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Mike Riley - Oregon State, Head Football Coach

Oct 30, 2013|

Coach Riley joins Isaac and Suke to review last week's loss to Stanford and preview Friday night's game against USC.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- normally -- a coach Mike -- joins us here on the show on now understanding Comcast sports -- On Thursdays at this time or moving it up because they play out Friday so well let's bring in the coach show how are we this week. -- NIC thanks for having me on it barely. Helps a little bit. Yen up from what what I was Nancy -- how your schedule works and you know what. Mean the short week what kind of wrenches thrown into your process in the -- like it's stuff. Welcome coaches are -- -- and and we don't really like eight change in net in the normal. Progression of preparation that. It's like you know then -- -- bought them second Canada we used to play sometimes we play Thursday Monday. In most populous. You know he did also a difference that and it's just that -- I think that. Considering art scene this time of year. The team that we just played them very physical game against Stanford you know our our two biggest concerns are our. It's fresh for Friday night game and also be prepared so we've we've adjusted and stuff in practice and and hopefully pick the right formula. It's gonna ask you about that because that certainly was a very physical game on Sean took a lot of shots on you read a lot elephants plays lot of big hits. How is that team hold enough physically. Pretty good you know we're gonna miss. A couple of players for sure you can dismissed probably still out I am. I'm I'm I'm pretty sure that Egypt Alexander won't be able to play. He came out of that game. -- staying there and it's not really recovered and that the bye week will be good for him. He should be fine after that that it was physical in and you know I I think our guys actually I was pretty impressed Monday it would. With the with pretty good pep in their step and pretty good practice on Monday I'd I'd like that so I think that part of it's been good to -- and I think they've done a nice job of getting to this point we've got one more practice less to moral before week's -- were back in the hotel get ready to go again. Obviously when you have a close game you're gonna be able to point to three or four plays. Going back and looking at bats what were those plays for you that's. And that you were right on the verge of making in an had it happening goes the other way for you against Stanford. Oh boy this one was easy to look at that way there's many of them but with a right before the half we don't get that quarterback sneak inches and and with less than a minute go down and scored that touchdown. And so minute right there and -- you start the second half full opening kickoff fumble the ball give them touch others fourteen points in a couple minutes. What is really -- That that defined as I mean. Mean that was. I think both in our control. Both things we failed at and and then we didn't make enough plays after that he had chances to win the game. What was your just kind of take this into your thought process and it may be all three completely different so you can go through all three of them but. Fourth and short fourth and I think the person's fourth and one -- fourth and three and then the fourth and one. Com why not take field goals there what would just it just walk us through your thought process on each one of them if -- -- I remember I wanna bust pretty deep and the other the other way and I if I had it to do we're gonna probably ticket I'd just felt. For whatever reason I felt confident right and you know and I thought that that we're in position. We've had some pretty good plays that -- got down there we can we could make a play. And get it attached and get a good jump in the game and an. And that. Probably just over actress and -- -- and then you know it's it's a matter. While field goals both short time that. You know roll you know he's just got to make a decision and those are the ones I made net game. Again tried to get its separation in point Turkey or eight points. To get back in it. Is there ever since junior clinic team like Stanford and you know defensively. They give you some problems he has had a hard time blocking them all game long upfront. Is there a sense of -- we may not get down here this deep. All locked in and so you've got to get sevenths when you do have those opportunities. Yeah that that is and that's definitely good spot and you don't hear you here we are in and let's let's. Let's get it now let's go for it been like -- and I've got. You know they're they are very very good on defense but I have a lot of confidence in what we can do on the football and of course but he. But he don't make it doesn't come. Come through you know it's just that that's part of the downfall of doing that back. Opportunities. Are not going to be as big against a team that plays defense like that they never are so he's got to. Okay well I guess the flip side of that just to play devil's advocate here would be well if you -- -- have many opportunities. Getting hit points. So. I guess lastly it when your -- a team like Stanford were they they don't generally blow teams out they don't have the -- the chief fear can score dislike that. You you maybe can beat them racking up field goals vs and or again where. By gosh you've got to get seven's not threes particularly if you're if you close. So what about that line of thinking and into that ever cross your mind when you're playing stands -- supposed to. You're right you know I think all the points are right in like I said that's why especially that shorter one early but would have been it would have been -- for me. Called the action. You know that that the percentage of that -- real good in. And you know that that when I would I would take back into the and it. An -- played out -- you probably just described as a way that we might have won that -- out just rest up a few of those in. And to see what we can do so. You know that is. That's sometimes hard to live with hopefully. Even even though I'm getting older still learning about situations in -- always taken advantage of a chance stepped. -- right the next night. We're all geniuses now the actor hey -- you the other. Want I am with you on the one but the other two they were longer right they were gonna be probably mirror at least fifty I've -- in black -- -- Somewhere seem I remember one was 34 yard. So. You know at the app but -- it but he made one. You know he's skate Trevor is a good kicker a lot of people wonder about my confidence in him I've got great confidence in him I think he's talented young man. And just gonna get better and better actually so. You know that that that's one of those deals you know that. EU get excited about the opportunity to get us evidently and sometimes you let -- that cloud your decision. A lot to to build up there this -- on the on the deepens the side of the ball I think a lot of people wanted to see how this defense had progressed and the defense played lights out and I I would have to believe that if you have that kind of performance you know -- can see -- defense is quite like Stanford that there is a lot more w.s left on your schedule. Well you know I think that that -- and that's always a common denominator I think total to winning you know he's that you look at that. You know have been that -- near the top they all have good -- chances and they they area. Just do a nice job that way and probably the key to our teams. Growth this year has been the growth of Arctic and such of course that first game which didn't look like we can play at all so you know we compare that they would the last Saturday night against and answered I'm really proud of that group as it's played much too much more solid football better. Acting better position. You know it just looks so much more confident then that that's been a key key factor and that's been a better team. When USC comes in and in some ways very similar to Stanford. Limited offensively not the most explosive team but. A very good defense but a different defense what kinda unique challenges to USC close defensively as opposed to what you saw at Stanford even -- -- the units are are very good. They are good you know I think there's subtleties in coverages and what they major incident and that they truly have. More. You know Stanford bounces in and out of 34 or three in their very versatile athletes these guys some more stand. Tendered in what they do up front and the that it -- and quick coverages a little differently but the common denominator. Be. Each group are are at the -- -- -- affront it is very very good -- I mean if you look. I think sometime. Times with everything that's gone and SE people over. Look some statistics that are real interesting there -- At the top or near the top in every defensive category and they are really. Count that that front is very very. Impressive we are in for the same kind of challenges -- I have to do. In -- paid a lot of attention to protection for. And and and how we can. Combined the idea of getting better protection for -- with very -- front that were played against and still have enough people out there to challenge the coverage that we're gonna see that topic the issue so that but it took a key factor of course. You know. Hitting the ball. Out in some -- quicker and then. You know we actually had some decent runs and if we can expand on that a little bit of play that I think he went -- -- really helpless. Yes it's it's funny against Stanford early on there just wasn't any time to get the ball downfield and it seemed like especially the second half. You guys kind of got that underneath stuff work a little bit and the screen game sort of work in the -- tourism draws and it seemed I don't know if you figured out obviously but. It seemed the offense have a little better rhythm in the second half is that something you can take. And lean on in this game against USC maybe build on on the second half you had against Stanford right did think you re able to move the ball more effectively even though you weren't able to stretch a defense. Well that's that's a good point and I think that. Hopefully we -- learn something in that regard and we did have a better redundancy and we got more parts of the game or even though wasn't down on the field -- the -- bit too long and no matter what protection and -- physically it's hard to hold up against old and people all the time so that's where you have to be careful we took too many negative place especially early. That really set us back and that I think. We have to avoid those. And then beat -- Smart about our protections and get get some ballots -- we get screens -- runs. Some more of that stuff that that. That that helps us work against those people up front. -- learning experience for -- teammates in the negative plays and especially early in that game. There were some bad sacks on second now own you know -- second four. And also -- becomes third and twelve is that something that he can can look at and he sometimes the best plays just getting rid of the football. Yes absolutely absolutely he's been better at bat in -- I think there were some times were spent came out of the blue and a guy gets freed up in a minute as he was still. Looking downfield and I don't even know sometimes if he had time to. To get the ball. You know -- line of scrimmage and out of bounds or -- receiver or something like that and that but I those are all really really good. Experiences for quarterback in the and what you said is exactly right. Because all the sudden to thirty seconds or the third twelve your percentages go weighed down you know keep the ball. Oregon State coach Mike -- you can listen to them here on the stand and watch my watch us in every menuing on Comcast sports center on Thursdays at 315 moved about the day because said the scheme against -- Friday. Mike good luck against the a church -- not to next week. Thanks a lot eyes exit it -- it. But I you can. Hopefully the fans only really --

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