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Oct 30, 2013|

Ryan joins Travis and Josh as they go Behind Enemy Lines for USC/Oregon State.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is time to go behind enemy lines the USC trojans get up to Corvallis to play the beavers on Friday night. Joining us now from USC football dot com Brian Abraham Ryan Dario. We are great you know a little bit ago we had just talked to Cody Kessler and in the impression that I got talking from him is that. This team really isn't giving up there's no quick even though they have every reason every opportunity to is that something that from him not just from him but that permeates throughout this team right now. Yeah I think -- start to of that order and I I really felt like that you would kind of get down you know lieutenant batters they did to Arizona State looked like catcher and I was kind of surprised by the administration that they've made a move right away assured they will have a lot emulated and order until government a lot of changes -- -- some of them. We've multiple more positive and the players like don't understand people like -- It would have an immediate like they -- they opened up practice again until he seemed to change the overall attitude he even looked and a Notre Dame would come but now nobody try to -- positive they got a pretty big win against Utah last week I'm glad -- some momentum going door to go about what's -- much to propose that. Well what they did have is a lot of healthy bodies at EC a team like that in your years of kind of watch and -- around football and on the West Coast and it was so many entries it seems like a guy walks on -- popular practice he might go down. That hasn't been great way to put it and I haven't -- -- on last week against it -- I talked a lot of my -- international -- -- You know it's hard to come up with teams that have done that and try to still compete. For our conference championships so it's it's certainly -- caught me I think they're deepened some spot but there's other spot that really a bit. Decimated by injuries and I think it would be okay if they have a normal eighty or 85 scholarships but -- they're down look at that -- and privilege section a couple of 75 their closer than. -- really that could be around 76 he jumped and so I think what combining those two -- with the sanctions in the number of injuries that really actually key spots. It's really hurt Christina they've -- back pretty good but they're paired up have a lot of walk on the employer. What do you make get a Cody Kessler because he's been actually pretty consistent after the first three or four games of the year he's kind of you know -- a little bit more stable that's one thing this team hasn't had a whole lot of offensively stability. Yeah I think you're with a good way to put -- -- -- pretty good -- and are certainly good spots where I think he could have played better we haven't really seen him. Played the potential that we achieved what he was you know what I'd call America had double that got you to work out and fall camp to -- -- cavalry really starved. When the ball over the field and played pretty well to -- He's getting better I think we have a lot of issues on third down he's got to the work on -- server in the second half games have been able to put up points and then where's our. I think that the other left a lot of plunged. On the table -- field goal attempt over the last couple games. I think that you'll get a -- ball in the red zone and try outscored touched on a sticky note you need to work on -- Obama ticket. It's been pretty good it is a lot switching going on when you go from blanket statement. And order -- -- the head coach I think he handled that pretty well. One thing to help them out as it's that's -- helped or not what's his status coming Gordon this week. It looks like it's gonna play and he looked really good against Notre Dame and met last week with LP. You know was going to be the workhorse back in and didn't look -- -- trade mattered who can manage music converted linebacker that was out her daughter and when you without like -- -- ultra look great but remember that play ran the ball better against Utah took all going to be between those two guys. I was gonna start you know they've been ejected get -- -- start opposite of -- or 100 yard -- before it got hurt. So I think either of those guys can carry the load but it looks like they're both. They're rare that ultimately helping for the game. There you talked about all the injuries FC marquee sleazy injury now -- -- possibly hurt put they have to throw the football to outside -- Jack ordered her to step up and he's kind of -- that second guy the last few years you have to really had -- dynamic receiver between Robert Wood and mark usually event. Now markedly and and -- and tackle our but you know usually book those guys are on the field and I thought had to do it really without -- Promote the -- -- -- hardly been an error yet the playing -- his standard that the bullet a couple Portland or so -- had to come -- -- He's questionable. The platitudes Pete pretty certain you want to play but I'm not sure what's gonna happen on Friday night. But he hadn't played -- what -- you know his potential has been so it's really been about how to tackle -- He's been back -- some Q -- that the about a lot of walk on wide receivers go enemy last week. A tight -- didn't have a single. Healthy scholarship tight end available that started a guy at tight end. Who the pitcher to Wake Forest last -- of the type that each recorded as a quarterback and they turned him into a tight -- and -- start to -- also. It's certainly an issue. And I think you could you have to -- go to current circuit Cody -- credit. Or being -- -- -- -- keepers call up to get out much or how other quarterback should do what you take oiler tight end and most of their receivers a lawsuit -- -- in the -- and I might get a couple guys back but it could be a host a walk vodka. You know a couple weeks ago the only thing we wouldn't ask you about is is the head coaching search -- and that kind of talk has died down do you have any ideas -- -- any murmurs or anything going on about what the next step is for them to find new head coach. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- During that time -- Chris -- name has come up like Kevin someone's got a lot of momentum. Over the that the past couple weeks just stuff we're hearing but you're not -- not a whole lot that's coming. Out of US -- a few things early on but I think I dated stick to his word you really want to give out. These players and these coaches you know -- -- do it let them to flesh out what would -- last eight games. After a blanket that was fired and so far he's been let them do that I think it or not yet still potentially running I think it's a big long shot. But he does make a run out of pocket. Al got to the world when the patrol south of how that they could give a look put. Yet to me it's probably going to be to someone outside the program probably a big time college coach but there are picked up a lot of different options that could go. Is there anybody that they would bring in that can make everybody happy new who'd be the right fit. That's a great question I don't know there's anyone that could have. Did make everyone happy but a lot of a lot title of the fact of a guy like object Dario and and has a lot of people they just hate the fact they don't want. So -- from the NFL and the -- Carol obviously work there's other than other guys that haven't. -- riskier to another you know he's 8711 -- number 8911 it as a head coach but. You know I'm not sure how good he would be at a big media market like what scandalous. Our garlic capital mine are probably to point that you got two programs that kind of play like organization contract that Big Brother Craig had a little -- a lot of pogroms of the guys that. So far what we've looked at our board how important everything I don't update Warren. Perfect fit yeah and I don't -- want to be happy but obviously the -- -- it went down. The -- start actually a lot by the -- and Japanese. It's our -- is they've kind of sliding down the court -- I know that's the easy one to connect he's been there before he's you know a Pete Carroll guy he was there when they had success that. It seems to me like that mr. -- -- -- opposite direction rather than saarc. Yeah I know I I agree with you on -- percent to me when I look at that are like as we have a coach that wasn't that successful. You wanna hire someone that's kind of you know differentiate themselves from right or wrong graphics -- -- -- definitely different coaches put. It's almost will be look at that commitment to point out just because they were cooperative coordinators together they were under the same staff that. I agree they're completely different though it's our turn that program -- -- twelve months. Now that you lost three games that are certainly hurt hurt his momentum a little bit but to me I think they would much are you would even be intercept -- -- -- by. I think European probably go a different direction just because he's so closely associated with blankets. When you look at the future of this program as of right now I was still very early only 34 star recruits have committed to USC but. Obviously eventually they're gonna get all their recruits back when that does happen when to bring in the right coach how long process is it to get back to the top. You know it pretty well though element and I I think you know they want they want attitude maybe Oregon on pro that beat -- they have not -- it a lot of people optimism but last year when I had a whole bunch of guys coming back. Attrition charter government and you know they didn't do very well doctors and 76 and lose their five the last six games this year could come out. All over the place you get to these wherever that you know some pretty bad logic studio. I think a lot of will depend on how they finished the season and that -- culturally it -- -- -- -- the last. It would create -- here you have limitations they can take up to nineteen guys. I like that the current paper what you're what you're doing it at -- properly can't change them around instead of door after the last circuit from Florida attacked -- Louisiana. The put a lot more focused on local -- the California kid with the kind of got away from. The last couple years but it could do that when you have a lot of settlement deal they haven't Arctic now you're getting some of those guys that just really wanted to beat children grow up until California. And not a -- so I think they can get a good class. Should mr. duck -- in February. I have a decent you know. Get a good hire I don't think it's going to be too long I mean they'll be able to try to get those numbers back it can be hard to get back eighty -- public that's gonna happen a couple of years but. They could certainly be. I don't keep that competed for the pac twelve south championship -- -- within the next year. Brian Abraham is our guest USC football dot com he could find him on Twitter at inside Troy Ryan is always thanks so much of the time great stuff. Our current credit.