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Jeff Mans -- Fantasy Alarm and SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio

Oct 24, 2013|

Jeff joins Travis and Josh for his weekly Fantasy Football hit.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Have a talk some fantasy football joining us now from fantasy alarm dot com and serious sex and fantasy Sports Radio Jeff man's. And Jeff this is usually the Tommy or restart scrapings trying to find that running back when now you got a couple injuries and things like that. Gallagher Mike James with Tampa or maybe Peyton Hillis with the giants are either of those guys worthy pick -- right now. Absolutely guys -- changed that league. And all week like chain is going to use could be more valuable. Art. Art this year. Real -- They eat better at the little bit quicker he played a lot actually get it out idol Carter. Not that it got a big numbers like your attention. I sit next week to pick -- I. There's just that are they indeed had people running back out there like -- automatically route back to -- -- and all or. No I don't I'll I mean. I don't -- -- called out our great market back in a couple -- -- it all out beat a bit like an opera eight Ella. You are not at birdie he'd break a candidate are -- -- only. I'm really not even. Acting. Out grants you know one day Andy about it the ball back. -- JB. BS and that that here. What about a guy like Tolbert out on Carolinas get a lot goal line runs is that a guy maybe if you if you got to pick up a running back who is in the reds on the my story a couple touchdowns. Yeah that's sort of answered -- long after I -- nervous about how much working and getting. On the old Camden shotgun formation that luncheon there yet at the at bat but he. They're short yard go to play in Carolina though there's -- a whole lot or. It's definitely worked there aren't sick in a -- like that but -- pocket about it. But I wouldn't count on or short yardage carried all the aren't because they thought god -- can't do very much. There either that you know at that point or -- or come back. Yeah we'll look at that goal line I got hit by owning and or or straight at Carolina. It's not it. Adrian Peterson last week just thirteen carries a Monday Night Football -- -- that he hasn't been Adrian Peterson of last year and it's almost impossible to duplicate. What word you see him going this week in the next few weeks. -- he crushed. On that night. I need I didn't like holidays I might point out it may Peter. He just crush. -- -- amateur and Korea that it ought. Brought the coaching. At -- last week he had an interview yesterday that he. But has that brought it all last couple weeks -- And obviously -- Reform that is not via I'm not that -- It's a guy who came back a white right on. That project out -- Not that worried are kindred I'll let go I do worry about the quarterback situation. Off all the -- And that that you don't get any kind of round and Peter is -- the -- -- at eight iron and it meant that there. Already -- -- that's a lot but it. I'm more worried about the quarterback situation. Peter Peter that they could get the ball out to eat a little eagle at. It appears that aren't. Rumors are Stephen Jackson is gonna come back for Atlanta this week played at Arizona is that a good place for you in Tennessee football. I'd pick yet -- -- -- immediately locker there. If it ain't going to be Barack the government ought. Not -- On a balcony at the all round at the plate check out the -- back. There is going to be ideally all our guys not ultimately though -- -- -- -- a lot by. I counted -- the -- We're not I wouldn't go -- in Turkey or a college yet let the current sixty -- -- into the guy you. -- It -- got a copy here that didn't check the record at eagle program here we're running mate that but the beat the look at all. Adding that already. Separately. The that he does got a lot of -- a -- like. Jeff -- our guest fantasy alarmed dot com serious accident fancy Sports Radio. And Jeff with the injuries to a lot of quarterbacks are seeing a lot of different guys come in is there anybody that's. You know one of those backed up the guys that that's worth putting in their -- desperate need a quarterback this week. Well on the don't go to market well you know I really did I agents for at all. You know he'd then he's got a ability -- spent -- -- -- out there that are well. Look at the quarterback -- young quarterback on the court -- a -- they'll grow they grow and I kind of -- that the credit yeah it'll kind of swagger that are a lot. I'd like a quarterback that -- rated the bat -- not a great quarterback. When he -- out at. You know that's the -- back at all a part of what you're a great -- the -- -- -- You're short and you can pick at each of the eat at eight eagle. -- the -- or correct on why it's got no doubt about it. But they have looked at their -- at. All. -- -- a pretty solid and a few week if we do well on our other guys. -- at all over the second half. Then it Kurt Arnold and general a lot off schedule -- -- that they are look at the pop game -- It wanted to elevate their vote get. Well other so it pretty eat he's got eight cart all the obviously FitzGerald -- alt alt opt out how that I didn't pick it up a lot. You know a lot of teams what the -- a lot of those defense is everybody kind of picked early on what about a defense he have to play its once it out there for you this week. Thought that it -- stop here the real sticky on the Eagles are Errol ball. Utterly terrible golf -- the giant duke got the part about the giants brought it back to. You know -- -- that they kill all prototype guy. They got that at Eli had a turnover ratio right now are such that you or do for a ball hitters that should I gave well. And -- that making it at that you wouldn't think about it based on just the numbers on the -- -- click play makers go and like Detroit and ultimately at el Al oil -- at a college -- You wouldn't want change. I get that -- that -- -- that truck or bus that went very strong they can get a question that make it a lot in your packet -- by the Detroit. Though they keep it. Jeff couple quick questions from our listeners. Two running backs got to pick Randall Spiller and JD Eddie lacy got to TU. Probably cheaper shore. Randall. I would say -- -- like them what clicked. DeMarco Murray -- Greek guys that Leach out into an order look at an accurate read it. Aren't going to be back at. Well well. Iran might we I dearly here. That sort of the whole week I don't late. Go to the particular. Match -- at least -- at all. Eli Manning -- -- It'd been doing great the gender parity at quarterback by radar that week I gotta go with Eli added. I don't know why it irritates me but he got a web they're out there at the jets are very upbeat that. And got it all let out -- duplicate the law. Jeff -- is our guest fancy alarm dot com serious sex and fantasy Sports Radio on Twitter at Jeff underscore man's. Jeff is always great stuff we look forward talking again next week. --