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Boseko Lokombo -- Oregon Ducks LB

Oct 30, 2013|

Boseko joins Travis and Josh as the Duck of the Week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time for our -- of the week in joining us now is Oregon linebacker both sake he'll look combo for the sake of -- today. We're. So what -- the back to that day game against -- ceiling on Saturday guys have a big time opponent coming in Dotson stadium. In defense of Lee played very very well you have the interception the first half in the two scores you allow Ron short fields. How do you assess that defensive effort on Saturday night. First of -- great call from. Coach -- will be our actions coordinator. Everybody ex cheated chatted and -- and everybody played extremely large enough. We are when he's Chilean and you could change who worked for her though we are there. What gets you more jacked up making a nice interception or bingo quarterback a jarring hit. I'd say probably go the doubles but in recession. Most definitely. Good momentum changer. You look at this linebacker corps and obviously you know there are some players from last year's team there were very key they're gone now Keiko was gone Michael is gone. Dion is gone but this year and has stepped up and set a very good season talk let the development of the guys a year playing with now that linebacker corps. -- this year have been successful. Mainly because everybody's been to gain and everybody's doing their jobs and think. For the most part the guys have been really kicked on which of the Euro and really growing leader it's good to see him but he. You know have fun out there. You know you really guy they came back probably the most experience at that linebacker recorded you to kind of take over in spring as the leader and say listen guys is kind of what we need to do not not on the field so much that maybe off the field push him -- work outs puts him in the film room push them off the field. No question is a -- lead by example lyrics. Be. -- greater. More and everybody's you know and everybody is doing under there. Are we were winning I'm not mixing sugar and mix and I talk about genes are and as long as we're looking at where I'm -- Not at all that matters. Oregon Ducks linebacker both sake he'll look combo is our guest here on the stand. Let's take -- how do you ST so consistent. Out there practice and -- Everybody plotting to systemic we've -- successful not just not just this year but in the years past that we had a lot of got me here. Data or does the script on this program pay out you know like we we have a tremendous hospitality industries. From those guys are teaching are sort of the ropes that really works mr. success. What is it like every day everybody always talks about this organ offense that's the guy's face every day and it seems that you know that helps you guys get better and then kind of go on out. Are sometimes practice harder than the game itself. Here practices are hard you know we ignore you get a guy like mark Casey Anthony's charged -- don't got. Are very talented and we just -- children. When you have to go up against guys like that every day you know what does that help you specifically learned going up against very talented players who practice. That it gives you motivation and then I looked up to the Gaza must you don't come grinding. Come in every day. Wanting to get better -- me and motivates me and it makes you article you create your -- Tell us about Don hello Amir linebacker coach a guy that was around when I played got -- played linebacker at -- has he -- in the development of yourself for football player. Great democratic coach he's ever since not being here he. Didn't like a public figure -- -- they're really helped me develop into a group agreed earlier. Dot com -- the old days and there are a coach or else with technique here the coast who do you -- You actually went to play the game and strategies -- to hear what he's got saying I don't know Ortiz comes from the perspective of. The most they can you had a very interesting path to get to the university of organ being born Africa and and living in Canada and -- tell -- about that story how you got the university Morgan why it was important to you to come to this program. Yeah how arteries in Congo our chancellor and it's kind of a long story of it's you know it was is it all start over my father you want to move or Jennifer or international scholarship being American. There. Key G companies populist Jordan and are so to speak in their. Are from there are -- stuff I started. I started getting into sports there. Our starter who soccer then basketball and an actual quality in our own -- must first year it was. I think ours so. It means there are -- first year entry. And you know our children are escorted. -- really got cheers cheers about it and they. -- -- disclosure of the universe years are committed in. I've been playing ever -- What's what's so bye week like for you guys especially this week he got a big one against Stanford next week what's up by a week for do you guys get a couple days off at the end of the week here or may be content arrestor minding your body. Yeah everybody's resting outbreak and are taking full advantage this week. Let's take a look combo is our guest he's our -- of the week Oregon Ducks linebacker so -- go in the last year obviously the one game under schedule you loses to Stanford. And you have somebody else in your schedule every waking focus on them but now you have the opportunity to play Stanford again do you think it all about a year ago. Yes I do they're back to it very they've all been kind of our. That's the one that we -- to a we won't we look at -- -- in the the American system or program and it it's always great. Traditional player at this this year. Or there's an excellent it's going to be no different I'm not there are or congressman cancel orders much of sorts to the game but. What -- responded -- which urged. How is it have a net the new head coaching coach health rich is anything really change at all. Are really not about being -- helpers in this election lenders and smooth transition. He's done a really great job of adapting. You know release are. Pushing the players -- She's you know he's he's the next big movement to make men not been done a tremendous job. How much do you think about your future and possibly life after the university of -- next week considering in next year considering how many players on this team especially your position. That have moved on to the NFL do you think about at all. I'll acknowledge certainly an emblem may Vietnam August you're aware about what a headache you know he's not so. What would -- it to chance also talked to the -- -- -- in the catbird you know commit. Get there are narrow and not just. Trying to listen to what they're going through -- really got to live in the moment it comes word about finishing not this year. What do you tell some of those young guys when they come and now that -- kind of one of those leaders on the defense he kind of got your start on special teams as well today understand when they come into the university organ just how important a role a special teams is. Yeah I think -- that's probably the biggest thing weren't called from our school. Just listening to apologists it's not. An insult me much to uncover how it is -- -- -- real dramatic tone that. You know -- government make -- name players out and you are not show Arctic. How hard to ignore that you guys are hard you party. You know it. You look at last year obviously the one lost you're so close to being able to play for national championship and now you're in a spot this year worry. You're in the running for that again you see you know organ fans and in your classmates wearing wearing shirts that say we want Alabama and he talked about living in the moment playing in the moment. How difficult is that to do knowing what that big picture could be. It's very difficult it's not easy either way you know winning -- a lot of dedication a lot of effort. And actually -- successful team because we are such great people great. Coaches after the great supporting dark and so it's not it's not easy but it's definitely possible. You know you grew up and after you came over you what's -- -- live in little Eugene Oregon talk about the town and just the city itself with having this great football program and Eugene in. This kind of community in the fans. Eugene and Eugene. Since. You know it's kind of weird door to Africa and darker -- addition. But arm which I love like Eugene and -- certainly have a great chance doctorate in organic people supporter senator. A lot of opportunities lookup Mercer which try to give back the community this is creek community -- Considering where you band where you've come from me a lot of your teammates of come from the United States and from -- in the West Coast you're a much different perspective do you think that helps you stay grounded considering all the success you've had. Are yeah optics and I are each -- You must just -- certain -- whoever actually. And they are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kumble is our guest origins senior linebacker the ducks have a bye week this week before visiting Stanford next Thursday but Siegel thanks so much for the time good luck next week.