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David Cote -- Cystic Fibrosis Patient/Battle For The Bridge Organizer

Aug 16, 2013|

David joins Travis and Josh as this week's Good Dude of the Week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is that time we do every Friday to fifteen time for our good -- of the week Josh Wilcox say hello to -- do you David has a go my friend. Yes -- tomorrow. Saturday August 17. -- slim high school. Hosting the thirty annual battle for the bridge alumni football. Citizen bunch -- guys that have played back in the past neglect their relive the glory. Yet. A lot people who lost. On the grid senator -- it went from our founders. David Cody is our guest teas are good -- the -- David you talk about raising money for the cystic fibrosis that -- foundation. Why is this special to you. Well we heard three years ago -- a couple of what -- one of them yeah DiMarco yeah. Choked off personal you know who has ever again. How did you learn firsthand. Don't purchase of an apple at -- this is the a charity that's near and dear to our hearts. Our parents have been openly is one per. Every condition murder. -- so almost thirty years now. For people out there that don't quite know including myself that after its research -- the formation what exactly is cystic fibrosis. At the generic and use -- -- yet to record. Or defective -- from both parents to get the disease are it creates a really thick mucus. In your body and can clog up your long awaited and are. Concluded. If he didn't can. Aaron -- also. At the corner. You don't demand. -- whose practice so. You lot of people. That are. Compliment ours as well so in effect or not -- man in the -- So that the money that is raised from the sub -- goes -- the research of cystic fibrosis where is that researched these days as far as where they are is just trying finding a cure for it or at least. You know sometimes help for a. Within two years be. You'd predictors aren't if she didn't know already. Barbara Barbara preachers that are reached -- received government money queued to researches. Little uncertain outlook in the US -- -- Barbara so. It taught you to come and that the government wants the world so all our money to -- that routine. Of sort of bridge or. -- Foundation's great stride. It and we direct where that money goes to aired last couple years. There's. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation -- Partner group protects pharmaceuticals. Unit has had huge advances so we're close we've ever been torture. And we really. You to keep -- I I was doing some more research on this in the West End organ city rivalry it's warranted -- oldest rivalries with the west of the Mississippi in in football. Yeah it's I think you. Played really every year are on its erupted herb -- -- years. Well so nobody Mike. 1910s play in this game right. To protect us. We have on the orders to -- -- -- -- -- the air all the sweet. On a lot of sciences. Class of 1980 trucks. David Cody is our guest in Davies have but the oldest guys Sosa of the guys that are in there. You know considerably older than some of the younger guys say how I was younger some of the players that are going to be in this game -- you have guys there you know 181920 years old going up against some heeled guests. Yet there's and it ranges from -- all the way to do it he's five so there's there's. There's a good mixture we have we have some economic -- here it was. Carol over the top leaders we're getting younger. So there's it's a really good partners. People have played in college college football. Quote there Ole -- she quarterbacks that -- report it so -- Papa lute. Should be pretty good. High scoring game last year was west when 136 to thirty or -- Saying it's full straight on. The normal rules you get don't have running clocks for guys journey thing and. It's normal rules and all of it morals or rules on. The full caucus. Pull out pull everything attribute a lot of people get hurt. That's normal football game. -- in his life. Personally haven't organized -- -- entry through the whole lot. But reputed to have been they've been practicing what we -- last ten weeks now. The cute for you already for a. What's the response in the community been like. It didn't overwhelming. And everybody has jumped behind dispute. And -- didn't check in the mail. 500 boxer outlook here -- people. And we like what you're doing we agree with what you're doing or how hard do great you know what you don't execute you to. It's so we'll get random checks and milk from people who -- out and it just won't support it. -- Donation from chill on and got -- donors are prone call Cuba Chicago cops like immutable -- these people support groups. So and how amazed you know where where did they send information to it they can go to the battle of the -- for the bridge dot com. Is that just tickets for the game happened they donate more and where can they see you guys. You know ball and tomorrow. Under under the under the economic about -- -- -- -- order tickets to the ticket when there's street donation by any donation. And -- a billion dollars any news. Except -- and we are more grateful for any help that we can get to. Sculpture of the disease like T shirts online book your fifteen dollars. On. Come on out -- he start at 7 o'clock tomorrow night. What went to school. I believe it's 5464. West Hastert went Woodward's well. Don't know Craig should work what was posters and keep going. Whose coach in these for the that each team. Leave. In order that it won't coaches that came back from equities. My fault for not known that it. Hit them a coach you -- oh what a wonderful what school coaches coach Belichick. So David. Well. It's and it's pretty rare that somebody. -- rose is hoping not to play in all contact football game so. I don't really believe I have a -- I -- that's what I have to do our current situation. Two. So these kids that they can live longer and happier OK and Arctic mountain. The body -- lot -- popular what I have to do it. Outsource I have lost a lot of -- that the these are a lot love of my life took. It's it's awful. I had a friend who was pregnant with first on water bottle yeah. It in theory it's a very agree -- -- And really you. Rated as much money as possible. Continue to research in Kabul with picture shall -- These cute aren't so users and six years old Q&A little longer and happier I'll -- mobile micro. And we hope these kit the group has a picture it. We have to throw part of our pitcher at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation monopolies do. So you're a big football fan like who's your squad are who are your favorite players. Armored and charters and regard growing up my dad -- Green Bay Packers fan. I like when I was in middle school sectors have won Super Bowl Brett Favre looked up to common friction out of order. -- at W. And sort of part of Pakistan grown up. A little older you get a picture human. Pick in view purely because that alone that -- throwing political. That's a bad he's politician. Junior Seau. A music. He is David -- our guests here on the stand battle for the bridge dot com is the web site. David really appreciates coming on the show today good luck with everything that they have going on with cystic fibrosis and the foundation we appreciate the time best of luck to you. It.