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Jon Wilner -- San Jose Mercury News

Oct 23, 2013|

Jon joins Travis and Josh as they go Behind Enemy Lines with Stanford.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time to go behind enemy lines and joining us now Jon Wilner from the San Jose Mercury news John good afternoon -- don't. Great thanks of the time today and you look at the Stanford team up -- couple weeks ago they. Lost to Utah very disappointing game on the road doesn't quite take him out of the national championship hopes. But how do you look at that bounce back game last week especially defense -- physically gets UCLA. Well they've certainly done that a lot over the years you know and it lost pac backing actually the middle of 2009 seats in. Play in Oklahoma. Team they are are very very good it has a lot of suggestion that situation. -- -- -- They certainly shored up a few of problems they had a -- draw. Especially on defensively on the perimeter. Each contact -- very well still it was not able to do Barack. Mortgage stated it present totally different problems. It's different you know certainly capable of containing any offense. Eager interest to see how that you can -- be burst. After -- You don't know calls for an option teams for the last few weeks there totally different. Totally different package this week. You know jog Stanford typically last couple years is gone too three tight -- got to do a lot more one tied in three wide receiver sets are too wide receivers one back is that due to depth at wide receiver and hours just to -- a lack of depth and Ted imposition. -- boat they don't have any tight -- that have. You know eating anything -- essentially an -- do you have. They've gotten better receiver position. So it's a combination of the two for sure and now they are. You know they don't do nearly as much of the -- distance stopped. They've they've looked down appealed a lot more. To end. He's somebody. How did you with a one game. And and play action down field. Not. -- they do it on a different set an indication. Of what looks but it is basically a pretty simple approach. On the ball. And pitched it. Top. How good is this offensive line. You know it's very good I think it not been quite as. Dominate as efficient as. As some people expected. Out which hasn't heated debate very good. Book you know they certainly Washington. Trouble. That's pressure on the quarterback without the consent of the guys. -- target distinct thing is she'll -- Did they say they know that that was a seven and seventeen points so pretty late change. Not like what happened on the field on the -- so you know they have not. Overpowered change. Dust off our. On the basis slipped a lot of folks on -- time. There are a lot more than actually accomplished -- This and the return Tyler Gaffney can help them out as well I mean here's a -- Denny McClain last year was gonna -- solely to baseball comes back and now is about a hundred yards a game. Yeah they would the world are -- There are other guys. Coaches on -- -- is good -- and you know so they have some talented. Young players. You don't have a ton of experience and our upperclassmen in the back at all aren't nearly as good as -- -- Development and ears -- they had planned on -- at tailback by committee situation back in training camp but it has really turned into. It Tyler cap ratio back Eric and he's not. You know he's not terrific. Package -- a packed field. -- they had found on page two. You know he's making sure I -- him and to offset the fact that not a terrific receiver you know there's they don't knock over the screen into what they used to pick on other things instead. John Wilder's our -- San Jose Mercury news John their rents and injuries on this defense how healthy are they going into this game. You know. And it really apple up one entry -- the defense. Ultimately you'll active. This year. Wide gap. Was hurt me at that movement tight end up short and I didn't believe. Defensive end in the -- on record and that they don't have one entry on the -- in -- edged -- an odd. -- -- -- -- -- -- Haven't we guys and I ask you talk on the issue produced better it. So it forcing the sort of tight end it was not a much of the past catcher. And and you know they act it. So they've got a little bit -- but back -- war against the cardinals will probably help -- a little bit. You know this is the radar -- after that you can. Accused of the -- Poppy -- OK on the defensive line you -- to pick. They have to pass and a lot. How well Oregon State is able to all of -- secretive look at that you're back. Go after it entered past successes in they've got to be about the draw. And then now ordered state -- Libyan political call. You know let's talk has been the defense of -- the line backing -- but now you have two safeties back they're both free and strong and Richards and Reynolds have both pink cover a lot of ground is that to a lot of good for Stanford the fact if they had to they can bring more than four guys on defense -- pressure -- minions. Yeah it -- you know -- This is the best most accepting -- ever. You know even if it is a good defense in the -- of course decade they've never really been very. Why this. They are real good -- that -- players -- -- at least in the navy for the corners are very good out Carter won the past. -- I don't know exactly what they're gonna try to do. It's cooks but the -- in copper. Receivers that you cover tight ends. And that will certainly enabled and has been able -- effort to you know since ninety. -- many guys at the quarterback is as CE. They are very worried should they should be. 88 got as good pitching it as anybody. To keep him in any given the you know versatility and and talents and where -- DP. Noted asked about cooked me -- at this point the most prolific receiver in college football and his staff rob C a focus on him -- do you think maybe if they. Turned their attention to him too much that might -- some other receivers open for organ state. Yep that's you know that app in question and in fact you could probably didn't talk about that very dilemma. You. Yesterday. Nokia. -- Late late -- -- -- -- corruption and shut down everybody oxygen machine to handle. Him double. Double and practical outrage. -- solid his way. Back and -- yourself. Opened it cashed by the time and you know or actually has been very good job in the books and the screen game last week he kept up a whole lot. An arsenal. It's I don't know in what's being part -- -- -- that you know actually happen. Aren't part that we are up are spread all around. You know they're not try to go to. When he's got -- -- -- and -- -- just -- -- John what is it was Stanford in losing maybe to a team it's unranked the last couple years and come out bounce back and play the ranked teams very tough to they take their eye off the ball hours a matchup situations in couple of those losses. Well off you know a little bit of a lot of it now. That bad when you -- game was a collapse trapped in electing. You know they just had beaten. On home game against Washington -- -- coming out and I think -- -- Partly -- law. Each question that actually back. And partly due talks. In the fact that he didn't have -- urgency didn't know what they were too. All and they hadn't lost at Washington last year. And different quarterback that was started before they had found their groove. So basically it's want to slash here a lot this year and you know it's not like those work on the Huskies then. War worked terrible team and you are not a shall not terrible there. A lot easier later that's when you're only -- right. Opponent that is your own on the road it's an on -- -- -- perk for anybody really and the conferences eaten up especially this year. Even that was unranked mid level teams are good enough especially at home to each. John will owners are against San Jose Mercury news you can find him on Twitter at will their hotline John as always we appreciate covered at a good ten minutes forced thinks it's not. --