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Matt Sauk -- Head Coach of the new Portland Arena Football team

Oct 25, 2013|

Matt joins Travis and Josh as the Good Dude of the Week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lorena -- czar to head coach of the need to be determined name of the Portland arena football team coach a -- today. To a fantastic. So this your first head coaching gig you've been assistant coach she played in the Arena Football League what can fans expect to see out there. In a -- senator. Well you know I wanna -- I expect in this seat high paced action like receive for Morgan organs they. It's it's gonna be scorers in their sixties and no direct your -- sixty -- and your reality it's going to be hard to east I action. I scoring. It's going to be great extent friendly event. You know are not -- a -- not let you know after the game. They can actually come down to the deal and get our -- pitchers. What as a -- leaders you know with our mascot. In your immediate like Richard it is on -- And night for the Chileans. What does this opportunity mean for you coached -- -- -- are coming in for as an assistant -- -- need you won a title we have the best quarterbacks in the league when the most prolific season -- history of the sport. And -- are coming to a brand new team that can be very young and starting from scratch what does that challenge mean for you you're starting from scratch the head coach is well. Yeah you know I mean yeah. I know as a rookie coach -- -- -- make mistakes and the biggest thing -- I ask my players. Computers you know basically can make a mistake lower Providence so for me it's going to be about learned from my mistakes -- -- has been you know basically -- for sure Eric coach. But you know really what it means to music means everything. It's an opportunity to -- -- You know after all these -- -- -- -- -- to try to you know litter problem all those that are coaches -- where an incredible you know myself and that this team. I'm in the great thing about it is I'm coming into the first situation. I'm not come to a situation where. Are trying to fix something because that was broken. I'm coming into -- situation where I get to decide every single player in the slots you looked on capitol those players summit is a great situation again. When you're out looking for players to fill -- roster how do you go about that I mean some of the guys that's in two releases you've got you know some -- for the kind of bigger profits of Lyman could play both ways for the you have to -- the specialist do you look -- -- to kind of figure mold. Athletically and -- only. I mean really are greater arena football side. It'll look at different operatives pressured a hospitalized in you know popular to like organ org and -- guys are there are other aren't you. -- mr. -- about 300. I'm Perino football like you're about like you would be pushed back into the into -- slap. So you ought to look at are turning -- you know regular retreat probably too restricting for thirty. You know Lester you constantly you know what -- to line. And then keep reply no I can't order in the college game military guys that are probably. Of reaching thirty to forty you know we're pampered guys -- -- 2627. -- pushed the pocket. Because that you know that really is and any reading game because there's -- extra blockers. In that speech usually tightly so you can push our pocket. I can quarterback it does make it difficult for that -- -- -- all -- home but there -- certain pitched it will be a different charging you know I think side lies within the -- over hurting. Well you know I'm really happy with lowered recruited you know we've got a couple of national origin. We're looking to get some more. I'm obviously because of the organ -- audit. And urgency origin -- in the state or. Not just Oregon by itself but. You know I am you know we are actively looking post players. -- -- is our guest he's the head coach of the new Portland arena league franchise that will be debuting here and a few months and you talked about the offensive and defensive lines for for this type of game how -- is different from the outdoor game for a guy like Darren Thomas is -- part of this team. And other skill position players who were new to the indoor game how difficult the transition is it form. You know to be honest I think you know quarterback why it's it's -- it is -- -- -- we are prepared. The other thing I'm most excited about Antarctica was the fact that -- eagerly. You know you look like a content on this guy who played organisms can be given to drop it lies coach -- are in their group myself. And really learn this game. But you know. The court -- spot it's so hard because it is too you know I consider so much -- and knuckle game. Every throw is a tight throw every throw is Castro you reach are so quick -- can not accurate. The ball and take church leaders always someone -- -- a wide receiver. You know -- -- -- Chicago white opened. If you it is because that was recovered -- in retirement and there's always going to be -- by absorbed you know record -- I think is probably the hardest are. To try to adapt to the game. In order -- to -- to -- and actually you know what outlined. DP you know cover the start army type deal. -- martyrs yours again it's just learning angles. Alert illegally aren't gonna teach how to run routes which it will be different -- -- -- But you know I still think -- -- -- -- spot. When you're like grab and receivers and you've been around this league long enough to know we went summit comes from the outside. Off the grass inside on the turf for a receiver what's the hardest transition for them to get used to just -- Mike in a short box type thing in it's that compress the field down -- -- cuts a lot quicker. You guys I think it's a deterrent in the morning Ingle and not on each and because you know in the out Turkey -- tend to chop -- would you really want to plop your arms and and do your balance and slowed down yankees cut. I'm really sharp in in in particular how are teachers are and everything is speedy trial we wanna be dispatched as possible. In and out ever breaks -- we -- whatever Cha. So everything is is really kind of more approached he tried. To do it in -- -- your -- of that you know it's sort of allowing their -- that extra step because you're going to be tiger -- -- We want to get that actually start Indian strategies. You know you -- on paper out or like a poster court to a deal. Unbelievable we wanna be extremely quick out or breaks and you know that finger. You know that -- -- they'll -- -- out you know it took her. That looks -- ought not to deal with transition. -- -- -- audience and to the end game. You know -- in particular. Are are the result of guards obviously total yards. Can do it in and you know it turned out to be particularly. A menu you look at the arena league game which is somewhat new to Portland obviously we had to force dragons are back in the day which might -- played foreign. A lot of that the player -- did the fans you know written don't quite know the game if the dance coming out for the first time. Why is arena league a fun experience for a fan to come out here. I -- actors you know I -- action I think you know it's really can't regain. You know you can sit there and you know you -- at a parking. And it's very user and go forward out or out or not well every airport aren't stretched out touched on to stay out of -- notable touchdown Hitler every single possession. Now when your urgent probably or writer on twelve of fourteen possessions per one. -- can -- -- that touchdown. -- local. I mean it's just it's nonstop action and markets and even -- that didn't turn out well for extra. The actual playing. There's your order cheerleader not a field -- -- -- -- There's you know art contest so she use faster Lou you know experiment batters out there and -- and it's it's great -- -- there's always something going on. To where you are -- -- You know you're -- -- got to you know basically people there's you know there's there's music -- There's you know unlike some -- on the field I mean it's just nonstop action. Whom we put a roster together. How many guys that are gonna end up being on the final roster how many coaches are gonna be with you kinda. Through this process. No right now I have to go to work to elect stepped up on the front corner though do you the different sort of axed. In a suit coat occurrence and there aren't any opportunity for Poland coach. -- called at all and do black -- quarterbacks. Let you know culture arts we will Craig -- -- in the air. Or you'll end up with 24. And I'm enriched. Great guys address for -- Import got a bridge would be an inactive. -- have to ask you this is I'm sure very new position for you on did you ever thought you have to answer a question like this but the show that comes on after this or afternoon -- kind of leading the charge for the team name to be the platypus is. Have you heard about that when India have a leader in the clubhouse is a team name you like. You know. Eyesight that I have heard and I know the history and that there I guess is pretty solid. It's now or receiver but I don't like to say -- it well there's of that. And a lot of influence and make it seem like in part this is what it's going to be eliminated are really right just because that and there. It's countered in the top professional he did do some cool things with -- it was either you know be great also great. I know that the industry would -- laws in. In Oregon is. You know they're trying to rebuild that there. Oh with a great lost -- election I like the name -- in the end it really -- about the -- visitors. Await them -- returner of you know you'll pardon scene because it doesn't happen very often or professional team allows -- -- To vote on on the -- -- Matt -- is our guest he is the head coach of the new Portland arena league franchise Matt thanks so much of the time best of luck we'll catch a pretty soon. --