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Cody Kessler -- USC Starting QB

Oct 30, 2013|

Cody joins Travis and Josh to talk about Oregon State/USC this Friday.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time now to talk to the quarterback of the USC trojans Cody Kessler go to good afternoon how are you doing. We are doing very well you know take us through this season it's obviously been a very unusual year you'll lose your coach midway through the year. But talk about how this team is changed and evolved since the coaching changes made -- or dramas given that head coach title. Mean it as well as you know and then you know so he's delicacies and calm and exit from the vote -- should be shorter and there's -- -- -- -- on on the got loose on what I don't know therapy. Our mothers -- in the Mike took it could have been you know a lot of Communist Unionists in the a lot of people. You know I wrote that we keep that we can you do under -- -- -- a dump all the way governor and I don't have to block out. In all the outside would revoke or on the field -- -- philosophy. You're not so proud to be guided potatoes and a great saga here. And the -- -- How many -- I've -- -- when I'm very committed every page don't -- -- and you got that excitement. Armed and developed and it's often come from over congress now. As the quarterback in and a leader on that team to kind of taken extra. Amount on your shoulders to make sure everybody's cut on the same page as you are messy kind of antique and sometimes young guys become and there'd be a little bit down. Even if they're not playing some of the guys that. You know might get pulled off a redshirt you know how does during the season not playing it as a quarterback and a leader to kind of take it upon yourself as well to make sure everybody's ready ego. Yeah absolutely and you know such as close losses and then he. You know. -- on the -- all the people and other corporate commitment. And commit option Eritrea -- committed -- -- column because the blog -- value -- automatically read some of the distribution record freshmen you know. On bargain with auto sales technical or -- quarterback commitment and you know even even got on David you know I don't. -- great -- in -- for good talent problem you know luckily -- kind of the -- -- Mexican market and on. Those doubly difficult -- in this special breed of democracy here on the opposite -- an homage to him and took over from viral. And you know compared -- other guys look at our park saint soldiers archived generally go to learn. Call -- music program Ahmadinejad really development we've got to trust you know put it. I mean could create this year in the -- you know armed recruitment and quit book editors it's double pressure on -- Yeah could you talk about those injuries obviously losing you know a guy like Silas Redd for a big portion of the beginning part of your season now. You know -- the injury to marquis -- how does this team continues to evolve and get other players involved with some bigger bigger players go down. I mean I absolutely can to break -- when a gunman entered the you know -- It's (%expletive) gun came back he's playing great right now. You know -- old guys it. And the guy you know and watched you know -- -- -- -- equate what sort of worked in the film room. But what we've got to feel and some that you you know like a true leader and the McCain and white castle park he's trying to be out in the and that came. Humiliated actually -- pattern you have. Get their public doesn't -- about it unable to American and then go to quick. You know the public school policies he. Ought to cut the round which you guys that are that are you know got to come and walk on and take a little bit since moving to Colorado and on the end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He does go deep in the canary you don't about it get fit and all the guys that could work every recommit could focus. What have you seen on film from the sort of state defense of my surprised a little bit deceptive in a Freddy's game. I've been overly aggressive you know -- Unbeaten -- critters they're relentless -- Russian army took the field. On the nose and click on that letter essentially know that look equation of course fumbled on workplace why don't have -- control all of and eliminate turnovers you know -- McCoy -- the risk of already pretty good job let you know became further -- a -- but shall we call them back and they have an ego got the so to speak. Are you gonna -- integrated that they really hard and you saw on the soon have guys that they can move very well. Don't let -- so that's because the volume on the return hours. USC quarterback Cody Kessler is our guest on the -- and Cody your core -- on Friday night and every year is different but. The history of view of Morgan State play against USC is worked out very well for the beavers yes think about that the fact this team has struggled in Corvallis over the years. You we that I don't know that it's -- little neighborhood a better policy because there -- -- up the minorities in his ear constantly team. Any other option -- -- American. You know lamented that streak and around. We're excited for the challenge and I've personally and I -- -- -- the city and they played there. Are more outsourcing and actual I don't know it would be like come from excited yards it's in the salad you know him are much further tensions are very very loud. You know exciting -- something a little Notre -- goes very loud and you know what goes towards its -- and almost as well gave -- the lobster and Petrino and his crowd. What makes the rest of this season a success for the USC trojans. And it really control that you know mentioned that we've been you don't -- shouldn't be here. Obviously you now and then got -- gold when -- and you're on our bottom don't touch me or nearly constant focus and you know continue to -- chose to pursue blog post outside. Although it's such factors and they'll ultimately result and in -- so proud of them so excited and you know group of guys that. Obviously we -- -- put -- -- and everything and dollar car away. But all complaint here note you are compact -- -- worked. Arm and you know development for a good command and musical -- and. USC quarterback Cody Kessler the trojans on the road Friday night 6 o'clock on ESP into taking an Oregon State. Cody thanks so much of the time good luck -- stored -- stay on Friday in the rest of the year. --