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Brandon Sprague -- Fan Beavers Insider

Oct 24, 2013|

Brandon joins Travis and Josh for his weekly Beavers hit.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Josh usually what I say guest is stopping by the show you ask they're going to be in studio and -- know they'll be on the phone -- today we have a guest in studio. He's in studio SEC he's right there there. A better pay attention is right there means luck to her listeners I'm sure. Britain Sprague hello Brendan well I was really didn't think of you guys haven't all the studio time from noon to three cent figure how can I crashed this party. I sit down with practice today I went yesterday and I figured I -- today what did you learn through practice yesterday. Not a lot I mean is really hard to learn things from practice at this point disease and everything's kind of the same they're stuck in the routine but I will say this this team is. They're fired up -- -- -- can be united to real cliched as saying glide. This team is -- and we've seen in the past with USC games and other ranked opponents that have come through Reese there. They really do like these opportunities try to knock off these highly ranked teams and showed not only the conference but the rest of the country looked. We are respectable senior Corvallis we know a lot of play football and we're gonna prove it to you by beating somebody like this acting they're geared up and I think they're fired up and ready for this game -- they've been here in the -- About how everybody's questioning whether the legit six in winded because they -- towel only be seen Diego state. This is their opportunity to show everybody else six and one is no fluke is that more months that team leaders are come down from the coaches I I think it's kind of rather recruits the kind of guys that it's -- -- teammates the kind of sort themselves out -- this is us. Vs everybody else rather than coached like reminding them yeah AA in net that's a good point just because -- years looking at that staff as you can talk to Mike and you can talk to Danny talked to mark. Either coordinators and they're all gonna say is -- know -- you know this is another week it's another game it's an opportunity we're excited. But when you talk to the players it's a completely different attitude because part of the success of -- state is exactly what you just said is they have to go out. And finding natural leaders because they can't go get the best talent in the country. So they have to go get those two and three start kids who fought tooth and nail to star in the varsity is sophomores in high school. Busted their tails for 23 seasons and they were ready -- -- in -- -- -- and be leaders -- -- is a great example that. He is a vocal leader on that team. I would say for -- he was a freshman he was one of the vocal leaders on that team so they do a really good job of finding coaches on the field. That they can coach themselves you know we we opposite side very prolific offensive performance again last week for in state -- no car -- at -- -- he's not going to be there again this week with that injury. How does that affect this week's game. Yeah and that's Danny wings -- that very question because it's one thing and I haven't for how it's an entirely another thing and I am for Stanford. And he says he is answers pretty simple it's like -- what do we do about it we can't fix it we can't get him back in time. CU is kinda have to move on and that's how they did a really good job of regrouping. At and going with somebody like Taylor Smith and giving him more opportunities -- more taxes. And you find other ways to get people like storm woods or wrong ward if he gets in the game you find ways to give him the ball a little bit more. Take some of those Hamlet -- give me originally give me Kevin Cummings. And open up your running backs a little more because. They're not gonna have the right game I mean if they couldn't run the bought -- the state against Washington State they're probably never going to have that run -- it is what it is they are who they are so when you going to Stanford do you think letter other ways we can involve people now that Cotter is gone. And I would I would assume you know delayed past you know screen passes to the running backs. I you know and around fly sweeps. You have to find other ways to get the ball on other people's hands now account -- is -- is that a lot of touches that you're gonna have to make up for you know what's funny is is a couple of years ago they lost to sacks eight -- kind of went downhill right -- and I cats your two leaders are always talked about many cooks they were on that team -- And do you think it you know. They can it they could -- that this year but they didn't indicate that the difference with -- learning and -- going in there and seeing what that felt like a learning experience for them to kind of -- helped rally the troops yet you know I think that's part of it you know a big part of it to Josh for me is being around these two you know that team and in this team. -- that team had a lot of senior leadership -- that there's a big real popular thought that team can actually be a you know an 89 Winston next year when they lost that game you release although full mental make up of who those leaders that people thought they were. Who they wore. And you had some of these guys who had the experience is it OK they're good at that position in this position. But overall they were really banged up beating proved to be true leaders but now that you have a mania in a -- guys who have been in this program show on for four years now. And branding for three when you look at what they've gone through in their young careers. They understand how to win because he did it last year and they understand how sour taste it leaves your mouth when you lose to an -- yes. And you never recover from that so I think they were kind of set up perfectly this year. To bounce back from that eastern Washington -- that was part of the reason even I lost that game it's embarrassing it's inexcusable. Yes I still in doubt this team because you can't look at the dean of the sexy team in this team and -- did the -- because they they're nothing -- and nothing like. You look at the schedule and you mentioned that some -- -- -- you're not legit six and 112 that's gonna get evened out here over the next few weeks that this is the best team they've played jobs here at -- it's an opportunity for them to step up. And and beating a very did -- imagine they thrive in these situations but. You mentioned the short passing game and things like that that's gonna be really tough to do this week yet is going to be tough because Stanford's really good at sniffing out those kind of plays. That's why when these prices a dollar Mike Riley dealings or. Are all week or last two weeks have been kind of drawing up a little. Nuances in different ways to get them the ball you can have a traditional delayed running back screen name mean just dominated in the break. But I bet you they find unique ways to open those things up because they know Stanford's going to be expecting then to kind of that's how they get the running game. I mean when you're talking about traditional or he's been running in -- talking about to quiz Rogers. Running through the tackles but this team is so different and they're lacking I think a bruising power back they don't have that. And in the opposite -- just isn't -- not a good options of you know running blocking team so I think they have found. Unique ways to open up the run game whether it be the fly sweep. Or you know the little the little quick -- and -- cooks a slant dean's two yards past the line of scrimmage and it opens up he's got the offensive line blocking doubt that we've seen that several times this year -- you're gonna find. And you're gonna see this weekend there's gonna be new ways for them to open those things out. Read this game might have got a special teams and treats then held the job down at eight and two little third depth wise. They have the guys are some stars gonna -- and -- in Auckland team -- -- because of the fact that could play a role in this game that depth sensing point. I don't get that feel that that's gonna happen I mean I think they absolutely want the gonna have to create turnovers you gonna have to have something -- special teams -- I think to win this game. And when you're looking at says he's Bruce Bruce -- knows what he's doing he's been in elected -- plays on profits in tournament specialty yes well yes and and he's very good at finding ways to do that you have -- -- returning punts right now. But a lot like Jordan where last year 90% time you're getting a fair catch because a you don't wanna play when he must -- guys at risk of getting home now on one play. And DD just. They have been able to block. The you know the opposite team -- enough to give him some room so it wouldn't surprise me if Reid is finding. Different wasted to keep those those downfield guys away from coaxed him a little more room to maybe try to run -- maybe create some plays but overall. He either gonna -- what they relied on what they're kicking game and hope that -- remain this week and has he really good outing because this can be a weekend. Where it I feel will separates these teams if you have Trevor going out for 35 yard field goal. You just hope he doesn't -- -- missing you hope that he can show you what he's been doing the last 23 years and have that kind of success. That's so great restores organ state trying to create things there's special teams they've got to stop Tom Montgomery over on the other side special teams that's not easy to. Now that that's not easy -- that's. That's kind of in the one if you're looking at. A weakness of Bruce -- Alaska we used -- -- some people's questioning some of the things you know kick off. Coverage in things like that of him the last two or three years that is the one area that you'll get a little concerned about is when you've taken a summit at a time Montgomery. You say you'll get a bus -- and he's an incredible actually -- maker. Column this week is eight as somebody asked him what he's like he's at essentially he's branding -- on steer us and so when you're facing that kind of athlete we saw what needed to Washington need -- really good game. You you worry about -- -- when you kind of focus if -- state can take a folk is that's on him from not only the media standpoint nationally to. They take that kind of focused as they're good at doing that is. You hear about this guy and that they had with Paul Richardson this this year with Colorado and he were a rising better than -- cooks when needed -- good job shutting him down. -- Montgomery is obviously a better player in my opinion. But when you hear about a -- about him that tends to fire team up -- I wouldn't be surprised -- they found a way to shut him on special teams -- you know -- at the team's fired -- coaches -- everybody is -- is is is -- is the student body and it's -- that that the beaver nation are they fired up for this -- for this opportunity well -- I think you just I -- -- say and I never really wasn't a die hard -- you know wasn't one -- -- -- -- students in the student -- going -- just like to observe the game. But out they were just being around the students in big games like USC's prayers in the states or whoever's coming in ranked. I am I can imagine this is going to be the most fired up they've been since last year's civil war game in an that this is one of their biggest games in a long time. Because it's so interesting to look at last year's team and this year to last year they had the undefeated streak going in if of course he lost to Washington but. This teams different in that there's six in one. They lost the eastern but people are questioning of the -- -- and I think there's a lot of question marks for some other fans are saying. Will -- what kind of team do we have this is a big opportunity for them it's gonna be in ESP games can do right after organ plays UCLA. I think the students are gonna come in there little warm on a call Chris Knight and I think they're going to be really loud they're gonna show Stanford they'll look. We are not to be -- with me wanna coming your wanna beat you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was always think we bring him -- tickets -- blazers. And I honestly up Wilcox -- got -- there is apartment thanks yes.