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Mike Riley - Oregon State, Head Football Coach

Oct 24, 2013|

Coach Riley joins Isaac and Suke for his weekly visit and a preview on the Beavers game with Stanford this Saturday.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right 319. Coming up here at 335 we will discuss the unfortunate arrest of -- player but the beavers play another night game. Think what third in a row perhaps here well this is can become in the trend in the pac twelve and general unique mechanic didn't. I hate the shaft on the game times that this new TV deal but it it is what it is this is a big one. Morgan State hosting number six Stanford you know coach. We actually finally get it -- old fashioned football game like puddles in the ground and pound it's going to be kind of unique isn't. It will be is. It is very very interesting how you go back and forth we've seen. All I guess what is it a 120 balls in the air the last two weeks in and and now we're Tennessee sometimes everybody on the field lined up between the hash marks and everybody's actually huddling and it's into. It's a little bit different scenario but it's it's a great thing about college football right now I think you're seeing great variety -- And unique identities all the way around. But because Stanford does so what they do I'm just -- how they played as it does actually make it easier to prepare for them I know they're good Messina but make a little easier just knowing kind of how to play. Well I don't know if there's nothing easy about this people talk about that in a minute back. You know let what is. A little bit different nowadays is that you use that you practice against the most -- yourself. And you know when you talk about spring ball on a lot of fault you know. We've got to find ways to practice against other styles that that's a hard thing to simulate all the time so. You know that would the one thing about. Stanford is that the -- we are probably more like minded that Stanford then then most where we're not a duplicate at all of course you know what the power running game that. But they use but as far as formations and things like that so hard because it is -- that part of you know now. How they execute do their -- and witness -- different dale. You look at Stanford on film is is it different than in years past as you know what I watch him. Act like you're the Muslim identity crisis met a lot of pistol and at times they wanna be a passing team. Last week they tried to go back into the Jumbo package you is it is a little more I guess confusing to know what Stanford is this year as opposed to previous years. It is -- and I think probably. And you'd have -- talked about this for sure I think it might have to do with Hogan. You know Hogan is a pretty personal and so. Looking at what you can do as a pistol quarterback once and while probably a pretty Smart thing to do X and you know he can. Don't read a little bit of course -- spread out within -- rental option -- -- so you know I think that there. They're adding to their repertoire because of the talent that they have and that's that's Smart that's that'd be good expiration every it's not exactly the same. As went Jim Harbaugh was there could have done anything with Andrew Luck at that. In the -- they don't put desperate need of something else in there so that's what David Dillon today. I thought they'd got away from them who they were I go back to that you tuck game it was but third and two from the six and you at a time mountain 45 things that they ran to pass plays. That to -- is -- Stanford that to me is a head scratches but what you guys you've tried to run the ball. Hasn't necessarily worked and see you found other ways with the fly sweep in the screen pass to kind of make up for it but you don't run your head into a brick wall you are who you are. Well I think that that that. I think it's got to remember that and and that you know end and it's interesting because as you go for us through this season and I island would certainly have predicted this and you know that. That this is the way to identity of this team was gonna reform that it as you go through you gotta go with what. It was well orient what you're doing well extremely quiet. And so this team this has formed a little different identity that we anticipated but it's okay as long as we went. But it and we keep with that identity and make sure works now we all know. It would help decide Kennedy would be to run the football bettors towards -- Quit on. Obviously -- and his team in particular would be a big help to be able run the ball a little bit just to settle down about fronts. Near the -- they -- can rush the passer he know that you have to make a linebackers respect something. On if you can't run the ball how important does. That the check down on the screens the fly sweep how important does that to become to not let them. You know paying back in in in umbrella coverage and rush four and just keep things in front of. Well that's that's. That's the issue in this game tertiary you know so so giving giving some parts working that you just mentioned the screen and dropped slightly. And stuff like that and and and the -- bolts of running plays that was. Would get for positive yardage that we if we can get almost parked where we're at our best at all or parts are working those parts it is mentioned here are our. Pretty big element of what we do -- and band. That your Reich as you don't want to sit back there and try to protect against those -- and all the stent. On to an Indian side linebacker blitzes all day long county not NAFTA succeeded -- Makes life very very difficult when you're doing that against very. Physical good front so. The balance of what we do will be grilled pork and how successful we are keeping that balance. This is beavers coach Mike Riley with this year on the -- -- what do you take from Utah's win what can you take from that win over Stanford. Well I think it is you know that this fact that they wanted to dictate you know I think it it shows are -- which -- everybody that. You know you're capable of doing anything not a given Saturday and that that's what this league is is. Right now but becoming moreover I think I think we'll -- see it in the future growing that way it's really I think. Growing -- in competition growing today. As we go so you know that's the number one thing they -- another style laugh at nucleus as is different so you know there are concepts that we look at that they were successful with that -- -- a lot of that with that. Zone read stuff sent teams that we don't really do Britain in the past immediately look at some of the stuff that they hit and how that might fit that's what you do what you have that might fit that looks like what they're doing. You know and why they did it at all at all important part of it. So you guys are six and one. Top 25 in the BC yes. I mean you're I think you're thirty seconds away from being undefeated. And in beating eastern Washington and and probably being top ten but. Mean to be fair this is a different animal then then what you've played this is a is is a huge step up and competition. On. I. How much think so elitist lefty how much are you saw where I noticed that I mean you don't wanna I don't wanna do it did did to discourage. You know the fans of Washington State and cal in Colorado but and they're not particularly good football teams right now Stanford's the number six team in the country. How nervous. You of the players excited about an opportunity to do exactly find out what this team it is. Well it's important to have a tragedy that this team brings edits to -- I've really liked our team's practice and I'd. I know everybody here it's got a ton of respect you -- Perkins is full happily today -- -- got a -- special teams they've got -- Monday sent. And they've got a confidence that they've got. They're they're loaded outweigh -- date they play a physical brand of football they do some stuff with speed that is. I potential combination of that in his own. And then the speed partners is. Is who they are that that. That's a big deal on -- and their quarterback is study years experience so. You know the other thing that look at mrs. Gosh you look at their defense they're seniors everywhere so they're not only good players and good -- they're experienced guys -- challenges all there we know that but I there's an excitement in our team they're confident. I have been a great look and try to practices have been in camps and the kids are. Are focused on doing everything they can't win the game. Does last year come in new it at all and that and -- I think you were 15 fumble away with Cody -- from from beating Stanford does that play any role in the coffin insert. On in this year's game. Well I think so you know you look at that killed -- -- look at what we did. Well what we could get -- done and what we have to do better and and you take those parts and and you know the job of the coach during the week is to build that confidence -- eighteen and and additional stuff like that they were capable of doing -- like against spam. Hampered in every year's different every every -- that were different than we were a year ago obviously so you know. It's not going to be. Did exactly the same but any innate thing. That you can do. To build the confidence to number one way to build competence during the weakest I have good practices and and the other thing to do very thing he can't teach these guys about how we're gonna win again. A father really dumb question. So when you play team like this the destiny played so far does that mean longer hours for you or are no matter who the opponent. Do you the -- basically in the same number of hours every week. You know that's not a stupid -- saw like that question because I think that's part of the process of becoming fifteen. Is that. You don't -- You don't all of a sudden have to change once you get to a point where somebody says while this is a big game so we're gonna have to work harder works you know what I expect our coaches and our players to work hard every week and -- do everything they can't win that upcoming game and it would be a game like this. All that all that experience of getting ready to play doesn't have to change. You know you don't have to change what to do -- you do it IU you know what you need to do week to week to get it down and it becomes a habit and and something that is a process of how you get ready to win. -- -- That's right that's exactly what is then that you grow what you do -- You know one you get better at it hopefully that that's our goal anyway that philosophically what what I look at -- -- when we start the year. -- from playing in in non BCS conference it was always hard for me if you played a UNLV unit played Colorado State and then you -- Florida State. Play it you know taking a little bit to kind that. I guess wake up and realize that guy in front of me is different than the guy sought UNLV. Yeah NN in -- RC how important is it for you to. Either get out to a good start weathered the storm so to speak you know for the for the first you know half a quarter a quarter of play. Until maybe your guys do kind of settle in in and get more comfortable with the speed in the physical play that should be different than anything you've seen this year. Yeah I think -- that's going to be an interesting part of this started this game I'm very interest. See how they play you know they have good variety in what they. They didn't and so -- and managed to just see what their approach will be tuned to what we do formation in personnel groups at all mattered and you know it. It may be very very interest he has as. As we. Approach you know to get a feel for that as the game goes and it is I -- always important education to get off to a positive competent can start. But you're gonna have to deal with whatever it is anyway so. But in dispute it's going to be important -- the other planets. Right coach Riley a good luck against Stanford and then we'll talk to next week. Doctor -- YouTube has always micro will join us here at the 315 every there's.

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