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Keanon Lowe -- Oregon Ducks WR

Oct 2, 2013|

Keanon joins Travis and Josh as the Duck of the Week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gonna check again. When the boys from Boston. You sound really going to enjoy a little Ty -- downtown. -- shut down -- -- like him. Every time shot and then but you know look at that I. You were -- that incidents why -- having that nice guys always say it again. It's unlimited. They ship now. Don't run out of it seems pretty simple one time immediate focus on a couple of things number one my fantasy team when I looked at -- mom get an -- lab data room. -- -- -- Mean life. One year and the Sox. Ruiz coming back. Next you actually went in the marathon -- embodied being is fast and final analysis bugging me -- his job and I was in my. Run in the -- watching -- Sure and that's your children let's say all of us. She's alive shut them when -- -- -- ten -- Harrington. Joining. You say you're wearing your Nash right now Joseph I'm wearing -- backing her up but current events like you have this one for its. Giuliani. Drinking getting okay it was a pretty good like goodwill you know it's rained on it's station in the gas and oil and whatnot. Still doing -- injury. It's not a movie and it's amazing country this. -- -- -- -- Can't you mourning a real. Good word. Brigitte Jones again today and apart. All right -- your record this much you don't rescued it. -- in 321. Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time for our -- of the week in joining us now is Oregon wide receiver Keyon low -- -- -- did you know where you. So why you've been playing football -- for a long long time can -- -- weather is bad as it was against talent Saturday. Yeah I mean they have grown up here are a lot but what are not I think that's RBC word -- I've ever been a part of it. It was it was insane if it was kind of like a monster. Attacked the united ice yet -- -- -- ineffective but -- we overcame those elements of course by an airplane letter that back. Guess practice indoors now how you practice web bomb mechanic -- guys to the ball on water army I don't want to give away your secrets but because work on wet football mechanics when you practicing indoors. I'm not really -- -- local Baltimore one focusing. If you really got -- you know I. I think our security discreet about security gains very little box in Israel that day -- pretax it's about that south. I think that they come down to you you know the -- volatility over the. You know Jan nine I guess -- mentality of next man up obviously we saw the injury the Anthony Thomas the first play of the game last week but. How important is it three guys to be as deep as you are so you don't miss a beat when somebody does get hurt. You have units it's very important. Like I am in -- in -- act like we have already got back and play and I. I'm not elements that I can play. -- -- gets you excited. I'm I didn't even I didn't hit it didn't even really notice until you know -- -- yet. I heard he got comfort blanket you know it is all right the next man knocking on lever back in the black it. But -- form whoever it is the amount of active at a firing him has promised audience so I'm yet its next -- not -- -- got a real -- dropped. What's it been like have a new wide receiver coach this year. I think it's been great -- Good adjustment. Besides it's like that. To deal with -- content from two great coaches like cut about it and now because yeah. They both have different notable fact that printer though there. Indifferent that's part the work on it can't do that -- that's a great -- they are you in court and -- part of its there's that well. Oregon wide receiver Keenan -- is our guest he is our -- of the week and came before the season started we talked about media day about any changes may be now that. Mark is the head coach down there but now that you're a month into the season is everything just you know this. It's exactly the same as last year but do you notice any differences. It's that what differences. I don't different I know it is our team is I've seen better. Acting in lots here we we work better. -- work they've impacted them he practiced harder we like after impact itself. I mean if any if they came in on it yet there are going -- faster and that you would be a crime that is so. Has your cornerback Marcus Mario. Shown more leadership that's one of -- I think everybody had talked about that is now it's -- the year he's got to be kind of more of a vocal leader has he done that it is it kind of different is it out of his element for him to do that in. Does he force and there's a kind of natural with his personality. Yeah it's definitely -- that we can't maps of where our guy like market. And you know exactly you know he hit you -- the united. I think in people think. No outs I think he is the quiet type guy and I'll have that -- you that even regulate it and he's you know -- TV you can itself. You know he didn't he speak separately need to seek out and you know we have a lot of a lot of our. A lot of guys look at not. Pretty much sultan -- that's that the note I wanna listen. These are it's not invited them. I'd been a leader and I think that -- He's able fitness he -- I get out are -- the same and ultimately it's a true leader. You know you know I think and know where you have your answer this question and ask it anyway so so far through the first four games of the season it's. It did this score it has been not pretty lopsided your favorite again -- situation we are nearly forty point favorite over -- do you -- want more of a challenge. And I think every week is that every week of the talent. And that's that's on that start on Monday and then go to is Palin saying. Throughout the -- in independent Saturday. He can't have her out that it -- that they are not yet had eloped but it's here that basis upon which of these better than in the water against. That's a look up the -- -- I'm not receivers are trying to block better and was trying to make -- them. Not -- as a country club while Clinton and on the -- -- -- Ayman -- call them all the meanwhile it's going to be better than. Word that we afford it and stick to that front yard. Within that wide receiver meeting room and guys are watching film of the game. Everybody wants a touchdown but it's the next best played making up block now in spring and a guy 44 touchdown as is everybody getting real excited then because I mean I -- -- wide receivers always wanna catch a football we get that part of it. You guys have shown the ability to to make blocking almost number two -- Right up there was score a touchdown. Yeah acting maybe it maybe a lot of other. Machine because in the team room. And I'd be number one but I think -- in blocking. And -- -- the -- package. Good drive and a guy in -- you know. You know elite block -- -- -- -- -- probably woman you know among the most exciting thing we talk about. And our senior you know like that take pride in that and -- he -- you know certain it. He could see how exciting it is and they are. You know org you without physical yard Palo black and we think private. It's gonna try to continue in the united. -- try to be act and you -- physical -- incarnation. Oregon Ducks wide receiver Keenan -- is our guest he is or duck in -- team going up against this defense -- -- practice and helps you guys out quite a bit but. What do these scenes in the growth that defense especially in the secondary a unity you see every day. I hadn't yet started late you know in and worked out this summer as a non. And build factories have put our group especially because if you're competing every single -- And then didn't -- insofar cap I think on -- -- group where where I don't mean you know I don't know that every -- -- -- -- And that that he'd be there and say you know they're they're a great group back there enough data that's in the country. And obviously has helped. You know and whoever you are how we appreciate those guys of course in and seem to think that if he'd been better and better. He has had a nice game last week but he did something different to be done in the past and you didn't have to -- the hotel all day. Now we have this brand new facility guys utilize that got over the facility early can kick back. And that million dollar -- got was that something. That you guys enjoyed does that well everybody enjoys not sit around hotel but how'd that work -- for you guys seduced him mood wise for the team. Yeah I mean who it was great. It's not it was very easily and tell you they're -- out. Laying in the bed all day you know hours until around 4 o'clock I would -- so. You know you're locked in but he's not here there are in the where there are more experience. Believe that you know theater so they've they've played couple movies -- and -- it is that you're very obviously. Made it. I was pretty flat and so real grateful that as it -- donated. And family to be effective and it it was nice. Do you approach conference games any differently than you do the early season games. Think he can as is not the struggle of football and. You know in years. Here it seems people are better for you can't you can never relax get -- cut everything the same way. And that's not fact with the data we collect etc. yet that person -- and as well. Do you guys get a chance it and yourself do you guys watch other teams on TV in this kind of CO OK what else is out there you go straight to -- out just look at film and go from there. We have a lot of look I'd be what -- gains during the day if not we're not playing and how that we'll -- -- -- the staff but no one none aren't really. No doubt they're really locking and taken part of his. I'll that it doesn't really -- you know not doesn't matter you know lots and lots of confidence in. That's that's going to election you know other gains currency in -- country. So if you guys are watching football for the entertainment do you watch ESP Anderson the other networks that. Mike talk -- a little bit. I mean I I've got a lot yet seen it I think I've been modified. And the -- -- quite. I don't think anyone on our team I think anything setting on February. And the pattern where good guys yes you know. So that's none -- those as their analysts. Say -- they know that stuff but they don't they're not your day in day out we know that. We can you know we take anything that we can take air in an -- is a day by day threatening. Oregon Ducks wide receiver Keenan -- is our guests are -- of the week Oregon visits Colorado on Saturday at 3 o'clock kick off. It is always great hockey thanks so much and good luck this weekend. Yeah I can take care. Washington still when you remember when they. --