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Marc Lillibridge -- Former NFL player, current NFL Agent

Jun 28, 2013|

Marc joins Dusty and Josh as the Good Dude of the Week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They did do -- the weeks saying that look -- your favorite in week. Death and what better opportunity every and a good dude. Former NFL player -- FL Europe standout. Team and a -- New Orleans. NFL scout. Lots of other things now NFL agent may agent mark will bridge mark -- good. I'm on gut tell you don't actually give a week and I thought our strong deserve better not -- to make it a shot at. Neck until I got out of lacquered regular stroke that I had to alert users are all your -- -- CAT shirts yes. They have admitted they have not being given out to the public yet that I got -- -- in the mail little bridge. Do you get your keys are much like mr. Alec slid hard creates -- you don't know me they look easier call your doctor Eugene. Our tech guys that were talkative -- and -- -- Mercury trips. It really it really will help you out manned up as my name on it so won't be too far from. Mark -- -- you better work or out so. You said the unfortunate. The unfortunate privilege to play with Josh Wilcox in New Orleans but -- fortunate enough to be the only certified agent in the NFL to have played in scouted in the league. And talk to -- about how you went from being a player to miss out to where you are now as an agent. All throughout the player look are you to be very I don't know that you are all more -- course reporter Herbert around. Optional -- locker -- so well who's -- -- better organized or elsewhere. Are all the Q what OP awards when I got a slam broke and -- IE nine's she's. At a Kurdish and district are fortunate retire. Of course had a medical technology and then don't you now are so why -- what you're coaching -- mr. game -- game only to ever want you brought up. And so I would couple my regular doctor argued it. I was fortunate that I -- couple guys. -- organization that -- say oh come up unit surge of whipped -- so much opera can't lose -- elsewhere. Yeah GRR machine or shares or daughters are really didn't assertion together at a great time in Green Bay they are all target. And started. The -- and stuck it out -- a year or two per year and all jobs every year to get back into some kind of organization that. Really enjoyed. -- Asian aspect collection under warmer represented over recruit. And it ought to move in a boot -- -- your years in position so I I enjoy it out. You have one of dubbed best tight it's an organ is when your clients Ed -- How did you come about getting Ed Dickson is your client. You know we're greedy as you and your relationships that are open or really started what probably you want to do. Nick reached you know use our first or in organ. And you now it and going and -- school in the air force. Don't give up a promising future for all career here they're told to go to argue that mad props probably forty by there are an associate with -- Populace a doctor or bear arms into certain guys deal Morgan battery issue at eight -- You know -- call me up when -- are sitting -- and a look that great outlook and a expenses branch. Who are actually connection earlier so yeah he'll be knocked out there -- only agent certify that played a -- -- Spoke -- -- a little bit got notes are actually in. -- the rest sisters aren't a lot of our Arctic. According to a victory here. -- -- -- Now. He can. Pinch his career took -- all argue it's still individually. And go all clear dictated. Now you Markel bridges -- -- season did you did the week he is sports agent today you can visit his website pro football syndicate dot com. You talk about the recruiting process of of going out in getting. An athlete to sign with do you what does that entail is a lot like the college recruiting process in in how they target the high school athletes. Accelerate logic they want you -- -- and come upper or no regard Dorgan got a good shot service has been your computer they don't know. How are you know -- -- and hit it harder to do -- and it's it's I think it's chilly I'd argue. -- I was a little -- circulate. It myself. A guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they you know took the initial advice or darker the players actually carry -- calculation -- everybody here in -- checked so you're going after him. Same thing -- Andy he's our guy you that that the all Americans whatever their -- -- Our currently trapped I don't know what was I sit over -- web articles state. You know it's. I like that you -- that are on the radar this all -- chance and opportunity are actually. You know like a sport that that that are the key. On talking to want. The major comedian with some and legal relationship with them that they say there's a guy who helped out my career. And I was silky or this is huge. There he goes 00. Or eight to mimic all -- The players can argue that data if you hire fire me. And so at or player I would look at it get to represent them like our present ourselves also. Yeah and or at what their attitude where they're at your -- -- just not just us but you know -- nominal amount. I think -- -- tiger. You know quiet. I -- relationship that's what works or. Mark you see like the kind of got what course and knows the kind of guy that you it's like a top player and you rob recruited him and he's asking what can I get. Where am I gonna be that where we're gonna be drafted alike get this free money. I have to imagine those guys you've walked away from saying Ed this is not going to be good relationship going forward whereas some other agents might say. And take advantage of some of their weaknesses elected promising you're gonna be here or you're gonna get tens of millions of dollars I -- -- imagine there's some guys out there like that you're the kind of guy hey this relationship a work. Best luck -- you go forward. There you know it's it's an outage which her honors on goals. Grandma mommy just worried that they expect they're good they're sort of read a magazine -- Internet. That there the other side has projected this -- -- -- art which I portraits or not gonna sit back with. The a lot -- out there that maybe watched promoter so what they'll stay like Egypt. Look what Ottawa Senators and a more prospects. A local reseller robbery or whatever else so that out there like it to -- so thanks. Jews are no I wouldn't be able to a lot of us were totally dead and at that you know assert actually -- in -- back out you know what. He's not. And she'll get you out. I heard it situations -- -- -- a guy who -- that nationals are servers Wessels guards or are there -- Heading into the senior years work then -- change -- target. Published our clients are out there. Future NFL guys are socialite but still get some kind of a certain point -- all sports but I think I ranked pretty high and buy those old resources. And he called me and -- represent all of -- school. And call eight you know what you. Oak -- And it can actually block an -- that person and -- about it or some guys are better at. That you -- They are doing it mr. -- All artist I don't hurry her a quick like ranked no one of the top guys in the country -- a great good luck with that but I I think. Open your target them are gonna -- personnel are gonna go well. -- -- -- -- -- -- me out every. Other turn amount interleague play them on like you know the -- shut down or college or school yet charter getter. -- -- Each donors are told us I think you better put a -- Ottawa on mr. -- -- you guys that -- issues or haven't represented guys. Don't admit mistakes -- we all have a daughter out. But I at the same point -- charge it to guys that -- Milwaukee orders. You know want to start article or Alter what we all -- -- got all debts you know representing. It kept up bill Parker. Mark little bridge did do you does the week. Yeah I mean sounds like he does every man they should take a few minutes for us. There and by the way. Happy you know all sorts. I felt like your -- that look like the one to one guy is a pretty huge that restart. Why did it then. I didn't quite go move forward that was announced last week that I'm training for one more match so. Next spring we're gonna have a big all match a little bit lucky I hear what you started out -- cells that. You producers put crocodiles I'll start YouTube and also met I don't like that would sweep you should dumpsters are part. I don't get a cure all our guys whatever else you -- orderly you get this structure back ought. Supplements supplements and ends up and. Know that we all saw back I just report illegal -- perfect mark mark leader since then you know. Well -- expect it.