I don't I don't. I don't see how they're going to be able to keep up -- with Florida State you. Offensive pass efficiency defense of -- passing -- to everything. Port states just awesome I just can't wait for organ border state play in the national title. I'll look it she got Alabama losing via. I -- well you know company you're gonna pick a team my opinion you get a ticket seemed to lose that you got -- right now that are undefeated those four locked in its pocket change. Okay and two of them are gonna go through landscape. Most most likely who has the type of schedule my opinion LSU at home Auburn on the road SEC championship game you don't mean. Of those of those four easily it is all about -- -- at the -- just overall. Yeah you look at organ in -- Stanford's a test but after that. You know organ stayed in the may be your remastered the sillier Arizona State. China underneath underneath -- -- out I I thought or against type of scheme this year with that Washington. You know I've run relief yet I thought that was going to be hit in the east -- -- the all the people watched and cute on the road they're most up on the bench. He was Washington's ultimate chance to finally break you know ballistic streak and they got crushed. I don't see it was scampered I struck out I left the word in game Nick Saban let illegal organ game early last week. When they got a three touchdown and all the people around me were -- the players. And drove up Corvallis and jumped in -- -- the last three half quarters that Oregon State Stanford. Yeah and which by the way walking I'd never got into reserves pool but -- it wasn't the most comfortable feeling in the world. Are minority there -- Not. My best idea that. You know it was it was great being able to watch those those two teams play. But you know what I saw from Stanford if that's the Stanford team that shows that in Palo Alto. There's gonna get outscored they they just didn't do anything offensively that that said we have a shot at beating Oregon I don't I don't -- it at all and I agree -- mean they're gonna play what. Arizona State USC. UCLA we unit one of those three teams. In in a pac twelve championship but to be hampered stone I don't see their schedule -- I don't see in of course -- has what Miami and then Florida. And sinister place Florida tend not in the game's over just because sport can't work. Aside I just don't -- or again or toward state dropping games before Alabama this. -- -- should've done and in your -- -- go on in the Reese yours you should've. In light of the -- anonymous letter you should just said it was a Halloween -- and then acted like a total jackass. I -- I was really comfortable with it because like or whatever you know I am really trusting of people. I like my Needham and virtually everything and it -- said Benton has always been really good. But when the security people say you're awful damn -- coming in the air like that these circuit requested what you're going to. Big -- whiskey bottle the head or anything. Solidarity you know I don't like OK let's see here on the -- -- that I can't. But I it was if it was it was relief fund and it was great going to that game and just you know being. In that atmosphere expert I've gone back to back between organ in Oregon State. And in really kind of sensing that the spears in the way. You know each crowd is you know the noises and music behaviors it's I don't know I find it very interesting and it was a great game to be part of but again you know look at that this scampered organ. Stamford didn't mean -- state played great. And stamper to -- means. Any sort of physical advantage that you saw easily on the field and demand from and they matched up bigger faster stronger -- what looked like. But you know to me -- they lost that game they -- -- -- they should kick the field goals. Played conservative. Played it close since that don't -- all the time. I really think they should when -- Can't I can't disagree yet but there goes -- wins again I think everybody that plays them feels like they should have beat him you know like Washington's got that same feeling he ceiling that they just. They're tough. So let's move on to may be the beavers in USC but I don't know what the line is on that game. Let half ansari -- the hand out the -- these -- favored yeah I think little issue DT. Yeah they are in our -- -- they are favored in that football game I am really curious about this game now because USC you wanna talk about a big -- I mean isn't this the team that -- was you know obviously the coaches just trying to get himself fired good job it yourself fired you know blanket beneath huge could just smoke some weed. Without he fired but you know they they played awful but now they're playing good it and I mean it helped I was amazed they help you to a seven point pledge against. Obese that's a lead outside of the -- is a mistake in the -- pretty good but you'd just you'd get ten walk ons that were playing in in that Utah game. Yet ten walk bonds who were happy to play significant minutes. So not only did they they have whatever it is sixty scholarships and I guess they've got like twelve or thirteen guys that are basically done for the year. So -- limited scholarships and then ravaged by injury leads to. Johnny -- calm and happy to go out there and you know and and play tight end and played defense of and. Yeah I am I'm amazed they did that with with that many walk -- but you start looking at the numbers you look at the look at Morgan State's last four games you look at USC's last four games. You know back in March than the matrix -- was was USC is because the talent differential. But when you start looking at the spread in the way these two teams have played. I think it's going to be a heck of a close game when you look at the numbers the last four weeks this game -- out 23 money -- state. USC to cover -- state to win should be an absolute dynamite game in Corvallis on Friday. When you look ahead so the USC years Allstate Washington Odyssey organs gonna be big favorites there but when you look at ahead with the with the matrix what does that -- with -- Arizona State in Washington for for organ State's remaining games. Washington lost organ a lot obviously you know Arizona State really that is the point look there. Tee and in my opinion because. Org six barriers of the State's plane very very well from -- standpoint. I believe Morgan State senators and state. I don't I don't buy the whole Arizona state -- even know were perhaps we threw it. I just don't see they've they've really had to play a lot of football games a bit better top. And sells. That to me is is one of those were only played twelve games this season and it's amazing what one game. You know the nine and three ignited reports its top 25 beaten for his speed up top 35 does not one game they make a very very big difference in. -- global perception and so forth that would at Arizona State and. Yes dad Arizona State in the Washington home and then on the road and out. Okay yeah I that in the numbers I had with that you know Oregon State. More talent but I have the home team getting getting the ship on balance at Arizona State picked at the beginning of the year. But I still say that is the coin -- game and you. You -- coaching where the game is played overall talent I think it's a 5051. Going into that game but a lot of it may depend on who's healthy. -- -- -- All right this is our friend Dave Barr to and his website is college football matrix dot com a lot of content on there she go check out what he does. All right the upsets this week no where were you looking. Start you know so that's let's start with the Big Ten. Michigan on the road getting -- -- half point at Michigan State. Always love the talent. I'm not buying any -- Coke's stock I don't think he's right guy for the for the job so far he hasn't proven his ability to coach these guys that. But it Teaneck talented even though there on the grass -- I gotta take more -- point giving Michigan. Two win in coverage that game. Number one in the Big Ten. I but I left at least one of the points on Iowa at home in nine and a half. You're talking two possessions. Inning game -- holes -- I was been playing great defense all year a law. I would cover that game but the matrix and mark also took I would win that football game I would winning cover in the big twelve this this week at home. And their client yeah Wisconsin by the way I were only given up eighteen points a game on the year. Think you're looking at a nine point spread. You know and so you as you look at our east that you look at the profile of these teams their defense and efficiency is very very high. -- -- -- you know you're talking up by the to have six point spread. You maybe think Wisconsin. You know when you look at it two possessions of the teams. At home that has been defensively dominant so far this year. I think you got to go by when that situation. Okay Dave -- -- -- hopping on and we'll talk Dixiecrat. All right Dave Barr to college football matrix dot com conclude soon. Your. Favorite drops -- we don't -- that much anymore because he's long gone now. Is this. Who may be laying resurfaces city. Became dust that off listen to it it's not so you really know yet we don't need to take over this. Bond that.

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