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Brett McMurphy -- ESPN College Football Insider

Oct 28, 2013|

Brett joins Travis and Josh to talk Oregon/Oregon State, Pac-12 South, and the BCS.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now Brittany Murphy ESPN. -- how are you good afternoon. What have -- the show today obviously the second BCS standings come out last night organ jumps Florida State for number two. And at this point considering what Florida State has left in their schedule would -- has looked in their schedule he still have Baylor and Ohio State. -- how difficult is it going to be for organ to drop out of that top two at the end of the year they stay unbeaten. Impossible. That there's only one oratory and Caroline this is they went out there's. She actually anyway the stick it out on. Or are still higher at stake -- thereto are back. -- -- they don't play the quality opponents left. I'm so basically it is pretty simple little orient. You know I -- simple considered I still gets it through -- statement potential electoral championship game that. Went out and they will be in Pasadena and not playing in the rose -- -- -- the national title. In your opinion what's different about this Oregon team then years not years past. It looks like you know I mean the objects. Which -- take Baltimore may ultimately may hurt. Markets -- shot at the highest in the yacht since let's it is. Yeah it's a lethal assault is the key stats. You know looks better. And I island but deep it's got a bad rap city like this organ -- some correlation product. Charlie got this bit you know that perception is one of the indeed it is in any -- while. You look at organs numbers are -- there a point in the our country. It's human -- place at the league in yards allowed -- going to be yet there. You know -- extensively. You know -- a lot there a lot stronger than just the way. They played against UCLA. -- not BA game or again and then usually have. At a time gains -- about scored touchdowns. So yeah I was very impressed with them. I'd still be interested to see how they do with -- stake in -- -- on the yes can't actually for the seat that kicks in court that. Two in the pac twelve and I based that on what. In court. Yeah it would cut them back but also a succession each cancer installed in last year -- the -- -- cheese gene. Which is hurt her. Again what sir are a lot of those albeit some boost from -- scant. Davidson at Stanford team and I you know on Saturday -- against Oregon State their defense is very good again and -- their offense though is just so inconsistent. It. -- maybe they can stop organ but if they dude is -- offense have enough. Well I don't need it here. They're not gonna win a shoot out with -- take anybody. Anybody is you know maybe Baylor they can this contract uniforms and and you know -- on the track and yes get sort. -- they're at a slow the game down you know there -- -- you know analysts say take care that that's their best shot at it -- organic. I'm -- physical. -- -- It means you're gonna organs are on the past. Stanford last year. Auburn in the in the BCS title game. LSU was -- -- that can play sensible and slowdown. -- offense and you -- when that happens. -- it is to interpret that the purple heart organ. Except maybe LSU in the department yes there was at least wanted to score magnitude. So it's. You know the game's -- changed track -- in that race played into the favor -- -- -- -- -- it's it's easier said than done you could have. A monster decent to -- obviously great. Seven and shut. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you can we keep everybody keeps talking about this Baylor team that really has yet to play anybody -- the same night that organ plays Stanford they have kind of their big test against Oklahoma what do you expect to see out of Taylor can't you know Kenneth -- Oklahoma -- keep a track meet up. I think they -- I mean I think at this point is dedicated -- the bald eagle on the big well. Our actual ticket cinematic on the table in the -- connect. The architect -- big -- I stated everybody walk the walk past Willis day. The highest they can get scored in the country. Are coming into the year that say they're not this slow start in shouldn't tolerate at all. The connecting every game but -- For the first five or six was what and they -- their father had that they are -- -- got Oklahoma Texas Tech Oklahoma State. I'm TCU which is kinda have a down year between Texas. It was kind of reenergize sit there -- -- toughest games are here in the last five weeks this season it's but certainly put up. Some very impressive numbers that can't say that point gave the blueprint on how to beat these guys it's it's basically run the clock down. On offense or used before he snapped out of control ball and that forced turnovers Kansas State was able to do that. They just made you know couple of -- there are still a couple of interceptions. -- ultimately about Baylor is to get out of Manhattan. I think Boehner can't be happening at home against Oklahoma. I think Taylor oh come on top. Brittany Murphy is our guest ESPN inbred in a lot of people now want to weigh in on. Who's going to win the national championship if you put Oregon against Alabama or Florida State somewhere in that mix and Alabama has won three of the last four national championships for a reason and there's a reason why it's so difficult for anyone outside the conference to beat them. But how does organ match up against this Alabama team. -- -- And they -- past games against. Auburn in a note here obviously they manhandled Tennessee especially. Alabama had similar success. Yeah it's gonna be so -- -- -- -- you look at what Texas and it Alabama. You know I man's bill that is way. He gets out amnesty said Korea record numbers. Allowed by Nick Saban changed you know you would think it. Origin would be it would do something similar. You know the differences. I object to any questions or defense has a lot started exchanging hands yes inspecting it and Alabama had only about -- -- fortunes are consecutive games. Tennessee man it's ten points. So they've been unbelievable since that game capital are on the first traps and I think it and game but you know would be it would be interesting. As Alabama's figured out what they did wrong against India. Which completely changed it quite insane and not have the opted to our power and then you add to that -- Alabama rosters -- safety. You know he's out for the year you can't get that can be a big loss but -- It would be it's fascinating matchup I think that's I think that game most people want -- siege. They can you do you have the people want yes see. To make -- Expressed people -- in this option and you get the rest of the nation that it -- -- achieve. It would -- directory. Obviously it's you know element not related -- first haircut would be -- fascinating contrast in styles. The two different planes at bats in that capacity. Where do you think Oregon State falls in the pac twelve right now. -- I mean name or make obviously an actual since -- isn't. Villa Park in. At eastern Washington yes. He's lost. -- -- -- -- -- You know that I need to cut it you know try to get back to Stanford means it. Stanford -- that sensibly which nobody's been able to do. It's huge I mean I think -- out. If you look at Oregon State I -- -- after ward yeah again. After Stanford aren't they I would say they're probably. You know departed -- vector reducing electric registered best overall. In the pac twelve unfortunately there in the -- that it is an -- to have a they have a realistic shot to get the title game more UCLA. You know Patrick still it to be the actual title game but it. You know I think it's that think it's been a solid year it is it's unfortunate they lost that first game I like you know hundred times in the world that aren't in aren't times. You know it would have been great victory came and that came into Stanford and -- -- I think it I think at worst or fourth best. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Considering a -- till south is his kind of mocked up does he just talked about what do you think ends up coming out of that Arizona State -- -- still have to play each other but. What do you see playing or get or maybe Stanford in the -- title game. Yeah I -- I cattle like Arizona State. I did I don't think USC got a during the rest of it and I know you know the coaching change. Kind of you know. Dayton native -- but I I don't think ultimately they're gonna be able to do it just. You know their best assets sixty scholarship players that got right now. Arizona State. As indecent to candidates can they deliver. A lot to find out I mean they do get. Arizona how to make your organs stated -- you -- their final road games at Washington State Utah those are winnable. You surreal way certainly going to be an under -- their back to slight edge there's gonna stay that you know realistically you know what kind of ball on a -- I'm on -- -- spin it where it stops you try to get a chance to pick it -- Is an -- Brittany Murphy is our guest ESP -- advise him on Twitter at -- Murphy ESPN. Brett thanks so much of the time to really into the conversation. --