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Dave Bartoo - College Football Matrix

Oct 24, 2013|

The Matrix joins Isaac and Suke for his weekly visit predicting the week in college football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right time 334. This is said the time -- of the matrix what's -- Dave -- -- week. Q -- been -- took me awhile to cut overcome my a SEC upset drinking game hangover on Saturday. Where you got to have a beer every time dog takes the lead in the double shot of moonshine. But -- outlet that document. Yeah it was it was a wild week on the SEC's really. Just got -- upside down I mean that is Alabama it's just it's it's -- cannibalizing bizarre but it's fun it's fun -- -- -- -- -- well it's great you know I guess that's the one nice thing -- I can take away that you know whenever the matrix blows that is. You know it at least -- not that steady at least there's stuff like this happening and I've been waiting for some teams to step up all year has been pretty boring up until the last couple weeks. But I agree Alabama like cupcake cake walk population yeah. Here I know they don't hang on your -- this may happen in the pac twelve over the next couple weeks -- -- you look at what having Utah's already beat Stanford. Some people think -- state can knock -- Stanford Washington gets hammered by Arizona State. I think Arizona or wise you may have an upset up their sleeves sometime this year so this may. Just kinda be the start of the of a pretty good second half of the pac twelve season. Spoke with we had -- so can. These secure and I -- if -- you whatever both on Washington last week what the hell and. I can't I can't figure that one out I've idiots mean made I thought they should've beat Stanford. I thought they were better than Stanford in that game they had a very good show we did -- against organized never promised that game and all -- and I. -- was fatigue just from -- Stanford and Oregon back to back into the -- but the one on the road but it wasn't just that it I fatigue it was it was a lack of heart. You watched that Arizona State game it was just embarrassing how near -- -- how I I I don't know what to make it that I have always -- needed. You can't use the word out excuse -- the -- while -- getting better especially the pac twelve north. It's getting better and better it's tougher and tougher everybody's gonna have tough games it is very unique site count Colorado is Eric give me any weak in the -- well. OK it's a little -- this thing then mr. -- Washington. Do you think this Washington team this year is better than 75 in the pac twelve the last two years in other words. Replace the teams because we think that he was better but we also think the league is. -- it's hard to know for me because I. I think that they they are better than nap but if they play the way they did against Arizona State then all is I don't think you're -- -- the errors -- things that good a football team. They're not proving out better that -- Now we can help I would say you know if you -- from a maker standpoint okay you don't narrow mind and in that regard. He is you have to look at okay. Here at the team that has the lowest attrition level in the last five years it has their quarterback help everybody always been -- to our surprise can just get healthy. You know -- he's healthy. During Jenkins LP. There wide receivers everybody was was pretty much help either Christians well recruiting at an all time high in the last ten years their schedule is very very favorable. Let me give you an example of the kind of count Washington is surrounded by. In the last fight -- the two teams that are out recruited them closest Clemson and Tennessee the next two closest teams below them. And -- UCLA. I'm sorry -- or in Arizona State getting squashed on the road in champion having your. What college football leading rusher -- 21 yard. Well enough about him who cares about them until they do some then -- their their season to me is a fine start you populated -- they -- and maybe the apple cup because cal encounter in Colorado. You know we can -- say outlawed since finally won -- that their next to it doesn't matter those -- road apples that three game stretch. I think anything short of a maybe three NLR at the very worst two and one in those final three is an abomination let's get to the or in games here and start -- stand for earnings -- -- -- servers are -- that Washington who cares. Win something. Stanford Oregon State first of all. The little man you know some but I IE I ran the numbers on this to the formula in the formula last week was twenty and seven against the spread it's getting kind of freaky. You know I little city guys last week from Amman on the stand here because tiger received is if you read these coups and what is of whose -- state has played so far and I just don't know how are you can get a good picture of them persisting I mean -- -- east. Anybody. Like it's all year that being said. They're offensive efficiency is very very high defense is getting better the pick at the beginning of the year -- clearly Stamford. But you know. You know something right now the spread is dropping two before it started at seven on Monday it is now down to -- hair is falling it might it close to a second game. By Saturday had -- the case some bit of Stanford straight up the land. -- In in UCLA I think what three touchdowns. As an underdog in oxen. Now he you know and I'm trying not to look back at last week it was you know defense they just cut the -- shut down. But they can put points on the board if you look at the numbers right now the biggest has this game as 45. 44. Or again I think it's going to be a tight close to the map I just don't see. Any sort of efficiencies on offense or defense for use silly really making this much of a football game organ wins -- give UCLA the covered by eight -- All right one another upsets this week. It'll happen. I'm not -- locked out there this is more and kind of the week per for money -- games plain and straight -- brought a couple of them together for par late but. One I really like. Right now is south Carolina at Missouri. And Missouri they're back to back wins over Florida and Georgia were pretty historic in terms of where -- recruits that -- beating somebody like that that Georgia Florida back to back. Nobody in the last ten years there have been a single team. That has beat. Three straight. Top fifteen recruiters. In a single season in three straight weeks. The Missouri trying to do that this week by beating South Carolina. Give me the three point give me the plus 130. South Carolina in on the yeah upset winning cover and that one. KCX is Missouri beat Georgia in the they beat Florida. -- go for South Carolina I was -- I didn't know that I thought South Carolina was actually favored because they read a stat that Missouri. Has been an underdog in every single one of their SEC. Games. It's switched. It is open minus by South Carolina it -- eight point oh minus three. And I think a lot of it was it was dependent on. Chalk coming back for South Carolina. Stay I think they ruled out for the week so they got his back up in the air but -- you know Missouri got their freshman backup in there as well. And in -- all the coaches you know must jump -- have been sold by all. -- yet one lightning in the bottle year last year. Is all the other years it's -- are regressing I just don't like muschamp Florida at all all turn our black sent him he gonna make it to a fourteen year. They had a lot of injuries but I still. I'd still take Georgia to win that game you know every time but Spurrier in his six years at South Carolina he has lost three. Games poll. The teams. That he is out recruited so give me to -- Cox Kimi three point the winning cover on the road the other one. In this was I don't know as a bit of spread kind of on the offense on it because. You know betting Mack Brown is is maybe not the smartest thing that they're getting three points on the road TCU and reason I like this is TCU and Gary Patterson in the big twelve. They've only beaten 181 time one time in two years. That has not out recruited TCU so. I like Texas to win that game the other thing is he used he offensive efficiency numbers right now other points per rush to appoint -- -- Our bottom port trial in college football. And number sixty. Six overall so they don't score points expects to be closed Texas winning covers on the road a -- units against. The only other real big I guess -- top 35 matchup Texas Tech number ten in the country seven and now and their on the road at six and one Oklahoma. -- in Oklahoma you wanna talk about offensive misery. She built those guys are just they are struggling so much and Texas Tech I guess you know as it gets kind of like Oregon state of the plate. You just habit and now I get that out. But you know for from. Suspected of trying to analyze these guys you know and look at their numbers. Where I'm not seen that much but you you run it through and I think it's really critical this game right now is is in Norman because Oklahoma struggling especially on the road. You run the numbers. Point four when he won -- close ball game. Yet -- points on -- I think it opened at seven it's six and a half right now in the Texas cover and the -- to win that one hour right. The best team in the big twelve is Baylor. Mean really does not mean that it says that overall I'm not sure that even matters to what they haven't played anybody there. Nobody. -- they rank in the matrix the other. Mean they I don't know where you -- it. It out -- but it -- hilarious those articles are coming out you know like Breyer also we'd like to think that origami is the northwest urgent of Baylor -- you guys are idiots. You know he won six games in a row and and you're comparing now what do what do Yahoo! but. Baylor recruits in the low thirties OK they are so his Baylor pac twelve -- Baylor is Arizona. -- Good. Not great I think they're taking advantage eight extraordinarily soft schedule the easiest out of conference schedule in college football this year my opinion. And they really haven't played anybody so far but that's a great advantage to them also because they cannot. Physically getting hurt and that's one of the things that I find very interesting that people talk about these strict schedule that. We played these teams but they are all losers but. No one ever counts did the Cali of the game winner loses. When you played tough team you're physically emotionally mentally going to be beat up. And that takes to pull over the season and right now with Baylor and a soft schedule -- like attacked attacked physically aren't beaten up. They're healthy and I think gives them an advantage over some of these teams that have played much proper schedule early on past Georgia what do like stacking your type of gains in the first six weeks. On the -- All right his name is Dave -- to. And his website if he'd like to log on is college football matrix dot com Dave thanks again. Our team next. -- yeah they said there that that I really agree with. Baylor Texas Tech organs that I put him in the same category were seven weeks into the year and I have no idea what to make them.

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