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Steve Mims -- Eugene Register Guard

Oct 24, 2013|

Steve joins Travis and Josh for his weekly Ducks hit.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time -- in Oregon Ducks football and joining us now from Eugene register guard Steve men say Steve are you. We are doing very well I what are your thoughts and I know that collateral is no longer with the team when you saw the story what happened yesterday would you -- Yes that -- -- and that you surprise you to syndicate bet a lot of missed capture a block got -- really forming a -- -- Last year you know he mentioned you know nine days later -- -- -- and we still don't collide and this year he misses the game and everybody just treat your circumstances and them. He suspended for a game pales next they're -- I'd sort of been Iraqi wrote Orman not helping anybody can -- you surprised it went left and -- -- retrenchment and sell -- -- Libya. A perfectly good -- into the draft. It's pretty depressing with a -- like that to have that talent out there and you know. Whatever he's battling inciting it is demons correct Indiana's head on straight. Is there a -- around that program they did all they could confirm what I've heard talk to people I mean they tried that will to try to help this kid out maybe he distant wanna. You're right is that kind of correct. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Steve moving on to the game this weekend taking on UCLA and other very highly ranked team this time coming into Eugene. You know what you -- brings the table and read only obviously did the biggest playmaker right now maybe the only playmaker that and they have on offense how they go about stopping him. -- -- their market your -- gonna do what they do which is not trying to get pressure on him and and keep it got -- at maturity not to be noticed burnout and yet. You know two yard run any more running straight at -- realistic running strip and anybody they've really -- -- -- -- -- number they have betrayed -- Turkey met ministers game and he actually able to get -- run a little bit so. You know -- let her runner more -- word. Terms of a good team just played so I think he like to -- enters -- games and the play and the other groups to get their running game. Of it they probably make sure that the date. Don't let Lee get out -- to replay I was on an -- let's -- to do it. Steve it's been pretty impressive what the line backing cruise down with a lot of guys that really no one knew about now Washington's up there in sacks blown through and a great job. Leading the conference in tackles they have the defense of coach has been overly impressed with -- The development of the linebackers who didn't really have much play last year in terms with Keiko clay and Dion Jordan there. Yeah and -- been impressed throughout the picture like in Portland about a Marshal or senator Richard nice surprise -- -- -- you're only get the country don't see that before practice teaching and limited time on the bureau was early to -- do it it was you know Wake -- normalcy that I think it is -- -- so pretty a couple of hard African Malone gets into a lot of experience so well they -- news started to replace him pretty -- guys -- guys in the system and and it will not get into that -- and I don't know precedent -- dead area is still. Coleman and walker and don't like them to come on so there's still able to play you know 78 guys that spot installed production to pour out there. Steve -- our guest Eugene register guard in CVS ask you the obligatory weekly D'Anthony Thomas questioned. He says he's ready to go but how much of a role will he play this week. I don't think you even get your 1618 care I would think I. You know I think -- momentum gained respect that he's probably gonna end up on back -- little bit more the slot receiver. Accumulation -- backfield -- to get you know eight to ten area it's making me seem a little bit more discretion and saw oral -- and I definitely try to get the ball -- pace and he didn't make -- -- and I know a single -- -- a lot of walker and the economy may be able to go wouldn't be able to can be you know. Stop pivot move -- quickly here they wanna can give him in the backfield. I think people wanna limit. It sits on her -- this week and legacy and a beginner to mysteries of did not have the ducks are passed a -- about that point. Steve you're on the program and -- to -- see these guys all the time Mario does seems like the quarterback to kind of laughs off all the praise and he's getting from every one -- names kind of up they're now on the Heisman talk but I don't think that kinda even affects him one bit he's more concerned about the fumbles he had against Washington State in my correct. Yeah I mean that you know that the difference in the bottom and his is that it certainly didn't change in 99 -- one day a week -- you guys are wrote last week you know he can into the media scrum that. Good morning how are you Google -- and it sort of just edit the little happy you know collect you chill wind got to come out there and nearly the same thing on the field certainly knows what he's saying and and it's hard not to be emotionally he's playing. You know he's not too concerned -- -- -- things that he keeps Jolie donated -- turnout that can be a great thing and yet so quick and assert the pop opens the same thing at least two worried about right now and you know tiger came here open where national championship and I'm not and that's it you're so that there are no doubt that the deal could repeat -- strong record greater -- -- -- in -- about everything else. You know Steve it's amazing how well some of the young players are really stepped up the skill positions with Addison and Marshall and now Tyner -- do you think it's it's been a little bit. Ahead of schedule for these guys to be as good as they have been. Yeah I think especially consider. You know that. Consult -- Atlantic receiver a lot of thank you wanna get those gathering her ear in the book about. Each year I think it -- -- -- of the other. The receivers they've brought an interpreter all records are more the plan throughout pretty impressive and the fact that you know he's in the can and then. And I expect a year BR think you know the outcome the nickel pectoral receiver Kirk's record -- birdies and no legitimate all copper type of threat right now and and and personally I hadn't. Everybody don't know and it looked after commandos are likely to hear -- -- to. A little below that featured back here in -- -- -- got behind him and all of a sudden or restructuring -- starting job every day may restrict the opinion that it's a slot receiver a much of the international applicable to any question that they've done. Steve if you still is gonna stay in this football game do they have the athletes to keep up with them off for four quarters I mean they have some count against speed but I think about that that fourth quarter there that's where organs -- in a separate. Yes I think it has to look into Washington and you know what the district register you know -- secure and Oregon under Mora and didn't play last year so let's send it literally -- the -- title game which is no -- here in America and its coach is gone so well the -- at some good success this year. You know their young outlined the creature rational or you don't -- -- running back right now. That's really gets stuck under that there were Kendrick slightly out so the building immediately look at any -- pretty tough right now but you know they've they've played -- -- nearest island. But I in the played Washington but it sort of an addition they might think they were going to another one of those games I think they'll find Saturday that they may not quite ready for that decent skilled -- Stevens is our guest Eugene register guard he can find him on Twitter at Steve Mims underscore our GE joins us every Thursday at 130. Steve was always great -- thanks much of the time. It.