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Bralon Addison -- Ducks WR

Oct 23, 2013|

Bralon joins Travis and Josh as the Duck of the Week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time for our -- of the week in joining us now is orient sophomore wide receiver Braylon Madison. -- good afternoon Dario. You know there are you man -- We appreciate -- joining us here for a few minutes of take us through this second season four with the organ ducks. He really had a break out your specially two weeks ago when you look at what you've done here in the second season. It what do what does your two in the system that like for you. And our our maturity. You know -- -- -- -- -- or whoever actually depressed when it. That there are talks these and -- now. It helped me -- -- -- -- -- -- this note to our in our. And just you know everything inside out and -- haven't been around -- great but I do you know a lot of. Really what we return a punt for touchdown how much more confidence they give you not only on special teams -- on offense does he give you more the swagger when you're out there than him a playmaker. I need to get the ball are won the football. -- -- you know I think you it's such -- you know a lot of guts and current unity and you have narcotic effort it. Well and -- get that first hit in the Igor a very common -- -- our special things you know he dropped bet it is. Are you choose are on you do not take off and -- -- for various subtler more. You know -- and there are a lot of situations in and sports with -- pro or college where you have a lot of guys who want the football there's -- -- only one ball there are ton play makers on this team. How do you keep yourself focused sometimes knowing that there's so many other guys you might knocking balls often as you want. Our IP you know you want -- leader when you stand Antarctic you know allow Karl. You know honestly never play makers and we know he got a lot of got an anti Obama here -- agreed not to be tension. And I had to let our turn you know do -- opportunity. Noticed you most -- you try to have gotten acting like are from America that would that it were so well in the unit. A paper -- our son has led by the current teams are now where the government can play it is between them or if you workers -- A lot of people that have played the game understand that the people that never been in a locker room and you guys say that knack for -- you know the wide receiver corps is very close. And you guys do look for each other when they make plays you guys Jesus the first wanna congratulate him. As coach -- -- brought something different maybe to coach frost didn't are added that cherry on top to that wide receiver corps. Are yet it is you know what lubricate it and and you know laptop at least seem to -- -- -- got to try to change -- -- are likely that exceed internal you know we're we're due to pursue recruit a new group. Cannot -- we came in Iraq are back in our demand bit economists you know men and -- better every day and not be better approach you know there are a little. -- remember on the not. There are any time you have a -- like that picture you -- -- to communities you know take over right away. It's respect back into it and it paper market kind of buying now he can mean more demanding that they -- -- and I you know. We look at some terrorist group he -- you -- Father talked to to a creature are are about to god meant a lot. Oregon wide receiver Braylon Addison is our guest -- a couple weeks ago -- -- was on our show he talked a lot about blocking with this team that's something it's not -- very import in this offense but. Is that you were ready for coming to this program. Obviously -- -- up we're here are receiver to close just like you know a period commander -- down to. And I we are pretty good running back remarked food such so. I already knew he's a comedian -- who are there. I don't mind -- you can get out and make a difference. Well our tent you know try to bet that much more and and you know -- -- -- -- aren't you know talking Martina you aren't became. In the game against Russian space or time starter might have been you know -- for a game series in -- -- that they are eight or sixty -- and no we know there. -- -- while we get our chance that we know it would be factored out -- had lost. -- a lot of foreign players you know are Smart football players but others read a story here in this -- the ball Trace it to about six years old. On a traveling team in EU had a bounces stop the clock with a about a second left is that true. -- They carrying -- his lack of drama student I don't hear about it right there. Sportsmen and among them knew it was oriented. This you know a lot of sports so -- target are -- -- early age. And are you are if you do it stripped. Eventually political -- live and I got the line. I'm -- -- our clocks are disarray and -- and you know actually a diagram on that it matters Charlie's just done a lot of doubts. That's -- you don't see pro guys do that sometimes. Did it be in a big sports fan like you were growing up in Texas what was your squad was -- college football team grown up. You guys coming up are there any chance. Of course I want to go to sixers. And actually I like -- little. So what brings you -- again and what made you decide to come to university Morgan put play football. Just grown up in our base and those are very -- -- so much and you know oh. Let's your favorite school where it out sometime you don't get out offers some are now bigger in -- -- that that's our interests or you work. Sometimes you see in that you don't like about those programs -- you go to Jack start -- recruiting. And -- here to Eugene. I mean they're great zero keyed -- on our own little displaced and you're trying to recruit. The opportunity -- you're -- are critical hour -- so you're not a medical Christina when it comes to the senate. So you're watching film this we get ready for UCLA what do you see on film from their defense that you guys have to really look out for. Aren't just a certain group well I'll try not to have a great linebacker corps about it they are great player. On you know there -- second period is really really well -- play really well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now you have a that -- bit like Purdue. I think it's easier for uniqueness and somebody tried to -- maintenance. You know -- we know it's gonna -- -- Test scores and now we are we are are we can't be great charter. When you have games early on the season that are blowouts the way they have been you have played against closer than 21 point senior you have an opportunity to play another nationally ranked team when you do that you have another test like this. You know how those early weeks prepare you for game that might -- a little bit tougher might be little bit closer when those contests weren't that way. Aren't you know you know guard in the gaming you know. -- -- -- experience and you're. Arm are so he's trying to -- a couple -- -- -- you know our -- this year and our budget luck in the game you know learned from coaching you know aren't aren't they say you know. You can are for someone hasn't expanded America tomorrow. So we don't know like you know just take not being excellent change -- -- -- our. They don't -- mark from that we haven't -- I think you know this Saturday a bit because sport that -- will -- What are the ones during practice vs those defense at bats how competitive is that -- get. United -- secondary there and he has got a good wise wide receiving -- -- have some friendly wagers there's a real real competitive juices flow and I'm 101 days. Always -- no matter how extreme it is most of it is and I know computer today in practice against our guys they. Not because I -- where neighborhood you know. Pretty well outsider -- know what I got square just during the week. And you know we get started out a -- there. Where politician talk target mostly to that a lot girl you're not saying it's gonna happen today or that it happens tomorrow. We're very very initial wanted to be on the team like this you know I want everybody around and be used as they can't and or make your credit better it went in on -- team -- it's. You know -- every we have somebody on every week -- trying trip -- and try again to say something other than it's a nameless faces opponent win the day all that stuff and everybody says the same thing but you look at the BCS standings this week. You're number three Florida State's number -- -- I and I know you guys have that same mentality every week but when you see that. And you see that somebody else is just jumped -- -- how does that make you feel does that make you feel like -- also left the proof. They'll be. So that we are -- program and you know we can't worry about what the ticket sales are -- -- computer center. On a private elite in order to kind of and we worked harder and we we are absolutely are we want -- as. I mean. My scores were upset about it and we -- you're going to be. Crossover artist says that we you know background and keep writing it down and Richard -- I think will be what we're one in Steve. I got to ask your question is whether reasons on special teams are scored touchdowns -- don't have to listen to coach Osborne yelling -- meetings. They -- you know. -- -- -- you know it would still not know where this program it is known to -- around. Not a great team and our our our group on DC it's good on alternate. But they just does not social going to be more recognized -- -- -- not a lot of airspace. Andrea -- in our. Military -- Christians to producers. And we wanna be webinar at best. Oregon wide receiver Braylon Madison is our guest on the stand he is our Duncan -- really takes -- much for the time good -- against CC land Saturday to talk decent. It.