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Oct 25, 2013|

Ryen joins Travis and Josh to talk Oregon/UCLA and Oregon State/Stanford.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest -- here weekdays from ten to noon right here on the -- the host of SVP in recent low Ryan wrist and lower gas from Columbus, Ohio today -- you. Little cold but. I heard it wasn't exactly warm out there so will be our. Yet been a little chilly in the mornings but October's action been one of the nicest October's we've had a long time here in the northwest. I you look at this Oregon team playing UCLA you've seen up close and personal in recent years and what they've been able to consistently. Do offensively he's been great but how impressed have you been with their defense. You know I really feel like go back to last year and really the defense has been overlooked for years I mean just people have not figured out the -- And put it back at a pace to defense and -- more -- salt wouldn't give up more yards or more points giving you opportunities. I mean your your opposition has. -- scored its you'll understand -- and actually understand what would want to sell. So when you look at yards way they are one of the better defensive teams -- -- to start looking at. Games we -- -- And what happened last week and how much that was -- yardage trauma that really impact the game. So there's a defense that plays. Over twenty players now because we're trying to figure accommodations at work they do because the army have a back at a depth. And although in Florida I really don't know how many secondary -- this group that -- passed in the back -- Well the starter or else so you know that's always been kind of concern is will they haven't you. Defense to match of the offense I don't know that it's ever -- match it's offense but it definitely could not. Whether anybody. Is a difference on the offense the ability to have more than a couple playmakers now you got about 567 guys seen joking go out there -- the second year for Mario and a of course is is the key -- every now you have 78 guys that can go make plays -- in the last couple it's been three to four. Out no doubt no doubt that something that I -- try to tell people follow what I'm doing the show during the week went on to win. Radio hits and other markets and -- well you know which -- system would look. When chip and those guys got there. Even when things were roll it and you've played Auburn National championship. New kind of tell us about a year it would still. It's a little work in progress here or still a couple years away from having our full cycle players and everybody understands we're doing here. And when you look at the plane makers that you have now. You have like seven guys that are real game breakers. And I always did feel like you know the receivers aren't necessarily great and meals was good -- was reliable but he's not with these guys are now. And I mean I know lateral clearly running his problems -- team. What they think about him being an afterthought. Mean think about it yet to -- out mistreated. It's not a big deal IRC don't know the offense. Which stated consistently great week to week in the past the loss of those top guys -- -- whatever or you wanna choose to play with -- on Saturday. They're deeper now and that's our feel like this offense is the best offense that group out of this -- or partners. Brian are so -- is our guest ESPN radio NE SPN radio game day you can hear this weekend in Columbus, Ohio is Ohio State is taking on Penn State. And Ryan everybody since the beginning of the year started said they wanted to see or get an Alabama now Florida State with a big win last week over Clinton showed maybe they're for real as well. Have they gotten in that conversation and and legitimately do you think they keep up with organ or Alabama on a neutral field. I still think BMO it will make a mistake of overlooking them because I mean I know it. They played his record impressive but they're crushing people right now. They're not giving up any point the offense -- not -- there's just not going to be a starter some guys. Down there this -- -- -- like look it's it's a disappointment which is not going to be great but could not secondary that concerned that it was -- -- different course but the direction of the starting quarterback. This week because somebody injuries but -- To write them off sort of frame -- that -- as if they can they keep up. That would in the state or state is really the more interesting one because in person seen him the sideline. But the great thing about or it's their election years there's been tightening mean get real dynamic -- -- state. A growing up that was never questioned you always -- was forced it always sad when I was too scared Al idea. And now they have cut three of them at receiver they have two really good running back CJ mistakes or so. The feeling I didn't have any of those teams could beat each other. These these three teams don't have that fatal flaw that the teams behind him cabinets while our state and -- put them behind them you -- dispute. Because their offense so consistent and that defense is so young and they released a -- that -- wondered out one bad half. Depending on the week. You know this week a lot of people are jumping on that Sean minions bandwagon doubt here in Oregon State they got a big game against Stanford. He cooks have been outstanding. They start off horrible loss to one double A opponent another kind of stepping up this their first real -- test is this gonna kind of be the week where everybody else is on -- off that bandwagon after the this game. Yeah I don't really -- to bandwagon like right because it's a weird and when you lose and that's yet schools start year because we're looking at this game against -- but they did you know they can economist each -- seven Nadal. Going in that Warren and hectic they're almost there with the law would ever expected in the biggest slide so -- here on the -- or right now. They're -- to expand its -- I don't know what that means and what they think they know about this team. I think which Stanford. The reason why this game is probably closer is that they have been a different team now the last few weeks. Being exposed a little bit with their lack of attack downfield I know would still have an unbelievable touchdown. Against your way but in -- a bang on Kevin Hogan gene undisputed. And they Erica the guys has been awesome what really been about thirteen cents they clearly missed unparalleled depth usually -- especially back into it's -- way. But I still think it's kind of the same deal was dampers they don't have enough weapons separate and that's what they ordered state with a way to grow the way they can score what. We even get to Stanford defense or -- it should be quote. If Stafford does get into a situation Morgan State's offense it continues to do what they've done. He -- -- has enough to be able to keep up in a shoot out. Actually realized no I really don't because they're not gonna get away if they're bad power team. And which they're tired and you look at used to apparently in the come back and play even though it looked at game last week. It's used in a way but I Montgomery can't into at all by himself and I think starts -- over the last three weeks that wants defense is keying on him. There's really there are getting kind of separation and -- throws down the oldest. It's one thing when a -- wide open so I don't have to make a rebate to speak make that throw. And -- definitely struggled the Mets and started you were all these guys were wide open against its opponents. To get your take on Washington my brother's defense accord -- there I've talked to him a couple of times this week they're not exactly happy with it blown out at Arizona State. The hell are these guys. Yet dark secret question Americans I think every year we see this cap which -- because he's still -- you build it slowly building and you wanna have that. Its signature win that coaster fan base of the program is different now. And I think the program is different I think Washington is better football team pitchers they relaxed a lot like northwestern. It should be put all your chips content that. That basket against one team and you know you lose stamper okay but we're out here for the game against Oregon and they -- -- -- so bad. And you'll lose that game. It's almost like you can start to just completely fault or even know you're really -- -- -- football team and they all. But it taken steps in the right direction I'd I believe that team more now than I ever travel Lester for years -- look at northwestern they lose Ohio State. Everyone taking steps to obtain these they're two big -- I think that those kinds of losses were you like it we're circled this day in August. And -- that game except have a really really bad lingering effect and that's crap that happened. In a -- we look at Missouri number five in the country unbeaten Baylor is number eight in the country and beaten. On Texas Tech number ten in the country unbeaten me cattle look at them and give them a nice little pat on the head all your cute but any of these teams really have a chance to actually do something when it's all -- -- I'm not on the Texas texting at all. The other they're better than they were last year. Pretty. They play a little bit more defense and never their Kabul Richard let's protect them play anybody out cup whatsoever. -- on the -- a Minnesota they're like yea we're sort -- the record finished with six foot. When I look at Jack irons I'm not abide it right now and when we're talking about -- -- Stop by. Missouri. Missouri suggesting -- because. -- -- their quarterback but last year the quarterback Franklin was hurt us soldier to our offense lines topic last years. He's would be great representational exactly who -- years as the opal program has been you know. We could have been going here the last 67 years. We'll -- was a coach but there's skill position players -- at running back Washington receiver who's better in the Arctic have. About second green came out our communities couple years ago some monster. Or these skill position players are really. The talent wise up there with a lot of the other schools in the SEC and their defense to produce and first round picks usually choose schools had more first round picks. In the NFL draft they have much in Florida believe. Only goes to -- so worrisome Missouri's actually been having. And talent rubbed through mayor Michael sands and other current -- is pretty good so. I still think that they can be in play just because the rest the -- So beat up and and knows but I still like you guys expect them to lose one of these games whether South Carolina. War -- -- at some point or possibly even Ole miss it is art I believe -- -- to be twelve though it's now been on the external. What about a team like Miami. They're sitting there six in no way they can win out in their sit there. I look at this Miami team -- they might slip up somewhere but now with the sanctions -- and they understand where they're going. I think back to be in the old Miami in the next couple years. God of course it's gonna smash and look at. 'cause really this made. They've they've been good and you know -- -- -- golden and I think everybody duplicates of wind program could have to get past all of this stuff way to six were handed out almost all -- -- was -- -- we -- is so it's about it's something. It's not that big a deal. But they've been turning the ball over a Condit returned the ball over a lot in the red zones of fourteen to teach you to do what they're doing and really got you all that dynamic. Offensively. And it had -- Johnson -- banged up more sustained -- have a vacuum -- the quarterback but you can't keep winning. The way they're playing football and when they go protest or state. Even a big play clean game Arctic assembles balance. Brian -- so low ESPN radio is our guest you can -- weekdays on the stand -- -- new and asked the team Russo also Saturdays and ESPN radio college game day. On Twitter at Ryan a -- solo ride is always it's great hockey thanks so much for the time got to get back on again soon talks in India. Yes no doubt that would. Or next week and I have on the --