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Mike Barrett -- Blazers TV Broadcaster

Oct 30, 2013|

Mike joins Travis and Josh to preview the Blazers season on opening night.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now Mike Barrett might get after an hour -- We are great looking -- and the blazers season he's but I can you believe it's already here. Now well in some ways the option it always seems wrong and then you you go back on the road and you know we kind of at least in the same location same hotels. I've been you know eleven years and -- that a lot where you get -- so -- just yourself -- -- when you step back into it it seems like it was yesterday that. In the time before that has indexed and along comes into play. A game that makes sense -- election about. You're screwed up on my football watching bear. Yeah I know what only got to ninety about it. Ally yet there's probably some Macs in or something on it. Yep and it's opened -- no it it should be excited about it and you know KGW tonight -- Comcast on Friday and back and KGW on Saturday so now we're excited to get back on the air. So -- there are a lot of changes obviously with this team the bench got deep all the sudden when there wasn't a bench last year we were talking about a little bit ago how. -- Thomas Robinson could in the long run be the most important player on this team with. Know what can happen with LaMarcus Aldridge in the future it what do you see out of him from the pre season and whereas his development right now. You know I think if they're taken. Somewhat of a patient approach but I think he's been at times you know and -- -- he's going to be the factor there and at times it is surely can be dominant and you know just the biggest thing for him is I think from them they realize there's two guys that are simple either -- early. Give him to a couple of things to do those mechanic off the bench that. Seem to be the most effective and he's still what kind of a motor he hasn't. As far as rebounding and you know reduce things that are in his toolbox don't take HE nineteen footers. -- inside -- a little bit place Symbian and give you that toughness off the bench and if you can give you that her I don't know 1518 minutes a night I think they're gonna be real happy with that that's the the upside is huge downside there really isn't on because you are indeed -- him as far as getting Emmys and a manageable price and NG Richie got an and that's the cabinet meeting with a lot of his roster and we talked about. You know such ability and you're you're not. You have -- mortgage your future to anybody at this point and there's a lot of -- we can't say that so I think that media is one of the most attractive things. About the roster and about what Milosevic -- -- -- this year it's it's the flexibility part. Is it that chemical locker room for him -- kind of walking into as well as the expectations are high have LaMarcus Aldridge of the young leader in. Millard and then you have Wes Matthews -- a kind of grown that's kind of the good environment is an. Yeah out I think totally you know term you want guys to set examples throughout the -- Indian guy like Thomas Robinson comes in and you know we -- it's thirteen minutes is only the second year which is kind of easy to forget. -- around some guys who have to work ethic of a Mo Williams and have a Wesley Matthews -- a -- -- -- those are great -- and the year round and that that is so important and that's one -- into the chemistry. So far anywhere this group having some veteran Earl Watson is so big about -- and one other you know what a great human being in the NBA everybody survey years about -- -- solid all the guys are solid so when you bring young guys along and you know even Egypt column as recent -- about -- a -- ushers seemed so mature beyond these years that. I'm really happy with this group of guys and and with the direction LTV -- -- mentally first caller cadets that huge part of the development. Trailblazers TV play by play voice Mike -- is our guest here on the -- and Mike you know Nicholas -- has such high expectations when he's healthy he's so good but his health is always been a question. And you can't predict health but how important is -- this team. Are you feuds and you know we Bjork kind of our picks or picks to click to -- for the game kind of personally saying what we. Pick a guy who thinks can step up and not a -- tonight and -- collapsed preceding game at Golden State when he. In separate fifteen rebounds -- -- played a lot of the off guard spot I don't know how much time seeing that the two but I love him there. He can dissent point -- I think -- Terry Stotts use him. Doing that at times -- years but he's complaining about -- -- in -- and do notes this morning and he realizing. He's been around awhile it seems like he's such as that he's only 24 just crazy to think about. You know I think over the summer winning Euro basket for France and playing alongside Tony Parker and having Parker basically tell nick to carry the team and ordered those are big things -- development. And -- like nick wasn't in the church anyway bit. I'm you know he he's only gonna get better and better and and that was another deal but it takes more smartly done and I don't think even though the prices driven up and adults you know matched the salary I'd still think network that you know I think chance direct your question they keep. His health and his development and are huge key to proceed. -- did the center position seems a lot more stable with the additional Lopez and that everybody is kind of talking about this offseason and the pre season at free -- has a guy coming off the bench. Does that you know bode well awful for them going forward and even into the future Friedman keeps improving and you got Lopez teach and kind of how to play in the NBA at the center position. Yeah and then -- and a lot of little bit okay buyers. You know it is not going to be the back every going to be inserts that are off the bench they -- old stadium and much and but -- you know the way used in the beginning was corrected this is more about what actual tree -- has done right in what Myers has done wrong and distinctive a 28 year old who is considered the best big man in Europe is gonna. Get minutes over 41 year old who played one year college ball. It except -- we're not like Myers is way off track here when it. You know they trapped him and then they go all in on Roy Hibbert so I think that was pretty telling from -- (%expletive) that time. That they considered buyers to be more of a longer term project and so I don't think it should be any panic the fact it. If he doesn't get a lot of minutes early on -- reluctant to admit I think the thing and I'm a huge -- and and part likened likened so much a person that you know look what he's shown and the senses in the -- he wouldn't talk about and the opening training camp and being -- has. Shown a little better sense defensively and and great energy and and -- got so much bigger and stronger and spending the summer in Portland and not playing Turkish you know the British national team that -- -- stay here and work on his game it paid off for an -- -- forum and but the -- you know it is going to be big Myers is shot because you'd like to thank -- -- actually -- the failure. Specially for your big element that -- not gonna happen. You know Mike Daniel -- talked about bringing in -- a senator this year and they did that and Robin Lopez is an executive and named it. You know get blazers fans excited and it's so difficult to look at where he was in the past and expect them do the same things or be better this year but. His rebounding numbers weren't there in the past is scoring numbers weren't there in the past so what is a realistic expectation for Robin Lopez. Well the first thing is that I think they're a great sign that he played only two games last -- like fifteen guys that that in Damian Miller were two of them and their -- starting lineup out the fact that he. You know any 125 we forget that two Robin is just now entering its crime. Then at least in my and I think a lot of coaches as well I think it's he's been a pleasant surprise so far. He's got a little more often than maybe -- shown that you're not asking him to do you know you're playing alongside. LaMarcus kicking action is not a good defender and China can be a good rebounder Robin is -- the rim protector that everybody talks about and that's. I don't think you can be overstated the value of having it I think you. Protect and the -- you know the guards are seeing they're seeing a little more freedom and the ability to take some chances because they know they have Robin behind. I wouldn't focus as much on Robin's numbers as that -- Just the fact that he stays healthy and is present and even in like our readers a bonus and I'm not during the QB go back in a later date. And it never -- down -- I think people's that he just upstate new president. And for every couple blocks shots he caddie expected ten to fifteen more and that's what they want out of -- Mike just seems to be a synergy or like ability to a lot of these guys on this team it's an unusual I think for a couple of years past and he's been around team a lot -- What does that have to do with coach -- and that kind of way he handles these guys. Such well coached not to the tremendous person than narco. But let's be walking by -- -- and he has to ask that you guys that you've got an outside in front Rotella and not just older and computer out so. Yeah he was walking back -- McEachern and you're headed back. Fazio course you know I didn't hear -- -- -- -- seems to be -- synergy -- like ability of this team and how much does that have to do with coach shots -- the head coach and these younger guys. I think it's cute and I think you know. I love coats not a real -- you know we -- like him in the players all like him at the same time they respect him he's not you know yeah I guess you could be -- could be considered a player's coach pat ease. Keep more than that I've seen in practice you know especially into training camp it people all think he has cheat then they're not really -- he'll watch and practiced as you'll get on the guys when necessary. And you know. It seemed like you we talk about the great chemistry we'll have great chemistry yet have so you know what is the -- Focus in the exhibition season I think -- pay off early I mean. Yeah that was pre season. You got five in two and you lead the NBA. Incurable defense -- -- only given up 38%. A game to your opponents are no extra season but you know you'd like to think some of that carried over at least at least that's the intention. And I and I don't think it was there in the past in that same way so. No I think he and his staff they took the 2 o'clock -- even a great ticket to an assistant coach and I think from that standpoint coaching stuff wise in the relationship which LT. Mike Barrett is our guest you can see and hear him tonight on KGW 7 o'clock -- blazers tip off their season in Phoenix against the suns. Mike is always straight talk you get to you soon. --